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Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Art and the Celebrities Who Collect It

When I am not spending time with my celebrity friends, or working out, I am creating art. Art is a passion of mine. My artwork is given to charities under the name Fairy Neuf. I have donated my works to appear on the labels for the Aids Healthcare Foundation at their Hot In Hollywood Event. The labels were placed on the cosmetics I manufacture. I have given pieces to be used at international festivals, religious ceremonies, and even one local school event. I was asked by a priest who represents the Museum in front of a dozen or so parishioners to contribute my art to the Jubilee Museum. The Museum houses the largest collection of diversified Catholic art in the US.I do not accept any money for my works. They are gifts given to causes close to my heart.

Each piece is based upon things I see on line or in person combined with my visions of angels or other things. Let me first explain the difference between a vision and a daydream. When you have a daydream, you think of something and then it appears. In a vision, something appears in your mind as it appears in front of you with your eyes closed. Next, people who have visions will recognize whatever has appeared. In other words there is no thought behind what you see. It simply manifests on its own. Often with visions you will hear the word that identifies what you are seeing appear in front of your closed eyes after the object or person appears. Sometimes hearing a word, helps to clarify who or what you are seeing. A vision will light up the darkness that fills a closed eye. Sometimes it is in black and white and other times it is in color. It is hard to explain in words but I have done my best.

I combine the images I physically see with the visions to give the art I create a deeper meaning. I love to design art that is based upon Angels, the Saints, fairies, mermaids or animals. No matter what I create, there is always a deeper meaning to it.

The celebrities I am friends with often carry my artwork with them. Michael Buble likes the one of the angel called Agasssou .Bill and Hillary Clinton both have copies of Agassou along with other pieces of my artwork. The celebrities' Hougan and Ati Max Beauvoir used some of my artwork in his ceremonies. Since they were used by Max, the Catholic Church considers the art to be sacred art.

Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman both have copies of this piece called Gabriel's Dove. Brad Pitt bought some of the copies of my artwork for himself and Angelina. The money was paid directly to charity. When I donate art, the charities I work with own all the rights to the art. I give the art as gifts to help them earn an income through the use of it in many ways.

My original collection of over 60 pieces will part of an exhibit it to help promote understanding and aid in solving some of the problems created by extreme poverty. It is the largest collection of sacred art created by one artist in many years. There is nothing like it. It cannot be replicated without following certain processes to ensure the integrity of the art.

Nicole Kidman has one of the largest collections of my artwork. Keith Urban gives them to her and some she buys copies of herself.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Friendship with Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is a very self aware person in a good way and he is sensitive to others. He is very aware of how his actions impact others. Even though he is self aware, he does not let negative people govern his behavior or impact his happiness. Bradley Cooper doesn't let things bother him. If he does not agree with someone he simply says "That's the way it is." What is means is if you don't love me, then there is nothing I can do about it.
My friendship with Bradley Cooper, Zulie, Model ,celebrity blogger
Bradley Cooper is highly intelligent and very considerate. His eyes have a powerful impact, and he is aware of how to use them. Bradley Cooper likes to flirt but he is very loyal to whoever he is with. Bradley Cooper smiles more than most people and he laughs easily especially if it involves something that I have set up. Once again , Bradley likes it when I play the dumb blonde Barbie doll and others react to me. He secretly wants me to help him get away with things as a beautiful blonde woman that he could not do as a handsome man. Watching the way men behave is funny to us both. They don't realize how they are reacting. If I act like or look like I am completely ditzy, men will try and assist me. Women do the same thing. If Bradley wants me to get the attention of a bartender or a sales clerk, he says,"Barbie do your worst." That means pull out all the stops. The actress in my pops out my Barbie character for the fun. Every time Bradley Cooper says that I know its a challenge for me to see how ridiculous I can behave. The problem is when your petite like I am and full busted like I am,people have a tendency to over simplify things to the point of using appropriate gestures that match their words to explain things to me. Sitting back and watching somebody go through a series of hand signals without hearing the words being said is absolutely hysterically funny to both Bradley and I.
My friendship with Bradley Cooper, Zulie, Model ,celebrity blogger

