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Friday, November 30, 2018

Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Cruise and David Spade Play Santa

We all like to bring Santa to life in our own ways. For me, I enjoy making art for local churches during the Christmas season. Many of them have craft sales or events where they offer crafts and backed goods to church goers and the public. I have a habit of making one of a kind Christmas ornaments of various styles. Christmas donations included very detailed plaster ornaments to glass painted balls and other seasonal artwork. I donate items not only because I love the creation of art but it is the most economical way to make an impact. Donations of art can be sold for a higher price than financial gifts. It is a labor of love in many ways. There are other artists who see art as a great donation to give too help where needed or asked. Tom Cruise is one of the people who likes to donate art. His donations to his Church and their outreach comes at times when disasters occur. The Church of Scientology works side by side with other charities and religious organizations to give support, medical aid and food. In disaster relief funding, it takes many helpers to create an impact. They all have to work together as two hands. The churches of different denominations put aside their differences to work as one for the good of all. Its those moments when the world seems to be unified and joy at the successful work to save lives creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. Celebrities like to bring out their own Santa in different ways.
A happy gathering of many of Tom Cruise's fans. 

Jon  Bon Jovi is another person who likes to reach out to make an impact in many parts of this world. At times, people don't know it is Jon or Dorothea helping them out. They like to play Secret Santa all year around. Jon  has spread goodwill and left charitable donations all over the world as he planted seeds of hope.

My mother likes to help poor families from the food pantry she runs by helping to organize collections that help send Christmas gifts home with those in need. I have known her to round out what they were short in the gift money if the need existed. She use to be a volunteer organizer for her local Red Cross with a title when she was a first grade teacher now she focuses on the food pantry. My husband's work is the Santa for several families in our area. He donates items every year through different groups for children and adults who lack the resources to provide presents. Traditionally, we send toiletries and toys into Haiti around Christmas and when asked. This Season it is fun to give back. Famous people do a lot of giving all year. Studies have shown happy people give small gifts whenever they can. It is proven through multiple research projects ,that if you are having a tough day, buy a small token gift or even a cup of coffee for someone. The joy you get from contributing to another person's day is much greater than if you gave a gift to yourself. Self love begins with care of others. People do not realize just how easy it is to make a day a great one. Tom Cruise knows that really well. He sneaks up on people bringing things like coffee and donuts, lunch from a local caterer or sometimes a bottle of wine to a table he happens to see when enjoying a meal. No one knows it is him until he lets them in on it but sometimes the people who received Tom's gift never know who it was that brought them the wine or the food.
Hollywood has many Secret Santas.

On the spur of the moment, David Spade pops up at certain bars and buys a round of drinks for everyone at the bar. David donates money to food pantries anonymously and he has done that for years. While dressing up as Santa, David Spade has brought down the house when he took over different Christmas Parties throughout the years by playing the drunk Santa. The reactions he gets is outrageously funny since he is one of the best improvisational comedians of all time. Many Hollywood stars have learned the pure joy of anonymous and spontaneous giving. We all know the stories of people paying the way of the person behind them at a toll both. It is a fun way to live, that almost everyone can do.

Right about now, Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea should be breaking out the aprons for another year's Jon's Christmas cookies. If you have not read about the world famous musician's cookies, here is a link to the story called," Jon Bon Jovi's Christmas Cookies

On a side note, I have heard Steven Spielberg likes to dress up as a Hanukkah Dreidel for different occasions. Steven has a great sense of humor that many who know him privately get to enjoy. He always brings out the laughs on the set and at home. His sense of humor is one of the reasons why he is so popular throughout Hollywood and beyond.
Dreidel costumes are easy to obtain from several online stores.

