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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Brad Pitt's Love Notes

I am hoping that by reminding people what Brad and Angie what they were like together when they were happy that people will stop wondering and looking for the bad stuff between them. I am hoping that reminding others of the fun they had together, will help to remind Brad and Angelina so the hurt feelings and anger can stop. I love both of them and they both are beautiful people in many ways. Brad and Angelina will still be beautiful people together or apart. Building up the anger that is between them through gossip or rubber necking is not going to help. Reminding Brad and Angelina or their staff of the fights will only help them to relive the pain and not heal. Loving them and accepting them will help.
Brad and Angelina might find something that they both might be missing.

Brad Pitt likes to say things to me sometimes in a very public way. The Chanel 5 ad is an example of how he enjoys using the media and the work he does to convey a very loving message to me with the support of Angelina Jolie. They both had read some things about me and the way I was being treated by a few unrelenting nasty people and my spirit was changing from the way I usually am. The fun loving demeanor and sunny disposition that they loved in me was being damaged. It was disappearing. Both Brad and Angie knew the people who were responsible for this nasty behavior would associate Brad's involvement with Chanel as a sign that there was a current relationship between the three of us. I had mentioned to them that I knew Brad and Angie. It was easy to make the connection between me and Chanel for everyone involved. Chanel 5 was the only fragrance I used. My usage of Chanel 5 was public knowledge in words and in images. In fact, on more than one occasion I had stated it was the only fragrance I wore. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to work together to send a powerful message of love and support for me. They both hoped the people involved in the hateful actions would get the message that they were aware of what was being done to me and after seeing Brad's message in the Chanel ad they would stop. Brad Pitt wrote the Chanel ad as a way of reminding me how he is always with me. I am in his thoughts almost as often as his wife Angelina Jolie. The two of us, Angie and I, are the ones he relies on keep his life joyful and loving. Brad's kids are always in his heart, they aren't his partners like we are. Don't worry, there is nothing wild going on between us, but there is definitely something wonderful that we all share. In October of 2012 the Chanel 5 ads ran. The group quieted down because they knew what I was saying about Brad and what Brad did matched in an uncanny way to them. It was like a lighting rod hit them and the group started to walk away from their attacks, but the damage they did was still creating problems for me in my community and the feeling of being stalked by them was still impacting me. Even though Brad took some flack for it , he very proud of the impact it had. Brad has a unique gift of understanding any situation and finding the best way to defuse it. He makes me a better person because he asks me so many questions in such a gentle way that I begin to see things as less offensive. I love that in him. I love how he does that.

Less than a year later, in June 2013, Brad felt I was not as confidant as I should be that everything around me was under his control now. He felt that people in my community had made the connection that Brad was always watching even when they were not aware of it. The legal system had failed me and the lawyers I spoke with made it clear that my accusations were not believable to them despite the over whelming evidence that I was telling the truth. It was simply a matter of not wanting to spend any money to follow up on the leads and prove their case. I grew frustrated. Brad spoke to Angelina and told her, he wanted to make sure his message of awareness and support for me was reinforced to me and to others around me. Brad was trying to convince me and others that he had not left me. By doing it in a public way, the links between us would be undeniable. Another lighting rod of awareness would be received. He hoped I would get a display of support from someone . Knowing I had vindication of my rights by the local police, he felt that I would settle down. Getting compensation for some of the damages still had not happened. In doing his yodeling skit with Jimmy Fallon, Brad hoped the skit would bring somebody forward just like the Chanel 5 ad had. This time, he felt the almost back to back messages would strengthen the support around me and bring about the correct solution to the situation. Yodeling is not something the general populous does in any country. I had also mentioned a link to NBC and the community was aware of that. Brad and Angelina Jolie came up with the idea to do a skit involving Yodeling. I had been linked in a humorous way with Yodeling .I had expressed a strong liking for Yodeling as an art form and all its glory. I said Yodeling was my favorite type of music and I even went so far as to post yodeling youtube videos on several sites Brad frequents. He use to frequent those same sites I did because he likes to keep in touch with me. Knowing what had gone on, Brad joined some of the sites I belonged to because he wanted to keep his hands in on things just to make sure I was safe and happy. The Jimmy Fallon yodeling skit was another reminder of Brad's public presence in my life that I needed at the time he performed it. Brad decided to create humor in support of me rather than having a photo op. Brad knew humor has a more powerful impact on people than an image does. In addition, I would look back on that video and laugh at it for years to come .Brad was right, I still laugh at the video and he was right about the effect it has on me. It is better than any image we could have taken at the time. Creating a memory out of what went on would not be a good thing but a skit would be a lasting smile that everyone would enjoy. The joy I get when I watch the video of Jimmy and Brad yodeling is more than you can imagine. I giggle at it every time and the message behind it is something I am proud of. Brad had spoken to Max Beauvoir before he began sending his public messages, and they both agreed that the way Brad had decided to convey his messages of love and support of me was something I would enjoy and look back upon with a smile in my heart for both of them. I am glad I have those videos. The art Brad created in them is enjoyable to many people. Knowing the Chanel ad and the Yodeling skit were creating in my honor makes me feel proud of both of them. A gift from the heart is always the best keepsake. Art is always from the heart. I did not get the compensation I wanted but my life went on and I am happy. Telling my happy stories now and sharing them in my blog has given me a lot of pride and joy. Reflecting on all the love these amazing people share with me on a daily basis has become a beautiful way of saying thank you. Thinking about them all, Brad , Angie, Tom Cruise, Peyton Manning, David Spade, Matthew Morrison and one or two others whom I have yet to write about, makes the joy inside of me grow. I feel lucky and thankful to God for all the love and memories we have shared over the years. I will keep writing and I hope people will keep enjoying my memories. Angelina Jolie has a song that she sings to remind us all of how good we are as a family and everyone I mentioned is a part of that family. I had never heard it before until Angie told me to send it to David Spade and Tom Cruise as her way of saying thank you and telling them we are all one big family. Here is the song she sings.

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