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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Nicole Kidman on a Red Carpet Day

My day starts with a nice freshly juiced green drink and some eggs. I like to take a nice long bath in the morning while my kids come and go throughout the day. Sometimes the hair dresser comes to my house. I prefer it if they do. It means my family gets to enjoy watching me. If the stylist has a little extra time, the person will give the girls a little up do or something fun for them to enjoy. Keith peeks in to smile and remind us he is there. Keith always looks so proudly at me. I love having is little impromptu visits.

Before the stylist shows up I enjoy a quick workout. A little cardio on an elliptical or a quick run to get me in the right frame of mind. I do a little weight work to make me aware of my muscles. It is also a physical release that I enjoy.I am usually excited and enjoying every minute of the day.

Once the stylist shows up, the fun begins. I usually have an idea of how I would like my hair done, but not always.

The dresses show up the week before, to make sure there are no problems with how they fit and to allow me time to think about the accessories, hairstyle and makeup. Some designers send over the jewelry as part of a complete look. They send over a sketch that shows my complete look. Not all of them work that way. Designers will however always coordinate with a jeweler. I might get to pick some of the jewelry I wear from a selection the designer and jeweler have assembled for me to wear.

The variety of looks I have chosen is a reflection of the variety of ways I want to be seen. Kim K understands this because she has a variety of looks but they at always sexy.

I enjoy the arrivals. Getting out of the car and seeing all the fans is always a rush for me. Joyful excitement and a little bit of tingle is the best way to describe the feeling I get when I step out of the car. The fans make the whole evening special. The feeling of love I get from them makes me feel lucky and blessed. If Keith comes with me and he usually does, his romantic nature responds to the love he sees being given to me by so many. Keith gets excited and caught up in the moment. I love him even more because of how he makes me feel when we have an appearance. Keith is the handsome Prince and I am the Princess. It's a beautiful feeling and its is really hard to describe.

The Red Carpet gift bags are always really nice. There are a lot of generous gifts inside. I always enjoy them.Yves St Laurent is one company that donates so much and I love seeing their products in the bags. You never know what you will find inside the bag and that is part of the fun.
The  rest of it , I will save for another blog and maybe Keith will add his input.
Zulie's favorite experience at a Red Carpet Event is a little different, but I am sure when I share it, you will laugh.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Brad &Angie and others on the Value of Our Friendship

I have been writing blogs about my friends, they decided it was their turn to say things about me. Since they have input on what I write about, here is the blog they wanted. Their response to me is a blog about our friendship.

Angelina Jolie - "Zulie's sense of humor inspires me.Her humor is one of the best. My kids are starting to imitate her. Sometimes, Pax likes to quote Zulie by Pax says "Did Jesus say I had to do that? then I don't" I love Zulie or Evonne as we call her. Our friendship is important to me. Brad and I laugh at her and with her often."

Brad Pitt - "Zulie is the one person I would be with if I was not with Angie. The Angelina and Zulie make me feel happy. I would not be the same without her. Zulie makes sure to say things to me that lift me up higher than I thought I could be. The time we spent together lives with me. Whenever I think of her, I want to see her. We get together often."
Tom Cruise - "Zulie's loving ways touches me.At any moment, she can do something that is completely unexpected, and the way she behaves makes me smile. Other times, she does something that is so wonderful and loving that I fall for her all over again. Zulie loves more than most women can. She always says adoration is a gift you give yourself. Our relationship is like a rock.It keeps us going and bouncing through the days. Zulie is the one person I turn to. Loving her is easy because she is always saying how much I mean to her and it is always in a meaningful way."

David Spade- " Zulie and I have been through a lot together. We know each other almost as if we can
read each other's mind. That kind of closeness is unique for me. Adam Sandler is the only other person who can do that with me, but he is not my type.It doesn't stop him from trying in a joking way. The love Zulie and I have has grown over the years. Her husband is an excellent addition to my group."

Nicole Kidman- "I love Zulie like a sister. Turning to each other for love and support is commonplace for both of us. I enjoy spending time with Zulie. We always have fun. Keith loves Zulie because she makes fun a way of life. Zulie is sillier than anyone else we know. Her loving side, brings out joy. I love the way she brings up God throughout the day in so many ways. Religion is lighthearted to Zulie and its always positive."

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Celebrities' Interview on Max Beauvoir

"I learned so much from Max and my life changed because of him. I had always had  a strong love for God the creator. Max was the one who deepened that love .He challenged me to go within and look for Jesus inside our hearts. He was the one who showed me how to love. Above all, place God in every equation and you will always come up with a solution or an outcome that is perfect.Max was one of the best men. I loved him very much."- Jon Bon Jovi on Max Beauvoir.