One of my latest images taken last weekend with my favorite pink high heels. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and living with a great photographer makes it all so easy:)

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Modeling in a great pair of shoes and my cute little pink skirt. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

An Evening Out with Nicole Kidman

Since my last blog, Nicole Kidman spoke to me about the fun we had when she gave me a chance to attend one of her favorite charity events. A few years ago, I wasn't aware that she had so many available invites. Each season Nicole makes a list of those people whom she feels deserve a great experience.These people might not be seen by anyone other than her inner circle of family but they are always in her life. The press allow her certain privacy when she attends things for the benefit of her own freedom.  They respect her and her lifestyle gives Nicole a chance to be open to many unusual opportunities. Being stealth isn't easy but the media gives Nicole that privacy when she asks for it. Nicole doesn't ask which often. She is a people person plus many of the people who photograph Nicole at random events are friends or acquaintances that she enjoys seeing. Who wouldn't like to ham it up for the media as the camera's flash. It's fun for Nicole to give joy to them while expressing it herself. Keith Urban likes it when his wife gets an impulse that makes people smile. When she wants some privacy, Nicole simply lets them know ahead of time and the press always accommodates her. They can be very fair with people but in her words they can also be sometimes cruel. Now back to the event I was discussing. Sometimes a little background information is useful since no one can be Nicole Kidman but Nicole Kidman. Personally I am grateful that there is only one Nicole even though sometimes it would seem that having many Nicoles would be wonderful. The one we have is perfect the way she is that I couldn't imagine striking the lottery more than once. Nicole is one of the many celebrities who give back as part of their thankful lifestyle. Some people are beautiful through and through.
Nicole and Keith are such a free spirited couple that make life enjoyable for many. Good love makes good times:) 

The event Nicole took me to was an inside celebrity only fundraiser. There are many private events that often are held in the private homes of certain famous people, multimillionaires or other lesser known generous donors. Private fundraisers involving celebrities go on both politically and civically like the one I mentioned with Al Gore and John Glenn or the Governor's Mansion event that I have displayed. Neither of these were in the media. The event Nicole took me to was one for a foundation that makes donations in the names of others. It was not a Red Carpet Event because the privacy and intimacy of smaller events is sometimes more conducive to the location and theme. From what I have noticed smaller charity events are more popular with the people who organize them as well as easier to host. The Prince Harry and Prince William also attend certain low key events that Buckingham Palace organizes for drop bys or quick pop ins as they say.

Nicole has a list of people she likes to party with or to host with. On certain occasions even Keith will become the main organizer and all this goes on in direct conversations with each celebrity. The press does not get involved in the little events. The fundraisers go on and no one is aware of it unless they were in attendance. The privacy is part of the fun of it. Another example of a private celebrity event is the one involving Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy enjoys teasing Nicole about a celebrity dinner they attended and no one has ever seen the photos from it on a formal scale. Sometimes it is good to realize that famous people do get out like we do. John Travolta sometimes gets generous ideas in his head to support a cause or surprise a person with a gift of a dinner party. John hosts some well done wonderful private party events that help many. He is a really nice guy. Nicole seems to think so and I have heard a lot of nice things about him. The fact that people dont hear everything is the way its suppose to be. Hollywood has its magic. We all agree that its important to understand how much celebrities give inside the right context. Making demands on others is not what life is about. Giving selflessly is important to all our lives and its a step towards lasting joy.

The event Nicole and I attended was a simple event but it had the celebrity status and several other stars were with us. It was nice to mingle. We joked around with several of the guests as we spent time with each person. We both always have something funny to say and our shared sense of humor cracks people up. If I mentioned the names of who was there that night, then I might give away how many famous people slip off quietly and who they are as well as what circles they run in when not in the public eye. In order to respect that privacy, I will simply say Nicole was not the only famous person in attendance but she was my favorite. You can't beat a good girl pal to hang out with on any occasion.

The intimate event had appetizers and a variety of gourmet finger food. Groups gathered in several rooms in the house. It was easy to go from one setting and conversation to the next. Nicole and I stuck together as we ventured from the various settings. Laughing as we enjoyed the festivities. Nicole and I spend a lot of our time laughing. I think I mentioned before that she and I share the same joyful attitude. We laugh at the funniest things. Celebrity charity events are always fun. Knowing this is going on behind the scenes conveys the fact that many well known people never stop giving and they dont need anyone, press or fanfare to reach out their hand to a person in need or a group with great intentions. Its a nice thing to know that the intentions of many people of privilege are to live good gracious lives where making a difference is important. The charity dinner party we attended that evening is such a sweet memory. Mingling with ordinary people as ordinary people was part of the illusion. It was such a relaxing atmosphere and a lot of things were accomplished.

