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Friday, December 23, 2016

Brad Pitt's Secret Meeting

I thought I would share the upcoming dates or outings Brad Pitt and I have planned. What makes it secret is the way he teases me about what he has planned. Brad has a great sense of humor and teasing me about the details is fun for us both. With his permission, I wish to share exactly what kind of a gentleman Brad truly is and how good and valuable of a friend he is in my life. He is undoubtedly one of the most handsome men on the planet and just like Tom Cruise, they both have the biggest hearts you could imagine. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are old fashioned romantic men that like to sweep a woman off her feet. What they do is simple, they pay attention to a woman's every word, they touch with tenderness and they express themselves honestly with generous compliments. Their eye contact is always expressive. I enjoy his sense if humor. I love the way he makes a woman feel like she can accomplish anything she wants to achieve. To him everything is possible. He inspires that faith in others to create whatever they would like to see become real. The reason I am mentioning Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise together is not just because I have experienced them both as dates and as boyfriends but because they both are wonderfully romantic, very handsome men. Part of their good looks comes from their spirits. All really handsome men have a spiritual beauty just like truly beautiful women do. That spiritually beauty is the spark that changes a handsome or beautiful person into a legendary person.

Brad Pitt has said the next time we see each other, he would like to take me on a ride in a limo with a bottle of champagne and that is all he tells me. I don't know where he plans for us to go, but I know he has it all planned out . At times he has let little clues slip out. Brad seems to enjoy making me wonder where we will go and what we will be doing. My husband does not mind if I spend time with Brad because he has invited him to go along. Brad is always respectful of my husband and he is a good friend to us both. Whatever Brad Pitt has planned must be some thing he enjoys because he always gets excited whenever the topic comes up. I get a kick out of the cat and mouse game Brad keeps playing with me about the details of the day he has planned. Brad is very playful and I find that very endearing. Knowing Brad Pitt it could be anything and knowing how well he knows me, I am positive it will be a wonderful time for both of us. It has been awhile since we saw each other .We are both looking forward to it and I know I will be seeing him soon.

Every time I think of Brad Pitt, I still feel a little in awe of him because who he has become is even more amazing than the person I was involved with. Taking on life as an adventure has always been a part of Brad. Being with Angie for so long, has changed him but not as much as you would think. Brad Pitt has always been loving, warm and compassionate. Brad Pitt is one of the men I could see myself with if I was not so compatible and so well matched with my husband. Brad Pitt knows I love him as much as he loves me. That love has grown over the years and I know it is a love we both can rely on not in a physical sense of the word but in a devotional sense of the world. I will always be there for him and he knows it.

Brad has always kept his word to never share the details of our friendship without our mutual agreement. I consider the respectful way he maintains our family's privacy a part of the true gentleman he is. When we both feel the time is right for everyone discussing the details of our relationship openly with the media it will occur. Tom Cruise is the same way. Even though they are completely different people they do share some very loveable qualities in common.

Happy Holidays to All !

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Reasons I Admire My Friend Nicole Kidman

I have known Nicole Kidman for several years and she always seems to amaze me. I love her sense of humor and her loving ways. She has a warm spirit that is always on the forefront of everything she does. People who are genuine and pure are always special to me. The qualities Nicole Kidman expresses in her quotes are often feelings I share with her and some of them are feelings or ideas we have discussed. Nicole Kidman is a beautiful person to me who always makes a terrific grand entrance that makes each place she goes come to life in a fun and joyous way. Just thinking about the way she appears, makes me smile. Other people who know her express that same admiration and fondness for her grand entrance and arrival is really wonderful to experience. The disguises Nicole Kidman uses when she comes to visit me are part of the fun, often surprises me. Nicole knows how to make herself look so completely different that you would never in a million years know it was her. Nicole is great with the art of applying prosthetics like the ones used in theatre productions. Because of her commitments, I don't get to see he as often as I would like to but I know she keeps me in her prayers and vice versa.
The bond between us has grown over the past few years and I have enjoyed getting to know her better.
The religious backgrounds we both come from makes us both feel lucky. It is also a common bond we share. Expressing the value of gratitude towards God for so many things is a shared belief.
When times are hard Nicole always says something that lifts my spirit back up. Whether it is funny, profound or comforting, Nicole Kidman has a direct line to understanding the exact words to say. Nicole Kidman has a great gift in connecting that many see in her gifted performances.

Acting is creating life. It is an art form that enables a person to bring forth aspects of themselves and then assign those aspects to a new creation that becomes the character they are portraying. The diversity of Nicole's many roles shows how beautifully complex and sensitive she is. I enjoy playing improvisation games with her and we both are capable of popping out a character at any time to add to the fun of whatever we are doing. For example adding an accent to a discussion that makes the discussion funnier or accentuates the mood we are setting like when I suddenly bring out my Russian flamboyant persona that must be a Russian Aristocrat or when Nicole brings out her Southern Belle country accent. The new accent feels fun and freeing to do and also fun to watch as one or the other of us starts the playful characterizations.

Nicole Kidman has so many talents. She is a great singer ,dancer and actress. There are so many things she can do. Nicole Kidman brings to the lives of those she knows is pure joy in every sense of the word. I am very grateful for the fun times we have shared together and the blessings she brings into my life by being such an amazing person and such a great friend. Nicole Kidman is one of the prettiest roses Kentucky has in its garden.

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