Max Beauvoir

Dorothea Hurley, Jon Bon Jovi's wife,- "Max Beauvoir made love come forward from inside. I was amazed by him because no matter what happened he always smiled and gave thanks to God."

Nicole Kidman-"I met Max Beauvoir before I became famous. I grew close with him and I loved him very much. He inspired me to try to achieve my best. Max was a good friend to me and he helped me to find who I was. Being close to Max was special. He knew how to make you feel proud and loved.The wonders of his way of thinking caught me off guard sometimes, he never lifted his problems above anyone else's. Max loved as much as he could and then even more. The inspiration of his life touched people."

Keith Urban knew Max before he knew Nicole and Max Beauvoir helped them find each other.
Keith Urban- "The man Max was made you feel peaceful by just being in his presence. The gift of joy ran through him and in everything he did God was always foremost in his thoughts. Nicole and I spent time at Max's home as often as we could. It was a beautiful place for us."

Tom Cruise -" Max Beauvoir was a gentle force of kindness that the world needs. There is nothing like him. Explaining Max to others isn't easy. Max was not the kind of person you run into every day. He has soft and loving but strong and resilient. He always said Jesus gave him his strength. Max instilled in me a similar kindness, he showed me how to lead by example. That means be resilient and let your joy takeover."

David Spade- " Max made me laugh even when I did not want to. He was capable of saying anything at any moment. Max inspired Chris Harley and I. Max's religion made his sense of humor strong. The ability to say so many funny things and have his life centered on God, was another of Max's higher qualities. I loved hanging out with him.  Max was everybody's friend"

Max's foundation continues to improve the quality of life of many in Haiti and throughout the world.

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Celebrities' Hougan Max Beauvoir

Max Beauvoir was my Godfather. He was an amazing man. I often said to him that he was a gift from God to many. His voice was powerful like James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader , only with a sophisticated French accent. Every time we were together, I could feel the peace from him. Max had a spiritual way of putting everyone at ease. In a similar way as the Dalai Lama. It is something that many describe as a deep sense of peace that the Dalai Lama can emit. A times it was so strong from Max , like just falling over to sleep. The feeling of peaceful spiritual energy that Max could emit was something he called the sixth sense. The reason he called it that was because it was a sensation of peace that comes from within and it was a feeling you could feel inside your body.
I myself have felt the feeling of the sixth sense and it is also a part of what people including medical professional, athletes, university professors have felt from my hands.

Max was well known in Hollywood for all the good work , help, love and prayers he sent to so many. Thousands came from all over the world for his funeral. During his life, I was lucky. I got to speak to him almost every day sometimes a few times a day for almost 15 years. I often told him he should write a book about his life but he never did. Max had been everywhere
and met so many famous people, but poor and rich everyone loved him. He travelled on the Queen Elizabeth 2 to England from the US. Max went to Africa and all over the world. Max stayed as a quest at the finest resorts and hotels. He had an apartment in England that the Royal Family gave him to live in while he was in England. Brad,Angie, Jon Bon Jovi, David Walliams, Tom Cruise , Nicole Kidman, Kate Capshaw, David Spade,Hugh Hefner, Ellen all have Max's love in common. He loved us all and we loved him. Max was even friends with Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict, both of whom Max prayed for every day and loved dearly. Max was a holy man and much of his day was spent celebrating God, giving thanks to Jesus and praying for others. His life was amazing by so many degrees. He lived life as one of the happiest spirits you could ever wish to meet. His joy was overflowing. Max always said his joy came from the Holy Spirit and his blessings were bountiful. Even though he lived in Haiti most of his life, he saw the world as so beautiful. The joy of God that Max had running through him made him always optimistic and playful. It was contagious. The celebrities could not get enough of him.

Max Beauvoir was once very much in love with Elizabeth Taylor and the feeling was mutual. The
two were so in love they almost married. It was not the right time for either of them. He and Elizabeth Taylor stayed close all her life. Max was close with some of the Kardashians as well. They came to visit him from time to time. Nicole Kidman was another popular celebrity who found Max to be amazing. Any time Nicole would arrive in Haiti, she would arrive with a big fanfare and lots of gifts would overflow. She liked to spoil as many people as she could.

Before, he came to the US to seek refuge in 1996 countless celebrities including the Beatles, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Rod Stewart and others came to visit Max and take part or watch the religious ceremonies he held. He was hoping to promote understanding of the beauty of Vodou and his compassion for all. Max always said "We are all leaves on the same tree."

