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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Olivia Newton John's Friendship

Olivia Newton John is the kind of friend everybody wants. She is loyal and loving to her friends .John Travolta and his wife would agree with me because they have been friends with Olivia for over 30 years. I have known her as a friend of Max Beauvoir's for awhile. Olivia became involved in the problems I was having when she read about it on line. I didn't mention it to her, but unknown to me she was following my career. Olivia spoke to Max about the situation she wanted to know how she could help me resolve it. He mentioned to her that my messages being sent to Hugh Hefner and certain others were not getting through to the people who I was trying to reach. Some of the Mansion staff made the mistake of getting me confused with somebody else who was not nice and they were intercepting my messages before Hugh received them. To begin with, Mary O'Connor didn't remember Hugh had interviewed Max Beauvoir for Playboy. Later, Mary remembered Hugh and Max had remained friends throughout the time Max was in the US. Not only had Hugh interviewed Max for Playboy but Hugh had paid Max to do public appearance work along with him at none other than the Chicago Museum of Art. Once she remembered she couldn't understand how the Max she knew would be involved with the person who was being described to her as a nasty manipulative person. The singer's lies did not seem to fit.

Mary was one of the people who ran interference based upon the lies she was told by a singer who was partially responsible for the problems I was facing. Every message that went to her was thrown away. Mary didn't mean to hurt me. Mary was being overly cautious and reacting to the lies she was told. Hugh was kept in the dark for a long time. After Mary died some of the things she was working came to the surface and my face had a black through it. The black line meant she was the one who made sure Hugh did not see anything that I did or sent to him. The black line also mean that I was not going to become a playmate. It was her way of condemning me. Mary was being led around on a string by someone who she trusted. I heard later that Mary was upset about what she did at the time because she knew Hugh and I had a strong friendship and mutual love for each other. She did not want to hurt either of us. Mary was kind hearted. Sadly her kindness and trust was being abused. Mary was also reacted to some of the Playmates who were involved with the singer's partner and they promoted the lies she was selling. It was only 1 playmate at most 2 but it was another voice that Mary heard.
Hugh always thought I would come back to him and he waited. Hugh even came  to Columbus at times hoping I would show up, but I never did. We both wondered what was going on. That singer's partner and the singer were obsessed with controlling me. Shutting down my career meant the woman involved with the singer would keep the guy she was in love with because he wouldn't know she had lied to him about me. This woman had done ever nasty trick of deception she could think of even though I was not in any way interested in her partner. He was simply someone I thought would become a friend. The girlfriend had gotten involved with some of the people around me in order to make me feel humiliated and drive me away from the people I loved. The stalking was something she orchestrated and the uneasy feeling of being watched stuck with me.

Olivia Newton John knew I was a good person and she was shocked by what she read about online and by what Max had to say to her. Without further thought she contacted Hugh. Their conversation cleared up a lot of questions Hugh had as to why he had not heard from me even though he was expecting it and why I seemed to disappear. Years earlier Hugh had been able to see me when I was in LA for charity work and business was the second reason. After that the connection between us was shut down and neither of us knew why, but we both wondered why the other person was ignoring us. We both missed each other but nobody could explain what happened to us. Olivia cleared everything up by simply saying to Hugh  Evonne is trustworthy and her love for you is pure to Hugh. It was part of a conversation that brought everything to light for Hugh. I was not the bad guy who had disowned him. I had been wrongfully kicked out and the cover up started. The photo next to this paragraph was the last photo Hugh saw of me for awhile. He used it as inspiration for the Joanna Krupa cover photo.It was Hugh's wink to me that he was reviewing my work and was proud of me.

Hugh's staff and friends were not the only ones the singer's girlfriend lied to she lied to many people in the industry and the rumors surrounded me. The girlfriend made it seem like she was powerful and her impact far reaching so I would be afraid of her. Yes it was like she had the same obsession her partner had, but I did not like either of them. The war is over now because Olivia came to my rescue and stood by my side. She spread the word to the people I loved who were not aware that I was being abused and publically humiliated.

My happy ending was just up ahead and the story of how the rest of the industry reacted and sent loving support to me will be told in my next blog. Many celebrities came forward such as Jon Bon Jovi, Ellen, Snoop Dogg, Wyclef, Brad and Angelina, Matthew Morrison, Mickey Rourke, David Spade, Jennifer Anniston, Alec Baldwin and some names may surprise you. Hollywood is a close group. Many people who are successful there are successful because they have a unique gift of love for many. That love is what they share with all of us by creating art, shaking our hands and doing things to make the world a better place.
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