Bradley always gives me a kiss on the forehead and the hug that he knows I enjoy. Even though Bradley Cooper and I have never been in an official relationship, we both have come close to saying it. It was never the right time. In a different lifetime, who knows? The sexual chemistry we both feel towards one another might just takeover. He was hoping I would get involved with the movie "Valentine's Day" but someone already had the part when Bradley mentioned me. He made the director think twice though. Bradley Cooper is always someone I enjoy spending time with and Bradley makes it obvious it is the feeling is very mutual. The fact that we both have always been involved with someone has made the friendship remain very innocent. Bradley Cooper has told friends of ours that is there was one person he would have liked to have dated it is Zulie Perfect, the burlesque dancer. If we had had that time together romantically, I am not sure how far it would have gone. I do know Bradley and I would have enjoyed every minute.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

How I Met the Celebrities' Hougan Max Beauvior

I was given his phone number by a mutual friend of ours named Christine. Christine was so amazed by Max and the help she had given her that she gave me his phone number and suggested I call him. Max was living in Washington DC at the time. Max was very impressive to me from the start. He had a strong powerful voice that reminded me of a French James Earl Jones. I spoke to him often. Every day we spoke for many years.

Max Beauvoir was like a father to me in many ways. Max helped me to understand myself better. His insight helped me to understand myself and others better. He knew things about me without me telling him and they were so specific. It amazed me, how Max could teach me about myself, such as my Grandmother's healing hands. Max was the one who told me before my Grandmother did about her hand tingling that seemed to take pain away and make things heal. Max Beauvoir knew me better than I knew myself. I did not know how he knew things. I learned later, one of the Angels would speak to him or he would have a memory me that I had forgotten. I would make him laugh at times and he would say I was bubbly like Champagne. I liked that analogy since I find bubbly people to be fun and joyful. I sent him silly things and toys in Haiti to make him laugh because I loved hearing him laugh. People would turn with their problems including myself and he would cheer them up.  I sometimes, go to do the same for him. Max Beauvoir often had a serious look to those who did not know him. He had to be taken seriously. To the people who knew him, he was funny, silly and optimistic.

Max could make me giggle by singing. His singing was very good. Max Beauvoir had a great command of lyrics. He always knew just the right song to sing and I would start giggling. He had a carefree sense of humor and the songs he would break into in the middle of the conversation were so much fun to hear. You never knew when it was going to happen, until all of the sudden Max would break into a show tune. I loved it . I taught him my famous "Snoopy Dance". When something makes me really happy, I get some good news or we are having a family party, I dance just like the cartoon character Snoopy. I move my head and my feet in the same way Snoopy does. Max learned the little dance from me because it was so funny to watch and it was a great way to express joy. He would do the "Snoopy Dance" to express joy and make everyone laugh. The "Snoopy Dance" caught on. After scratching their hands and laughing, other people who saw him doing it started doing our dance.

 After a few years of talking to Max Beauvoir on the phone. I got the opportunity to meet him in person. As fate would have it, Max was going to be lecturing at Portland State University and Washington State Uninversity Vancouver Campus.I had seen photos of Max Beauvoir before I met him so I kind of had an idea of what he looked like. Max was very tall and thin with white hair. I was very happy to finally meet him in person. Max Beauvoir gave one lecture at each school. It was about Haiti's Independence, Vodou and American History. The students seemed to enjoy his speech. Max enjoyed talking to them just as much and his sense of humor was very present throughout. It was over 10 years ago, I don't recall he exact words of what he had said I just recall the smiles and the laughter. Max's laugh was unforgettable. It was deep, just like his voice, bassy and fun. It was wonderful to see him. He  joked with my very young daughter about her feet. She liked wearing Wellingtons without socks and sometimes they got a fresh odor. Max said they were like Fromage toes. She was a preschooler and it made us all giggle. She is older now and her feet no longer smell. I must add that in case she reads this so I don't get into trouble.

The next time I saw Max in person was at his home in Haiti. When I saw the movie "Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium". It reminded me of Max. He was magical, funny and playful. Max's love of God and deep faith is God and Jesus was part of what made him always hopefully magical. The love of Jesus made him happy.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hanging out with Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman and I both have a funny fun photoshoot we often discuss and laugh about doing. It is a photoshoot wearing a funny costume and posing in a famous pose. If I gave the costume and the pose away, it ruin the surprise and the images would not be as funny when we actually do the session. I could not help mentioning it because the idea of the shoot is one of my favorite photoshoot ideas to do and we both laugh at it. Nicole has a great sense of humor. Nicole Kidman likes wearing costumes and makeup. She has a disguise that she wears when she does not want to be recognized. Her disguise is really good. It is very hard to tell it is Nicole. She looks so different. I remember the first time I saw her wear it, I did not know it was Nicole. She started laughing and pealed back parts of the disguise.