Max Beauvoir spent so much of his own money helping people after the Earthquake, that the aid trucks sent what he paid for to the people in the village of Gressier, Haiti. Max and I were able to coordinate help with the United Nations central headquarters in Haiti through Bill Clinton to get rescue vehicles into the rubble of Gressier to pull them out. Not one of the 3 of us took credit for this, and that is why it did not make it into the media. We all felt the focus should remain on the victims and not on anything else. Taking credit was something Max never lied to do. He lived by the Motto "Quiet Greatness" do great acts for others without wanting any recognition for it. The country of Haiti will never be the same without him. When Max would go into the village to do some shopping, people would come from all over and line the streets just to touch his hand. He loved going to see the and giving them hope that things would get better. See Max Beauvoir was a gift from god the people would say to him and thank you was the other thing they would say. He had such optimism in every situation that I admired very much.
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Dear Friend Angelina Jolie

I am hoping that by reminding people what Brad and Angie
what they were like together when they were happy that people will stop wondering and looking for the bad stuff between them. I am hoping that reminding others will help to remind Brad and Angelina how much fun they had together so the hurt feelings and anger can stop. I love both of them and they both are beautiful people in many ways. Brad and Angelina will still be beautiful people together or apart. Building up the anger that is between them through gossip is not going to help. Loving them and accepting them will help.
Brad and Angelina might find something that they both might be missing.

Angelina Jolie's sex appeal makes her seem very mysterious. Her mystery is an aspect of her the media cultivates  because it makes men fantasize about her. Angelina has so many good qualities it's hard to list them all. She is a loyal friend and loving person with a giving nature. Those aspects of her are a part of her image as a humanitarian and mother. What is surprising about her is the silly things Angelina gets into and not just because she has kids. Angie likes to Busta Move. She enjoy random dancing with or without music. For no reason, Angelina will start dancing sometimes in a silly way and sometimes in a sensual way depending upon her mood. Either way silly funny made up dance or sexy soulful dance, it is always a treat to watch and join in with her. Brad likes it when Angie and I dance together. The Dalai Lama in Brad likes to observe us dancing. Brad watches for a little while and then he jumps in. My husband jumps in and the party gets going.

The other thing I like about Angie is her analytical side. Angelina is a thoughtful person and she is very good at analyzing people. Her skill in analysis provides her with a great level of understanding. That gift helps her to connect with others and with the characters she brings to life on the big screen. Her ability to connect with is not just instinct it also has a basis in psychology that she has studies in great depth. Sigmund Freud is one psychoanalyst that Angie often quotes. Brad will respond with a spiritual response that challenges Angelina and then they both start cracking up because it is a way of teasing each other.

One of the best things about Angelina are we are so much alike. We are both silly, playful and love getting into all kinds of things. Angie and I love spending time with children and we both see ourselves as kids at heart. There is not a game or a toy that either of us would not pick up. Dressing up and acting is just a form of play and pretending. Throughout all of  Angelina's elegance there is still a goofiness that pops out. The goofy part of Angelina is so much fun and setting Brad up in some playful way is fun for us both. Yes little pranks or sometimes playful teasing is fun.

Brad and Angie give love to so many people and the love they give is always strong. That is part of why they are together because they love deeper than most. As much as Brad loves Angie there is always a part of him that he gives to me alone. Brad sings the same song to both of us. "Lay Lady Lay" is the song from Mr and Mrs Smith is the song that Brad sings to Angie and I. When Angie and I are together and when we are alone with Brad, he will sing "Lay Lady Lay"whenever the mood fits him. Angie does not compete nor get jealous and neither do I .We all think of each other as part of the same family. Angelina and I feel like sisters and Brad is someone we both have a history with. The way Brad is now is a combination of the two of us and neither Angelina nor myself would change Brad in any way. The closeness of the three of us will always be a part of each of us. Angelina always has an open hand and an  open heart. An open hand to hold and to help and an open heart to love.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Olivia Newton John's Friendship part

