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Saturday, June 23, 2018

David Spade's Favorite Date

David often tells me his favorite date with me was when we went swimming in one of the lakes in Ohio. He prepared ahead a wonderful picnic basket with fruit slices and I brought along a piece of cake to share. We fed each other the vanilla cake. David is such a romantic. David brought along some salad since he knows  I love blue cheese, salmon and apples on my mixed green salads. It is a favorite meal of mine that I eat several times a week. We both enjoy fish, but not  as much as Brad Pitt enjoys oysters. David thought I should add that to tease Brad and I know Brad will get a kick out of the joking. They both are very easy going guys and they have so much in common.
Blog about David Spade

He always has a well stocked cooler even though he does not drink much,not as much as he use to. 
David Spade's favorite dates

I almost added this as an update to my last blog on my favorite comedian, but I thought more people would see it this way and several people had a few questions so David helped me out.

We enjoyed a swim in the water and relaxing in the chairs he brought along was the best. He is a great swimmer. I like to play in the water by pretending I am a mermaid. We stayed at the lake for several hours. When David Spade is having a good time, he likes to sit back and let things happen.
He has a blue and white swimsuit that he likes. I have worn several types of bikinis but my favorite now is Venus swimwear bra styles. Holly Madison also has a couple of Venus swimwear bikinis.
Zulie in Venus bikini
One of my favorite Venus bikinis

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Nicole Kidman Loves Her Coconuts

The reason I titled this blog Nicole Loves Her Coconuts is simply because coconuts are a staple of many tropical islands and her beloved homeland Australia has the wonderful plants growing in its soil. Even though its a beauty tip, coconuts are also sign of a sophisticated, relaxed and natural lifestyle. Often you see people at resorts drinking cocktails or even the juice straight from a coconut. Tropical islands and the ocean sets a tone of peace and pleasure.
Nicole Kidman loves her coconuts
The beauty of the islands and its healthy natural spirituality is contained  in the wonderful coconut for all to enjoy

Nicole likes to go home to Australia to enjoy the beach surroundings there and in other countries. She also loves to drink the coconut water and applies the coconut milk to her hair. I am a great fan of the benefits of using coconuts in my beauty and health routines. When Nicole told me about it , I agreed with her and mentioned that I also like to buy coconut oil from the store to apply directly on my hair. I use it on my skin as well. Both of us, like to rehydrate using coconut water. We both enjoy a nice glass of coconut water right after a workout. Drinking the tropical water has become very popular in recent years.
my friend nicole kidman and keith urban If Nicole is near a coconut tree , then she is near the beach that we both love. Even though the beach that was around me as a child was not tropical, it was still the ocean with all of the spiritual beauty and a few handsome lifeguards didn't disrupt the view. Dating Beach lifeguards some say might have become a hobby of mine at one time, but that's another story all together:)

When Nicole Kidman and I are at the beach together, we could sit back together and watch the waves while talking for hours. She is one of the most easy to talk to people I have ever met. We discuss our interest in fashion, workouts, playful time with children, and even art comes up. We always laugh a lot. Our shared outlook on life , means we have a common sense of humor. Nicole's sense of humor and her timing makes her a funny companion. She has a wonderful girlish laugh that reflects her playful mentality after all she is a Gemini(just like me).

Running in the water while the tide rushes against our legs, feels so good to both of us. One of my fondest memories involves time spent at the beach with Nicole as we played in the water. We love California and I have spent a lot of time out there. 

When Nicole and I see each other we like to play with her kids. Her daughters are so sweet. Keith Urban and Nicole have raised them to be joyful and open to people. The girls have Keith's sense of adventure and Nicole's sense of style. Even thought Nicole is not a shy type, its Keith who gets them up and going with Nicole's watchful eye on hand. They are two of the best parents any child could have and our mutual ideas on child rearing is another reason I respect Nicole so much.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman sing the cutest version of "If I Can't Have You." Its a slightly dramatic song and the way they ham it up while flirting with each other is adorable. They sing the chorus to each other at spontaneous moments. The famous couple have so much fun together playing and performing together. My husband and I do the same thing but to slightly different music.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Romantic Outings with David Spade

David Spade is such a romantic guy. Wherever his dates wants to go is where he goes. He goes along with any plan. David knows how to make a woman feel sexy and desirable with his compliments or simply a coy smile that says a lot. The soft hearted comedian  will go out of his way to make sure everything goes smoothly. David Spade enjoys amusement or theme parks. He likes to ride Roller Coasters. I enjoy spending time with David and I love to play. Theme Parks are really playgrounds. I don't ride the Roller Coasters myself. I enjoy the environment and the excitement of watching other people have fun.
David Spade

I love riding the water rides with David Spade. Whenever he gets wet, he likes to cuddle and bust out laughing as the splash of the water hits him by surprise. Even when you see a water splash up head on a water ride, it is always surprising and fun when it hits.

