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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Behind the Scenes with Chelsea Clinton

I was asked to attend a very small fundraiser designed for democratic party women to enjoy a small gathering to get to know Chelsea Clinton. The venue was an elegant Victorian hotel in Columbus. I knew the place very well since I had attended several events there including a Playboy event a couple of years before. I recall both events being on the same semi private floor. I am not going to discuss politics but simply relay what I felt Chelsea was like as a person. The name and image are a part of her but the real person is who I like to see in everyone I meet- famous or not.

Chelsea breakfast was held in an intimate room with around 30 people or less in attendance. I think the point of the breakfast was for Chelsea Clinton to establish contact with certain active party members. The event was beautiful and the old charm of the hotel was the perfect backdrop for the event.The tables set up in the private room for the event were all covered with white linens and they faced the front of the room. I recall later being in the same type of room on that floor for a press conference when Hillary was endorsed by Ted Strickland and even John Glenn was at that one. It was a small event with once again about 20 people. The media presence at the breakfast with Chelsea Clinton did not seem to be apparent. If there were any reporters at the breakfast, they were very discreet. I do not take pictures with people as most of my readers know. I enjoy living the moment and photo ops are a distraction that only reminds each person of the social roles they play. How often do people snap a picture with a celebrity whenever they see one? For that celebrity it is a reminder of who they are or of an image they may have. I like people to relax with me and not to be posing. It is not a milestone that I am marking. For me it is a memory of a connection that I am creating. Some people may disagree with me but that is what makes this world diverse, each our own in beauty and in harmony. 
breakfast I enjoyed with Chelsea Clinton
This is the inside of the historic hotel that I had breakfast with Chelsea Clinton. The second floor balcony is outside of the meeting rooms. People gathered on the balcony area to chat and Chelsea spoke with each person as the women mingled. As I mentioned it is the same floor that hosted the Playboy events. 

Chelsea Clinton was warm and friendly as she spoke with the group one on one and in a short presentation.I really got to know her as a person through that encounter since we spoke to each other without the crowds or the festivities that I got use to.

Chelsea Clinton always looks beautiful. Her spirit comes across in the way she connects with people. Chelsea Clinton smiles often and that kindness makes her glow. I was really impressed with her as you can tell. She was very knowledgeable, never condescending with anyone. She worked her way around the room and each person was given quality time to engage her in any conversation they wanted. It was an open discussion that led to many happy attendees. This interpretation was confirmed by the many smiles I observed as I looked around the room.

The staff at the breakfast were perfectly dressed in formal black and white outfits with the usual black ties. I do not recall what I ate that day since it was not as important to me. I simply recall the pleasure of sharing the time with those people in the room. I even forgot what Chelsea and I spoke about that first time we met. There were many times when I was able to enjoy her company. Even if it was at a large event, Chelsea and Hillary would always come over and say hello to me in a public way. I think they have a way of making people feel comfortable without really trying. The fact that we shared so many friends in common , meant I felt they were even more approachable. I enjoyed helping out with Hillary's campaign and I enjoyed the time I spent with each of them. Chelsea Clinton is someone I admire for the genuine way she connects with people and her heartfelt conversation that are not always serious but always entertaining .

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