3I didn't complain to Brad nor David nor anyone else who knew me. The girlfriend took advantage of her position with the people who knew her .The singer's partner hung herself with her own lies. Olivia spoke to Rod Stewart and Mattthew Morrison. Matthew was on the sidelines watching waiting for me to ask for him to help or if it got any worse he was going to jump in on his own. Olivia beat him to the punch and started cleaning house as they say. She confirmed with Chris Dalston that Jon Bon Jovi was involved in clearing up the problems that he thought existed throughout the music industry. Jon and Dorothea are like family to me. They are always close by and I feel blessed in knowing them. There were songs written during this time that were winks of support being sent to me that were apparent to everybody in the know. I 'm not going to tell everything  in this blog but I will later -wink. Jon and Rod drove through the dirt and put to rest every single lie that the singer and his partner had spread. The impact the singer and his partner had was not as bad as Jon and the others thought because the couple was not nice to a lot of people. In fact, most people heard the words but ignored them because of the source. Hearing gossip doesn't feel good and it is human nature to walk away from it. After that this settled down. Crystal Hefner heard the truth through several sources and she was relieved to know I had not abandoned Hugh like they both believed I had. Facebook was one vehicle that the people harassing me used, private messages was another. I am still somewhat apprehensive of others because what went on was shocking to me. Brad and Angie did not understand why I did not tell them about it. David Spade was another person who was surprised I kept him out of it. Nicole Kidman as always there, waiting for me to ask her to help.
Olivia Newton John also made sure that the word got up to my friends in the White House and Wyclef heard the news as well from Jon Bon Jovi. YouTube had almost cut me off. The put bans on my videos and buried others, but I kept coming back. Eric Clapton found out one of the videos I did using his music had had the sound removed. Once he found out the music was put back and the video made sense. David Spade sent the word to Eric Clapton and the silencing of my video stopped. YouTube is still hostile towards me for no reason but not like they were. Some of the staff must not have gotten the messages because they still classify me as undesirable and put age restrictions on videos that are not placed on other videos in the same category as mine. My video content is the same style as the public sees on prime time shows such as Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent and other tv shows without restriction . In Europe Burlesque is a very accepted art form as well as in Las Vegas.

Mickey Rouke helped out as well. By then there were enough celebrities speaking out and the circle of friends was defined. Wylcef brought the rappers in and gave me the thumbs up. Snoop jumped and made me one of his Queens. Queens are his term for respect. It is a high honor. Alec Baldwin came to my side to because he did not like the idea that nasty people could have any influence through lies on a person he cared about. Martin Sheen is a close friend of Alec and Hugh. Martin is also someone I respect for his work as a volunteer and performer. Martin Sheen came to Columbus and made an appearance to observe how I was being treated by the locals.
The happy ending is rumors and lies do not bring success in any area of life. Even if Hollywood, bullying is not allowed. It is always better to be yourself and live peacefully. Hollywood cares about everybody. Because of what happened I know who my friends are and their loyalty is stronger than ever. I also have the art that was created with the intention of giving me a smile. Hotel Transylvania, the Chanel Ad, Yodeling skit, Ellen's and Liza Minnelli's Oscar winks and more. Special thanks to Nicolas Cage, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Nicole Kidman, Adam Sandler and Ashton Kutcher. The feeling of being loved and valued they created within me by the way Hollywood responded has strengthened me. Knowing I am part of a team has made me feel loved. Hollywood is a family. Being part of that family is a special feeling.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Olivia Newton John's Friendship

Olivia Newton John is the kind of friend everybody wants. She is loyal and loving to her friends .John Travolta and his wife would agree with me because they have been friends with Olivia for over 30 years. I have known her as a friend of Max Beauvoir's for awhile. Olivia became involved in the problems I was having when she read about it on line. I didn't mention it to her, but unknown to me she was following my career. Olivia spoke to Max about the situation she wanted to know how she could help me resolve it. He mentioned to her that my messages being sent to Hugh Hefner and certain others were not getting through to the people who I was trying to reach. Some of the Mansion staff made the mistake of getting me confused with somebody else who was not nice and they were intercepting my messages before Hugh received them. To begin with, Mary O'Connor didn't remember Hugh had interviewed Max Beauvoir for Playboy. Later, Mary remembered Hugh and Max had remained friends throughout the time Max was in the US. Not only had Hugh interviewed Max for Playboy but Hugh had paid Max to do public appearance work along with him at none other than the Chicago Museum of Art. Once she remembered she couldn't understand how the Max she knew would be involved with the person who was being described to her as a nasty manipulative person. The singer's lies did not seem to fit.

Mary was one of the people who ran interference based upon the lies she was told by a singer who was partially responsible for the problems I was facing. Every message that went to her was thrown away. Mary didn't mean to hurt me. Mary was being overly cautious and reacting to the lies she was told. Hugh was kept in the dark for a long time. After Mary died some of the things she was working came to the surface and my face had a black through it. The black line meant she was the one who made sure Hugh did not see anything that I did or sent to him. The black line also mean that I was not going to become a playmate. It was her way of condemning me. Mary was being led around on a string by someone who she trusted. I heard later that Mary was upset about what she did at the time because she knew Hugh and I had a strong friendship and mutual love for each other. She did not want to hurt either of us. Mary was kind hearted. Sadly her kindness and trust was being abused. Mary was also reacted to some of the Playmates who were involved with the singer's partner and they promoted the lies she was selling. It was only 1 playmate at most 2 but it was another voice that Mary heard.
Hugh always thought I would come back to him and he waited. Hugh even came  to Columbus at times hoping I would show up, but I never did. We both wondered what was going on. That singer's partner and the singer were obsessed with controlling me. Shutting down my career meant the woman involved with the singer would keep the guy she was in love with because he wouldn't know she had lied to him about me. This woman had done ever nasty trick of deception she could think of even though I was not in any way interested in her partner. He was simply someone I thought would become a friend. The girlfriend had gotten involved with some of the people around me in order to make me feel humiliated and drive me away from the people I loved. The stalking was something she orchestrated and the uneasy feeling of being watched stuck with me.