Nicole was wearing a dark blue short skirt and a purple shirt. The outfit was very casual but it had a very regal feel to it. I wore a similar pink outfit with black accents. we weren't twinsies because of the color differences. I did not get a chance to share many details but I will get to that in another blog.

I am working on shooting this week so more new images will be out.

On a side note, Will Smith cracked up when he heard I saw John Travolta because John forgot to mention it. I heard, John and Will had discussed me before, but John did not mention he had seen me. It was a little secret that I revealed in this blog. That meant Will was not aware of something and he thought that was funny. Will is a great person with a very athletic attitude. He is similar to me in some ways. We both love to exercise and both have stamina that we are well known for amongst certain people. Will Smith is one of the people whom I have bumped into from time to time. I mentioned him in a past blog on exercise.

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I will have new work to release since I will be working on new stuff this week.

My Halloween costume in the first selfie and a little more of my recent photoshoot.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Nicole Kidman's Beach House

A few years back Nicole had offered to let me stay with her at a beach house in Southern California. He had rented the place and asked to come and join her. Who could resist an invite  from one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Nicole has a way of making every adventure fun. She so much personality and fun loving totally fits her. We both have the same kind of enthusiasm. Most people refer to it as the bubbles in champagne. It is hard to ignore how enthusiastic people make the day seem bright. The giggling and the hooting like cheerleaders cheering on our favorite teams. Those teams are not just occasional sports teams but they are the families, friends and animals we have. In short the teams are the people we find around us. Even if they are only in our lives for a short period of time accidental enthusiasm comes in the form of praises we both give to those people we connect with on a short term basis. Seeing the world as good and full of potential is the best way to live. When you see it as full of potential, it is common to express gratitude towards others for their contribution to this world may be more than what it seem. In other words, see everybody as special.

On the first day Nicole Kidman and I were together, we spent the say on the beach. The beach was her backyard. It was nice to be able to come and go back and forth to and from the house as we wanted. Of course, she made some yummy margaritas. We both had a thirst for those fun drinks. Margaritas are a wonderful part of summer. In the frig was some cut up fruit and some cheese in storage container. Those snacks hit the spot. I know she eats a lot of fruits and veggies but cheese is her weakness. I must say a good cheese is very pleasurable. Brie is a favorite of my children. I was into cupcakes and Nicole knew that, but she always pay attention to her guests and what they say. Nicole is a great listener as well as a great storyteller. There were some cupcakes in the frig. The house was immaculate. The house's post modern art gave it a flashy but relaxed style and the view from the balcony was amazing. I am not sure who the home's owner was, but whoever it was they had great taste in composition and design. I loved the feeling inside. Nicole knows almost every state, where to stay and who to contact to find a perfect location. The West Coast does not have the warm water that Hawaii does on a year round basis. I love both locations for their own uniqueness.

Nicole Kidman likes to play with funny straws. She will often buy some wild looking straws. Loop to loop and character straws in all shapes, sizes and colors even ones that glow in the dark. Funny, funky straws are a specialty of any of Nicole's drinks. She does not get enough credit for her wild straw collecting like the Golden Globe straw that blew me over. I am not sure how or where Nicole found them but they are shaped like Golden Globes. The drink goes around the globe to the top. You really have to suck hard on the straws, but no one ever complains. It's fun watching the drink approach.  She is without a doubt a #strawmaster
The always playful Nicole Kidman. We both love to whip out 
something from left field to surprise people.It's part of the fun. 

When went swimming daily. Throughout the day, we would take plunges into the water. It was so much fun. Nicole looked stunning in her red bikini with a black hat and red scarf. I wore a baby blue one with polka dots. The water was cool but refreshing.  Disco dancing until the wee hours of the morning with and without an audience or group is always on the agenda. Nicole and I have spent years dancing and in formal training. Our toe shoes date back to before we were teenagers.

