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Monday, August 8, 2016

How I became Famous as David Spade's Girlfriend

David Spade was being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy asked David about the people who matter most in David's life. David mentioned me as Zulie and then David said but I know her as Evonne. David told Jimmy that we had dated for awhile and the relationship had left an impression on both of us. David continued by saying, "the love between us makes us both happy. It is a bond that we both grew stronger from. Knowing that at any time we can reach out to each other, has improved our lives. From when it began the two of use were always hopelessly romantic and obviously silly with each other. We still are. " I agree with David completely. He is an amazing person who often surprises me in a wonderful way,Even though I am happily married, David Spade is accepted by my husband as a part of his family.

Whenever somebody brings my name up to David, he smiles and sometimes they can get him to blush depending upon what they say. Whenever David is with the gang, Adam Sandler will start making comments about me and David's other friends keep it going. One of the gang will often say that I should go along with them because I get in contact with David every time. The moment reach out to David, the gang gets distracted. Adam Sandler, Norm and the rest start teasing David about me. He says his buddies get distracted because they start to fantasize about whether I am really as flexible as David says I am. Some of them started calling me David's wife as a joke, but he doesn't mind one bit.

David has a car that was built the year I became legal. Jay Leno knows about the car. He offered David a lot more than the car was worth.  Jay kept upping the offer and David kept repeating the car was not for sale. Jay gave up and said you must really love her. As far as David is concerned that car will always stay his unless Evonne wants it.

The fact that we live so far apart doesn't mean we don't get a chance to see each other. Sometimes we see each other without leaving our homes. The internet isn't the only way two people can see each other anytime they want to.
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