One thing not many people know about Nicole Kidman is that she is an excellent Belly dancer. I suppose there are a few clues to her belly dancing background in some of the dancing in her movies and in some of the outfits she has worn. I also have a belly dancing background. We both have given each other tips from time to time. We share a ballet background as well. Barre workouts are fun.

Nicole Kidman has a similar workout to mine. We both run, do Pilates and Yoga. We have a lot of things to discuss every time we see each other. Nicole and I enjoy working out together since we both love exercise and the benefits workout provides to our bodies, minds and spirits. I keep hula hoops , two mini trampolines and Zumba not to mention workout dance videos for us to enjoy. Competing against each other in hula hooping contests is fun and makes Nicole Kidman and I giggle.

We both love horses. Nicole Kidman and I both ride dressage. It is a formal way of riding that requires skill. You use your legs to communicate to the horse what to do. The reigns are meant to simply rest in your hands but not to be used to control a horse. Nicole Kidman is always elegant. We both ride in an elegant way.

Nicole is very romantic, just as I am. We both love talking about our husbands and our wonderful children. Neither of us can say enough about how much we adore our families. Adoration of others is gift you give yourself. Nicole Kidman and I both love saying nice things to others as often as we can. Looking for the best in each person and telling that person what we love in them, is a wonderful habit we both enjoy. Praising as a way of life brings a lot of joy to us. Our kids and husbands love it when we spoil them with affection.

Since we both love organic foods and our junk food. Whipping up a cupcake recipe that is no the ordinary cupcake is a pleasure. I have lots of good ingredients to make gourmet cupcakes at any time.

Nicole Kidman and I have the same curly hair and fair skin. We enjoy giving each other makeovers and sharing tips. She has given me some of her makeup tips such as using matte white eye shadow to highlight. Nicole Kidman gave me tips of companies she uses and what to buy that now lives in my cosmetic bag. Since she has some of the best make artists in the world who work with her, I always listen whenever she gives me any insight. Yves St Laurent makeup has some products she tipped me off about like their concealer that also highlights. On another note, I have found that Alterna Caviar hair products works well with curly hair like Nicole Kidman and I have.

Nicole and I both like English comedies and of course the famous beauty Dame Edna. Watching reruns of Dame Edna's shows are fun for both of us especially if we have Harvey make us some of popcorn. Even people who don't like popcorn love Harvey's popcorn. It is truly amazing. We have joked about him selling it.

Nicole is proud of her Australian heritage as I am proud of my English heritage and it is another bond we share. We know the same shows, have eaten the same foods and grew up hearing similar expressions. Nicole Kidman and I share our strong faith and enjoy expressing gratitude to God. With so much in common ,we both fit together perfectly.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hanging out with Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz and I enjoy looking at clothes when we hang out. Often, we don't need or want any new clothes it is just fun to play dress up. Playing dress up is an activity Cameron Diaz and I really enjoy. Trying on different looks from sexy to silly and every look in between is fun for us. Even though Cameron spends a lot of time working on non material aspects of her life and personality, she still likes the pleasure of finding and playing with a great new look. Right now, comfy and sexy clothes are a definite fashion choice for both of us. The new sexy dress and some smoking hot heels always makes an appearance in the dressing room or online, it is the Coco in us coming out. We both agree looking sexy is fun. Attracting attention to the shape of our figures, makes Cameron and I feel proud of the time we both invest in working out and dieting. Along with Yoga and Pilates, we both like ballet workouts. Cameron Diaz is much better at the clean eating diet part than I am but I still like my green drink and avocado/banana smoothie. When she drinks, Cameron likes a good Tanqueray and tonic

My cats like Cameron .They know she will always take time to pet them. Cameron Diaz is an animal lover.

Cameron Diaz likes green drinks as much as I do. We always use the blender to whip up some concoction during her visit. Green drinks are a healthy part of my day. A little of Cameron has rubbed off on me. I love making green smoothies even when she is not around.

I love hearing Cameron Diaz's latest story of what she and Drew Barrymore have done. Cameron is always so excited when she shares her stories. Listening to Cameron recount her last outing or memory with Drew is really fun. Drew Barrymore has always been a favorite celebrity of mine. Cameron Diaz has excellent choice in her close friends. Cameron is definitely a girl's girl or in other words the kind of girl that you think about as a good buddy to most women. Cameron Diaz is
naturally charismatic, fun loving and free spirited. Her energy is similar to mine. We see little of ourselves in the other person. Cameron can find common grounds with anyone she hangs out with. She is very versatile and can always  find something to talk about. The ability to get along with anybody is one of her many talents. Cameron is easy going.  She works at being able to let things just happen. Her yoga skills keeps her mind and body flexible. She is similar in temperament to Brad Pitt but not in the girlie ways. He isn't gay. They are both masters at going with the flow and they both are free spirited. Brad is very easy going by nature and gentle like Cameron. They both show the same ability to enjoy making friends and it is an art form for them.