Olivia Newton John knew I was a good person and she was shocked by what she read about online and by what Max had to say to her. Without further thought she contacted Hugh. Their conversation cleared up a lot of questions Hugh had as to why he had not heard from me even though he was expecting it and why I seemed to disappear. Years earlier Hugh had been able to see me when I was in LA for charity work and business was the second reason. After that the connection between us was shut down and neither of us knew why, but we both wondered why the other person was ignoring us. We both missed each other but nobody could explain what happened to us. Olivia cleared everything up by simply saying to Hugh  Evonne is trustworthy and her love for you is pure to Hugh. It was part of a conversation that brought everything to light for Hugh. I was not the bad guy who had disowned him. I had been wrongfully kicked out and the cover up started. The photo next to this paragraph was the last photo Hugh saw of me for awhile. He used it as inspiration for the Joanna Krupa cover photo.It was Hugh's wink to me that he was reviewing my work and was proud of me.

Hugh's staff and friends were not the only ones the singer's girlfriend lied to she lied to many people in the industry and the rumors surrounded me. The girlfriend made it seem like she was powerful and her impact far reaching so I would be afraid of her. Yes it was like she had the same obsession her partner had, but I did not like either of them. The war is over now because Olivia came to my rescue and stood by my side. She spread the word to the people I loved who were not aware that I was being abused and publically humiliated.

My happy ending was just up ahead and the story of how the rest of the industry reacted and sent loving support to me will be told in my next blog. Many celebrities came forward such as Jon Bon Jovi, Ellen, Snoop Dogg, Wyclef, Brad and Angelina, Matthew Morrison, Mickey Rourke, David Spade, Jennifer Anniston, Alec Baldwin and some names may surprise you. Hollywood is a close group. Many people who are successful there are successful because they have a unique gift of love for many. That love is what they share with all of us by creating art, shaking our hands and doing things to make the world a better place.
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Monday, August 22, 2016

How I met Eric Clapton

Eric's music has always been in my heart. We both frequented the same athletic club. I loved the Spa at that club. I frequented it often. It turns out Eric also enjoyed their facilities. My massage therapist happened to mention to me that Eric Clapton with his family was in the club using their facilities the day before .She spoke of how beautiful Melia was. The woman continued almost in awe of her own words, my saying how both Eric and Melia were always so pleasant with the staff and other members. Eric and Melia's children were well behaved and the family looked very close. The Masseuse mentioned that Melia was very maternal with her children keeping them close to her and enjoying playing with them. The staff seemed to admire the way the family interacted.
I did not run into him at the club but we kept almost bumping into each other.
 As it turns out, Eric has a house in Dublin, Ohio just down the street from a friend of mine's home. Eric is not the only famous ,charismatic and handsome man who stays at his Ohio home, Rod Stewart also enjoys Ohio's atmosphere from time to time. Back to the story, my friend is a very outgoing likeable guy. Everybody in the community knows him including Eric Clapton. The guy knew I liked Eric and he set up for us to finally run into each other. I wish he would have told me ahead of time because I was not ,as they say , wearing my Sunday best. I like to make a good impression. Dressing fashionable is fun for me. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a crop top this is my normal spring and summer outfit. Eric came walking into the guy's home. Eric walked in very casually, as if I was not suppose to notice that one of my favorite singers was right in front of me.

Years earlier , a friend of mine mentioned her close friend had been the one to call Eric out of his dressing room to start a show in NYC. My friend mentioned how her friend was so amazed by Eric. In person, the woman said Eric is amazingly handsome and that the handsome images you seen of him don't do him justice. His eyes are incredible. When I saw him, I knew that earlier description I had heard of Eric Clapton was very accurate. Eric's personality is so charming that it enhances his appearance. Eric Clapton smiles often. His nickname "Slow Hand" does seem to fit him because his gentle ways makes things appear to slow down. Eric was such a nice person to talk to. Talking to him is easy because Eric seems to be able to discuss anything.

We hit it off immediately. Eric did not stay that long because his wife was waiting for him. They had young children at the time. I knew I would see him again because my friend likes to host parties especially barbeque in the summer. I did run into him several other times. Our friendship continues.

