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Friday, August 12, 2016

How I Met David Spade

I met David Spade at a party outside of New York City. The people who were hosting it knew we had similar sex appeal. We both relied on our humor to track the opposite sex. That was something they thought would make us very happy as a couple like two peas in a pod as they say. Over the years we both decided that even though we aren't together our chemistry is intoxicating for both of us. In fact sometimes it's hard for us realize that we are starting to sound so similar that people think we are the same person. This confusion, makes us both smile because it means we are so close that people can't tell us apart. Adam Sandler gets involved by saying "You two should really be dating still because you're inseparable." David responds with " I am always open to the option, but I don't think her husband is and Harvey is one of the nicest guys I now. Alyssa Milano agrees with me. Harvey is a sweetie as she says." David says Alyssa has a crush on Harvey because he can make her lush by mentioning Harvey to her. Jimmy Fallon caught Alyssa doing it and David go the scoop later. I know if I ever decide to take David upon his offer, my husband won't be single for very long.

David Spade keeps in touch with me on a regular basis and we both look forward to each conversation. My husband is usually worked into the chatter as David relays messages through me to Harvey and vice versa. David's friendship keeps me laughing. His sexy voice reminds me of how good we were as a couple and still are as friends.

I never take pictures of myself with anyone because I am not trying to create a scrapbook. I am too busy enjoy the moment. Celebrities are a part of my life. I have never been interested in documenting who I was with and what we did when and where. Some people take photos of themselves with different celebrities in order to generate an income later. I am not interested in that. I am too busy having fun especially with someone as exciting as David Spade. They time with him is always more fun than you can imagine because something always amuses us.

David is one of the best kissers. He makes me tingle very time he kiss me and I will never forget that feeling.

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