Cameron Diaz loves sports. I am the same way. When we can't play real sports outside or with others, both of us enjoy playing some computer sports games .The Wii bowling and Wii fit that David Spade and I play together is one of our favorites too. Cameron and I like watching football games. She is still every bit the cheerleader. We both share a cheerleading background. Cameron was a high school cheerleader and I was a cheerleading coach to my daughter's cheerleading squad. Following a game with enthusiasm and great joy, is how we roll. Kendra Baskett has the same enthusiasm for the game. Oddly enough, Kendra is also friends with one of Cameron and my favorite people Snoop Dogg.

 Our friendship with Snoop Dogg is important to both of us. Snoop's attitude comes out in each of us from time to time. Snoop is always chillin. He has it down perfectly. David Spade is another of our favorite buddies that we both share and Cameron and I have bits of him in us. David's sense of humor comes out whenever we are together. The more we see of the others, the more we shift and the more of them that comes out. Versatility is a blessing. Since we both love Snoop and David, Cameron and I love it when we quote Snoop or David. We both like the same people .It was perfectly natural for us to become friends. Having good friends in common, means having a stronger friendship with lots of stories to share and innuendos that make us laugh. Our inside jokes shared with the same people are relived when we are together. Doing impressions as we quote David or Snoop is a habit for us.

Cameron Diaz is definitely one of the nicest , most amazing friends a girl could have. She inspires me in many ways. I love how she is always ready to give out hugs because I am the same way. We are both physically loving people. Namaste.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dates I have had with David Spade

David Spade always brings flowers. When we were dating I knew to expect them. David is old fashioned and courting a woman is how he approaches dating. A little hand holding and a kiss on the cheek that's all he goes for for the first few weeks. David and I love cuddling on the sofa. Even though  he is not much bigger than me, I still love hopping in his lap. I am only 5 foot 4 inches tall. I behave kind of like Beethoven. Once I get to know someone, I love hopping on them and happily perching on them. Ricky Gervais' wife Jane is the same as me in that regard. Jane is always hopping on everybody including Ricky's friends.

David Spade likes getting takeout food delivered. David would rather be sitting at home cuddling up and feeding each other than sitting in a restaurant. I agree with David ,I prefer takeout. To eat a nice meal that someone has brought to you is enjoyable. It makes us feel a little spoiled to be waited on through the delivery service. Sushi is a favorite of ours. Chinese food delivered in good and even a good pizza is fun. Papa John's is Peyton's first choice for pizza. David likes the little local place I can get Italian meals from and that place even has cannoli. My husband considers any pizza good.

If we watch a movie ,it is always a comedy. David respects my feelings and he knows I love laughing. David Spade and I both like the same silly comedies and romantic comedies are another of our favorites. Romantic comedies set the mood on a date.They put you in a loving frame of mind and cuddling up to watch one is very sweet. David is a great cuddler and a very affectionate person. David Spade likes to sneak in little kisses here and there. It adds a little spice and fun to flirt with kisses.

The days we spend together are some of the happiest days. David Spade is one of the sweetest most romantic funny men I have dated. His heart is always open. Brad Pitt is a bit like David, they both surprise me by saying something that just nails it and I can't stop laughing at them.

David and I both love to play computer games. We are both Gamers. Some of the games we like are Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Wii Sport and Wii Fit are both games that require physical activity. They are
similar to playing the real sport in your own living room. I have a little dance I like to do before I throw the play in Wii bowling. I call it the "Bowling Fairy Dance" .It is a silly little dance that I vary each time I play. The funny thing is as long as I do my little dance, I get a lot of strikes. David Spade enjoys watching me bowl. Everyone that sees my "Bowling Fairy Dance" loves it and David Spade is no different. David himself will sometimes do a little dance with me. My character is called YoMamma and everyone else uses Ollie. Wii is not the only game we both enjoy. David Spade and I play platform games and online games as well. We both like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. I kept losing at Royale until David gave me some tips. I am much better at the game now.
Going out dancing or having a dance party at home is always fun. No matter what we do , I know it will be a great evening.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Friendship with Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea

I told Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea that I wanted to write my next blog with them and about them. Jon knows I adore them both and I love to write about the good things that comes from friendship. Jon jokingly said I would make him sound like St Jon of Jovi and St Dorothea of Hurl-lol . What makes it even funnier is Dorothea is not known for being a partier and she is not one. So the party connotation of hurl doesn't fit her at all but it is funny.