The friend that introduced me made me so happy that day, after Eric Clapton left, I couldn't say thank you enough. That might have been the point. My friend likes to make everybody happy and seeing the expression on my face when Eric came strolling in must have been as they say priceless. The rest I will save for another blog. I shot a couple of youtube videos in honor of Eric and the friendship I have with him and Melia.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Modeling, Acting, Celebrities and Zulie : My Relationship with Tom Cruise

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Modeling, Acting, Celebrities and Zulie : How I met Daniel Tosh

Modeling, Acting, Celebrities and Zulie : How I met Daniel Tosh: We met a Halloween costume party. I was dressed as mermaid.Tosh was dressed as a muscle man. We were socializing with different people but w...

How I met Daniel Tosh

We met a Halloween costume party. I was dressed as mermaid.Tosh was dressed as a muscle man. We were socializing with different people but we couldn't stop staring at each other. The moment our eyes met, the flirting began. Tosh said he was caught up in the way I looked and the sexy voice I have. Tosh liked me and I liked him too. Neither of us knew the people were talking to very well. We were both trying to discuss things we had in common with the people in our group. The group I was with was discussing dancing. It came up that I loved dancing so much that it was a career for me. I mentioned I had taught Belly dancing and aerobics. I knew Daniel was listening. From where he was it was easy to do. I continued to discuss some of my dance training.Tosh overheard me mention ballet and that I had performed in Swan Lake as a teenager. Tosh told me later that he liked the sexy Belly dancer image and the ballet was the icing on the cake. He was immediately drawn to me .
Daniel broke off the conversation he had and came over to me. I welcomed him into my conversation. We both started to take it over. Our conversation shifted towards gaming. It was another thing that everybody enjoyed. Tosh and I were surprised how much we both liked computer games. I felt that I was not very good at them but I liked to play them. Tosh said he wasn't as good as he would like to be. As luck would have it, Daniel and I realized we played the same games. The game discussion used up most of the evening. Back and forth the conversation went. Tosh and I knew the games so well, that we seemed to be able to finish each other's sentence. The conversation was intense as we enjoyed each other's company. Tosh and I were making it obvious to everyone that we were infatuated with each other. The attraction between us was hot and we weren't hiding it from anyone. Daniel asked me out and I accepted.
From then on we both began to see each other as often  as we could. Tosh and I had so much fun together. His sexy sense of humor made him so much fun to be with. We liked playing sports together. Sometimes, playful wrestling would start.

I am enjoying sharing my memories. I will save the rest of details for another blog, but some of the details will remain a secret. I never kiss and tell.
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Modeling, Acting, Celebrities and Zulie : My Relationship with Tom Cruise

There is a lot of curiosity about how I could have dated Tom Cruise. Tom is a master at slipping in and out of locations and the Church of Scientology helps him to maintain his privacy. Whenever Tom wants it, the church will make arrangements to keep his whereabouts hidden. They have places that Tom can come and go as he feels like without anyone realizing who he is or where he is going. It sounds like they know exactly what they are doing because the Church of Scientology are masters at the shell game. Keeping Tom from getting overwhelmed by the Paparazzi and protecting his personal confidants is art of the way they keep their mystique and the Church offers that level of security to its other important members. It is a valuable assets to everyone who is linked with them. Even the White House admires who they are able to orchestrate the movement of their people. Whenever Tom Cruise wants to see me, he is able to and the details are theirs alone. Our relationship is not a secret to any of the members in fact it is the opposite, they pray for me from time to time. Whenever Tom asks them to, the Church will hold special ceremonies to help the people he loves. They offer this service or prayers to all their members because they enjoy praising God and helping people.

Tom Cruise is someone who I draw upon for strength at times and to share joy with because his voice is always strong, warm and constant.
Tom wanted me to use this photo of me because he likes it because its a funny image. Tom has a great sense of humor.
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Modeling, Acting, Celebrities and Zulie : My Time with Tom Cruise

Modeling, Acting, Celebrities and Zulie : My Time with Tom Cruise: The time I spent with Tom Cruise was special. He has such an amazing personality that the moments seem to move faster than they should. Any ...

Modeling, Acting, Celebrities and Zulie : Tosh's Crush on Me

I mentioned on the home page that Daniel Tosh uses me as inspiration for some of his material. By sharing the stories behind some of them, I think the skits will be more enjoyable for you. Tosh likes to flirt with me by creating skits based upon me. I started noticing that Tosh was running stories that were similar to things I was writing about. Past of the reason he bases skits upon me is to see if I am paying attention to his show. Tosh wants me to laugh at myself because if I can laugh at myself then I am not taking life too seriously and he loves making me laugh. Daniel Tosh is not always silly ,but he remembers how much I love his sense of humor and how sexy it makes him to me. I love a guy with a sense of humor. Daniel Tosh and I have spent time together and the attraction is still there for both of us. The connection between us was not a platonic connection, we both had feelings for each other that were expressed and enjoyed by both of us. Tosh is a nice guy, who happens to have a loving spirit.