Nicole is a very good storyteller. Through listening to her, I have been to many places that she has been and seen them through her eyes. Society has had storytellers throughout the ages and its a part of culture going back to Ancient Greeks and beyond. Part of what makes people happy about being with her, is how freely she shares the most unique stories. Hearing her happiness as she recounts them is contagious. After all these are psychologically documented human traits to experience joy by sharing your good adventures and the same joy in hearing the good experiences of others. Nicole shares those memories knowing in doing that she is making others happy. Studies on the positive influence that recounting your memories with others of special times or places you have been can be found online by using search engines. I experienced this training in some of my classes over the years. It is a positive way to spread love that costs nothing. I see her as a visionary in the positive psychology movement. The reason I say it, is the openness and joy she expresses leaves others inspired to do the same. Talking to people wherever she goes makes the world she has travelled a happier one. More for another blog and another time.
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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Memory Slips with Prince Harry and Michelle Obama

A memorable lunch with Prince Harry occurred when I called him by the wrong name. We both laughed at the mistake. Of all things to do to call one of the worlds most famous, loveable and popular princes by the wrong name. My mind was wandering before he came in the room and I was kind of daydreaming about the beautiful day. I was caught up in with my thoughts on the sunshine. I drew a blank when he came into view. The next thing I knew I called him Tom which was weird. I said,"Hi Tom" to him. I wasn't thinking about a Tom or anything related. The name simply rolled off my tongue. Prince Harry started cracking up. He replied by saying "You don't remember my name." I said,"I know, Prince Harry. I just had a mind blank and it might be one of the world's greatest mind blanks since not many people in the world could mistake your name."

Oddly enough, a similar thing happened when Michelle Obama wanted to get my phone number. I completely drew a blank. I forgot my own phone number. I knew the ask was a joke for several of her close friends and associates had it. The odds were she had it written down somewhere or at least had a source for it. To have me write my phone number down for her was funny. Michelle Obama made the request through a mutual friend but I knew it was her humor for the writing was on the wall. That was the second mind blank I have had that drew laughter. Have you ever gotten so caught up in the pleasure of the moment that you forget things?  I believe that those moments are often referred to as being in the flow. The flow is when you are so fulfilled spiritually and psychologically in what you are doing that you forget things. I have moments like that when I enjoy myself enough that time seems to stop while it is still moving so fast. When I turn around to look at the clock what seems like only a few moments was actually several hours. Creating art, dancing and acting are activities that leave me in the flow. There are times when I am with my family and they completely amaze me. I feel those times are pure bliss while time evaporates.
The handsome and very kindhearted Prince Harry.
A couple of years back, I recall the Duke of Sussex repeating to me with smile, "An American leg of the Royal family." He kept repeating it as if I would figure it out at some point. Prince Harry has an unusual style and is always full of surprises so I could not get what he was saying. I knew it was important because of the frequency of which he repeated himself. One thought I had was the way that certain celebrities were being given titles of honor such as Dame or other titles. For awhile, I entertained that reference but he did not say I was on to something. In fact, no other clues were given. I knew he wanted to settle down after the birth of his first nephew. The connection to the phrase eluded me and it did not start right after the birth. I did not get what he was saying until a few days after the wedding. He must have had his eye on Meghan for awhile, but he did not want everyone to know until it was the right time.

Back to the afternoon lunch we shared. After laughing a bit, the conversation recovered. Prince Harry teased me about my liking to stay up until very late at night each night. I am a notorious night owl going back to before my college days. Since he is such a caring guy, he was trying nicely to get me to break bad habits. He is a good friend to all he meets and he speaks to a lot of people all over the world. Always with a gracious smile and wonderful free spirited humor that even the Queen lets him get away with certain innocent fun, but that is a secret for them to share.

Here is an image  from my latest photoshoot about a week ago. I was working on some Yoga and Boxing equipment for an exercise piece.
Boxing beauty. I simply love my pink gloves.They are a starter glove but they are so pretty 

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