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Thursday, August 18, 2016

David Spade's High IQ

David Spade knows I love to tease him and he often gives me opportunities to do that. Even though David is smart,he likes to pretend he is blondefully challenged. We both do the same thing with each other. When I do something silly on purpose I call it Blondesense. When he does something silly he calls it the same thing Blondesense. Blondesense is a common joke we use to describe situations that we knowingly walk into in order to set ourselves up as being lets say intellectually challenged. Ricky Gervais caught on to our joke and now Blondesense is a term he uses as a joke. Often when Ricky uses Blondsense its in reference to me and my silly behavior that he enjoys watching. Ricky is a close friend of ours. Hearing Ricky use it makes David and I laugh.

 David Spade played a character in Rules of Engagement ,Russell Dunbar-Patel,that some would consider a good example of Blondesense. His portrayal of Joe Dirt is an even better example of Blondesense in motion. Joe Dirt is a blast from the past character that everyone sees as the highest evolution of Blondesense in motion. David created the character based upon a conversation we had about how blondes could get away with behaviors that others could not. Joe Dirt challenges each person to look within themselves and find the inner idiot makes every now and again pops out of us. When we do the obvious to others actions that are not going to get us the happy result we want to achieve.For example, when we look into a certain reason why we do something only to find out our reason does not make sense to others that is Blondesense. Joe Dirt a professional at that. Very little of what Joe Dirt does makes sense to anyone other than another Blonde character used in a typical sitcom. Sitcom like behavior is sometimes present in all of us. Some of us behave that way more than others, but it always good to remind ourselves that life is meant to be fun and lighthearted. Zulie Perfect has some Blondesense Moments in her youtube videos. You will have to watch them to find the moments but they are there. I 'd like to tell you which videos they are in,but I forgot.

 When either of us has a Blondesense Moment in other words when Captain Obvious appears in our behavior, it is best to call the incident exactly what it was a Blondesense Moment. I coined the term Blondesense, as I am using the term here, as a joke between my friends and family. I liked it so much I started to use it as a way to deliberately set others up in a situation where they would think I was the biggest Blonde airhead they had ever met.  David Spade loves to recount one example of  my Blondesene in action to everybody. He was so amused by the reaction people gave me when I brought my peeing Chihuahua statue shopping and tried to buy the statue clothes. I bought the statue because I thought it was outrageous. David agreed with me, the statue was funny. He liked the idea I had to take my newest concrete pet with me on a shopping outing. Bear in mind, most people who own real Chihuahuas think it is perfectly normal to take their beloved pets out on adventures in shopping. I however find the behavior of buying clothes for an animal amusing. In fact, I have proposed that the behavior of dressing animal up extend to more than just certain dog breeds but rather to include many other animals in a parade of fashion of sense lifestyle.

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