Tosh did a skit about a sexy substitute teacher who was fired for modeling in her swimsuit. I was fired from my substitute teaching job when the media made the link between my teaching name Evonne Richardson and Zulie public knowledge by putting the link on the front page and releasing it to the Associated Press. The Superintendent of the school district I worked in was directly
responsible for my termination. He gave the order. I was told I was fired was because it was public knowledge that I was Zulie even though I did not share my first name with the students and there was no picture of me on the front page. He said that because I was a model and a dancer that "my image was not one the school district wanted to promote". There is an irony in the story, the city of Columbus has a law that allows women to freely go in public topless. Even though I don't shoot topless images, anyone person could legally be seen topless in the area. What makes the whole situation funny is it is a little bit outdated to fire a good teacher for modeling when the entire city allows women to go topless.

If follow Tosh , then you will know my ballet slippers should answer a question. It's more than a joke. No we were never legally married. It's a fantasy and a joke Tosh is playing and his playing is one thing I love about the real Daniel. He is always very playful and flirty.

I was posting photos and jokingly calling myself Barbie and my husband Ken. I sent some of them through twitter and other social media. Tosh saw them through my twitter account and he liked the idea. He decided to tease me. As a joke, I enjoy telling my new neighbors that my new is Barbie and my husband's name is Ken. That is another little thing Daniel knows about and it amused him. I have so many links to being called Barbie that even my students use to call me the Barbie teacher. I was offered the job to play the role of Barbie at a toy event. I took it as a compliment since Barbie is beautiful to me. I even have my own Pink Striped Barbie Doll in my bedroom along with a collection of Minions Mega Blocks. I will share my Minions story at another time. I can't give everything away in 1 day. The woman Tosh choice to use in the Barbie skit was the most extreme version of Barbie fetish that he could find. Some people are drawn to women because they literally want a Barbie doll. By playing Ken, Tosh was saying he would love to be my Ken just like I say my husband is my Ken.

The silly self sketch of me below is an illustration based upon a story of my playful behavoir with my kids. I have a collection of cat eared hats that I like to wear. I dressed up as a cat and pretended to be a monkey.I jumped on the bed too close to the edge and jumped off. I hit my elbow and that became a tip of the day. I wrote Tip of the Day- When wearing a cat hat and pretending to be a monkey jumping on the bed ,make sure you land in the middle of the bed. If you don't land in the middle, you will fall off and bump your elbow. That story and image became Tosh's inspiration and inside joke to me behind the Woman who dresses as a cat skit.
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How I met Tom Cruise

I met Tom before I married my husband. We were both sitting in a park in Los Angeles. I was there by myself and Tom walked into my view. I thought he was an imposter because the odds of running into the real Tom Cruise in a park were astronomically against it. Sort close to hitting the lottery, but in a sexier way and more realistic since he was right in front of me. Tom is the one who approached me. He flashed me his famous "Top Gun" shy smile. He tilts his head down and looks up at me and smiles.Tom said "How are you ?" and the conversation started. He was so talkative and so was I. We spilled the beans to each other over many subjects and the time flew. Before we knew it, it was getting dark. Tom and I decided we wanted to spend some more time together. A limo came for us. We took a ride around LA and he showed me all the places that he likes to go. Tom offered me a mixed drink and we drank one together. With one drink in us, Tom leaned over and kissed me. His kisses were electric to me.The chemistry was complete. We both felt the spark.

 After kissing me, the conversation began again. Tom's freedom and ease in communicating with me was charming. Tom felt the mixture of playfulness and intellect in me was perfectly balanced. I thought he was funny. We both are silly and free spirited together. We liked sharing each other's company and Tom offered me a snack. The limo was well stocked with snacks and we shared some chips or as the English say "crisps".
The evening ended in a slow kiss.

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Why Tom Cruise Prefers Cartoon Movies

The reason why Tom Cruise prefers cartoon movies is not because of his daughter Suri although he enjoys making her happy and she loves watching cartoons. Tom says he prefers cartoon movies because his friend Evonne told him that what you watch effects how you feel. Tom feels I am right. Tom Cruise noticed after he started watching the same movies I watch, his spirit started becoming joyful more than what it use to be. Tom is known for his happy go lucky nature, but he is not always happy. Nobody is joyous 100% of the time, however he is happy most of the time. Sometimes even Tom Cruise has a bad day. He noticed that if he watched a cartoon movie, even on his bad days, his joyful state would return easily. I like cartoon movies for the same reason and when I write about them as Zulie, I talk about how happy they make me. I  bounce through the day and I able to shake off any negative feelings that others find a normal part of life. Even when I get upset ,it does not last long. If I pop in a cartoon movie, before I  know it, I start laughing. If I am really having a tough time or if I just want to bounce for the sake of the pleasure of bouncing, I get on a trampoline and bounce away. Pretty soon, I am giggling. Tom noticed me doing that and now he has a trampoline that he uses. Every time he jumps, he finds the same joy overcomes him that overcomes me. We are like two peas in a pod in that way We both jump for joy in a quiet literal fashion. The joy of jumping is consuming for us both. It doesn't take long for either of us to find the laughter flows from within us.

