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Monday, August 22, 2016

How I met Eric Clapton

Eric's music has always been in my heart. We both frequented the same athletic club. I loved the Spa at that club. I frequented it often. It turns out Eric also enjoyed their facilities. My massage therapist happened to mention to me that Eric Clapton with his family was in the club using their facilities the day before .She spoke of how beautiful Melia was. The woman continued almost in awe of her own words, my saying how both Eric and Melia were always so pleasant with the staff and other members. Eric and Melia's children were well behaved and the family looked very close. The Masseuse mentioned that Melia was very maternal with her children keeping them close to her and enjoying playing with them. The staff seemed to admire the way the family interacted.
I did not run into him at the club but we kept almost bumping into each other.
 As it turns out, Eric has a house in Dublin, Ohio just down the street from a friend of mine's home. Eric is not the only famous ,charismatic and handsome man who stays at his Ohio home, Rod Stewart also enjoys Ohio's atmosphere from time to time. Back to the story, my friend is a very outgoing likeable guy. Everybody in the community knows him including Eric Clapton. The guy knew I liked Eric and he set up for us to finally run into each other. I wish he would have told me ahead of time because I was not ,as they say , wearing my Sunday best. I like to make a good impression. Dressing fashionable is fun for me. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a crop top this is my normal spring and summer outfit. Eric came walking into the guy's home. Eric walked in very casually, as if I was not suppose to notice that one of my favorite singers was right in front of me.

Years earlier , a friend of mine mentioned her close friend had been the one to call Eric out of his dressing room to start a show in NYC. My friend mentioned how her friend was so amazed by Eric. In person, the woman said Eric is amazingly handsome and that the handsome images you seen of him don't do him justice. His eyes are incredible. When I saw him, I knew that earlier description I had heard of Eric Clapton was very accurate. Eric's personality is so charming that it enhances his appearance. Eric Clapton smiles often. His nickname "Slow Hand" does seem to fit him because his gentle ways makes things appear to slow down. Eric was such a nice person to talk to. Talking to him is easy because Eric seems to be able to discuss anything.

We hit it off immediately. Eric did not stay that long because his wife was waiting for him. They had young children at the time. I knew I would see him again because my friend likes to host parties especially barbeque in the summer. I did run into him several other times. Our friendship continues.

The friend that introduced me made me so happy that day, after Eric Clapton left, I couldn't say thank you enough. That might have been the point. My friend likes to make everybody happy and seeing the expression on my face when Eric came strolling in must have been as they say priceless. The rest I will save for another blog. I shot a couple of youtube videos in honor of Eric and the friendship I have with him and Melia.

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