He and I both love picnics at the park with a glass of champagne. Wandering around and enjoying the scenery that sometimes provides unexpected events such as catching a glimpse of birds closer than usual or a squirrel darting into hiding. It is so peaceful. I have a unique way of looking at things that David seems to enjoy. I can sometimes be considered a handful but I am not too much for David. He is quite adventurous and as I mentioned he likes to make sure his date is happy.

David Spade really loves the beach. We had so much fun playing beach volleyball. He has an awesome serve.

My fondest memories of David is simply staring in his eyes. He has a softness in his spirit that I can see in his eyes. His sense of humor and impromptu laughing is the second favorite part of him. David Spade is one of the sexiest men and his reputation as a ladies man comes from his warmth. Being with a man who is able to be multi dimensional is very attractive. We always have conversations that completely surprise me.

The famous comedian sometimes uses a disguise. David's disguises are subtle. Changing his hair color is one thing he does that throws people. When he combines the darker hair with a hat and glasses, people react. I have found everyone who sees David Spade in disguise often thinks the real David is a look alike Spade. His voice gives him away a little. It is so distinctive and well known that it is hard to completely fool a person into thinking that it is not David. It is funny to watch.

I owe David Spade some crayons and when he reads this he will laugh.
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David Spade

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Adventures with Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt loves to go canoeing. He is so at home in the water . The water in its many forms rejuvenates him. We both share an interest in the spiritual life rewarding experiences that can be found in natural. Floating peacefully upon the water while surrounded by beautiful scenery is one of my fondest memories. Brad Pitt is always detail minded and canoeing with him is just as elegant as eating at a fine resturaunt because he takes time to think out the details to make it that way. He is always prepared. You would be surprised at how much he can squeeze into a backpack. I recall snacking on oysters and crackers while enjoying the moment. Brad likes oysters as much as I do. Everytime I see him what always sticks out in my mind, is the conversations we have and how insightful he is on so many topics. I mentioned before in previous blogs that Brad has a way of encouraging self reflection as part of the way he connections with me. It is something he does that I really feel is a gift.

Brad Pitt is a very affectionate man. Slipping in a kiss here and there is his style especially when he is at ease. Just like Nicole Kidman , he has a sweet side that likes to touch in an affectionate way while exchanging a quick peck. He is very sensitive and I like that side of his personality. Good artists are often sensitive. Brad Pitt's sculpting is more elaborate than mine. The pieces I have created are intentionally simplistic. Knowing how advanced even a simple piece of sculpture is, gives me insight into what I am looking at in each sculpture. Brad's sculpture is exceptional, and I will admit I am a little biased.

Brad Pitt is an adventurous type. He likes to go to exotic places and believe it or not , he blends right in. Some of the places he likes to go to are kept as a secret. Brad wants to make sure that the people he experiences remain as they were the first time they met. We have enjoyed some of the same places both together and separately.

We enjoy swimming and being as they say "fish" in the water. When he picks you up playfully in the water, it's fun but it's also romantic. Brad Pitt has such a strong presence that being held by him is very enjoyable. Swimming contests broke out at times. They are fun for us.
We have spent years in the water. I taught swimming for quite awhile. Our mutual exercise routines have included swimming laps together and apart. The handsome heartthrob enjoys watching me practicing water ballet and I love showing him a few of my moves.
My dear friend is a fan of my exotic dancing styles. My background in variuos forms of dance from belly dancing to burlesque as well as my experiences in Ballet,Pointe , Jazz, Tap and even Hula is exciting to him. I enjoy teaching him while teasing Brad or is it more flirting? Either definition could be assigned to the experience. Most dancers are able to express sensuality and fun in a playful way that everyone enjoys. I have been known to put on a complete belly dancing costume complete with Zils as a surprise.

My husband at times reminds me of Brad Pitt. They share many things in common and I smile when I see a little of one or the other in each of them. Motorcycles are an obvious thing but there are personal things they both do that I see. Neither of them realize when they do something that the other one does and I simply smile and enjoy it. It's the common ground they share these two share that is unique. I feel truly gifted to know them both.

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