Tom Cruise and I noticed that when we are jumping, hearing our laughter makes the people around us start to feel joyful. It is like it spreads. The person who hears us may not be watching a cartoon or jumping, but their reaction is always the same. They can't help but smile while we crack up laughing .It might be because hearing someone laugh has an impact on a person, smiling in return is a natural reaction to hearing laughter. We both spend a lot of time rebounding.

 If you want to make someone's day happy, buy them a good trampoline and put on comedy of some sort or better yet do what we do and watch a cartoon movie.  As simple as that sounds the two used together has a powerful happy impact on not only your life but the lives of those around you. Tom Cruise and I both swear by jumping on a trampoline while watching a cartoon or comedy. Its obvious life can be fun and literally funny.

Will Smith is another happy jumping cartoon watcher. After Tom told him my secret to solving problems and staying happy, he gave Will a trampoline, and Will had the same experience. Jayda thought the whole thing was hilariuos. Hearing Will giggling and busting out laughing was too much, she started smiling and before she knew it she was laughing along with Will. "Jayda is usually one of the happiest people you could meet, she laughs along with most situations." as Tom likes to say to describe Jayda Smith. He tells me my idea of watching cartoons while jumping on a trampoline caught on and now it lives in two more households. Tom thinks I am on to something good. Without my influence he would not have found joy of jumping or watching cartoons on a regular basis. Happy Jumping!!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

David Spade's High IQ

David Spade knows I love to tease him and he often gives me opportunities to do that. Even though David is smart,he likes to pretend he is blondefully challenged. We both do the same thing with each other. When I do something silly on purpose I call it Blondesense. When he does something silly he calls it the same thing Blondesense. Blondesense is a common joke we use to describe situations that we knowingly walk into in order to set ourselves up as being lets say intellectually challenged. Ricky Gervais caught on to our joke and now Blondesense is a term he uses as a joke. Often when Ricky uses Blondsense its in reference to me and my silly behavior that he enjoys watching. Ricky is a close friend of ours. Hearing Ricky use it makes David and I laugh.

 David Spade played a character in Rules of Engagement ,Russell Dunbar-Patel,that some would consider a good example of Blondesense. His portrayal of Joe Dirt is an even better example of Blondesense in motion. Joe Dirt is a blast from the past character that everyone sees as the highest evolution of Blondesense in motion. David created the character based upon a conversation we had about how blondes could get away with behaviors that others could not. Joe Dirt challenges each person to look within themselves and find the inner idiot makes every now and again pops out of us. When we do the obvious to others actions that are not going to get us the happy result we want to achieve.For example, when we look into a certain reason why we do something only to find out our reason does not make sense to others that is Blondesense. Joe Dirt a professional at that. Very little of what Joe Dirt does makes sense to anyone other than another Blonde character used in a typical sitcom. Sitcom like behavior is sometimes present in all of us. Some of us behave that way more than others, but it always good to remind ourselves that life is meant to be fun and lighthearted. Zulie Perfect has some Blondesense Moments in her youtube videos. You will have to watch them to find the moments but they are there. I 'd like to tell you which videos they are in,but I forgot.

 When either of us has a Blondesense Moment in other words when Captain Obvious appears in our behavior, it is best to call the incident exactly what it was a Blondesense Moment. I coined the term Blondesense, as I am using the term here, as a joke between my friends and family. I liked it so much I started to use it as a way to deliberately set others up in a situation where they would think I was the biggest Blonde airhead they had ever met.  David Spade loves to recount one example of  my Blondesene in action to everybody. He was so amused by the reaction people gave me when I brought my peeing Chihuahua statue shopping and tried to buy the statue clothes. I bought the statue because I thought it was outrageous. David agreed with me, the statue was funny. He liked the idea I had to take my newest concrete pet with me on a shopping outing. Bear in mind, most people who own real Chihuahuas think it is perfectly normal to take their beloved pets out on adventures in shopping. I however find the behavior of buying clothes for an animal amusing. In fact, I have proposed that the behavior of dressing animal up extend to more than just certain dog breeds but rather to include many other animals in a parade of fashion of sense lifestyle.

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