Jon was a mutual friend of my Godfather Max Beauvoir and that is how I met Jon and Dorothea. Jon and Dorothea's faith in God and love of Jesus was a common connection we all shared with Max. Over the years, we all grew close to each other very much like family. Jon is always there with a kind word , a smile or to explain things to me that I don't understand. Jon Bon Jovi is a very wise and humble man. He communicates with a soft spoken voice much like his interviews. Dorothea Hurley is a very nurturing presence with a little bit of a wild playful side. I remember Jon Bon Jovi, Dorothea Hurley and I talked about the benefits of owning a monkey and the fun of surprising our families by actually sitting on our counters pretending to be one. The thought of being able to freely climb all over the house like monkeys appealed to all three of us. It is funny because Ricky Gervais always talks about being an ape but Jon Bon Jovi, Dorothea and I actually daydreamed about being a

monkey or ape. Jon does act out the monkey, we spoke about, from time to time and it is always hilarious to see. Jon Bon Jovi is an excellent actor. Jon pretending to be a monkey shows off his acting skills. He is that good at being a monkey. In our conversations about monkeys, we found their behavior and social skills were seen in our culture in different ways. For example, we all agreed that monkeys would be excellent CEOs because monkeys just like CEOs are excellent at throwing their s*it around. The thought of running an executive training program in the zoos crossed Jon, Dorothea and my mind and produced a lot of laughter from us all.

Amongst other reasons, I love Jon Bon Jovi for the loyalty he has shown me. His presence in my life is a constant and Dorothea is always by his side. I love seeing the two of them together. I find the love they express to each other very spiritually beautiful in so many ways. I also find both of them to be very spiritually beautiful people. The love they give me and my family is ever flowing. Their love for me is always strengthening and uplifting.

Jon Bon Jovi's prayers are always for others. The gratitude lifestyle was a conscientious decision Jon Bon Jovi made with his wife Dorothea many years ago. I think that attitude of gratitude is part of what makes them so happy. Jon spends days with me trying to explain himself in order to show me how beautiful the world is as he sees it. Jon Bon Jovi is excellent at building hope from within each person. Jon Bon Jovi never says never. Jon says to me often that he is going to work with me to get my singing voice back to what it was, so yes he never says never.  He often says Jesus will always provide a solution. Jon is right Jesus always does. The cross Jon Bon Jovi wears has an important meaning. It is an expression of love and a way of life for him.

I can never thank Jon or Dorothea enough for all the fun, prayers, love and joy they have both brought into my life. They both make me so proud of them. It is not Jon Bon Jovi the singer or the actor I adore but Jon the person. I do love his music and he is a legend. Even as bright as his star shines in acting and singing, it truly does not compare to how amazing he is as friend and big brother. With all of his talents, the best part of Jon Bon Jovi is being his friend.

Sometimes, Jon Bon Jovi surprises me and he appears from out of nowhere just to hang out. He just sort of pops in. Dorothea is never far behind him. Jon is a great hugger like I am. Getting a hug from Jon or Dorothea feels amazing. It is nice to have other people who love to hug as a way to say "hello" or even just for the joy of the act of hugging. To us, hugging is a part of being a family. I know the friendship between Jon Bon Jovi, Dorothea and myself will always be a part of each of us. I thank God for that gift of friendship between us and the feeling of family that I get from them all the time.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dates I have had with Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise is the type of guy who is up for anything. Tom enjoys doing many things. We are both similar in that way. When Tom arrives I always get a kiss from him. When we were dating the kiss was electric. We are both able to convey a lot of emotion without using words. He is a very passionate man. Kissing is enjoyable for both of us.

Deciding what to do takes us very little time. Whatever I want to do is usually fine with him. Tom likes dancing, movies and games. He is very athletic. Playing soccer by kicking the ball around , playing basketball, miniature golf or even horsebacking riding are all things we have done together.

Since we both love acting, just like I do with Matthew Morrison, Tom Cruise and I enjoy play acting and Charades in one way we both play. Suri Cruise likes Charades as much as I do.We have so many common interests that our dates are always fun. Every time Tom Cruise is with me, I notice that we both unknowingly smile our flirty smiles at each other and it signifies that we are having more than just a good time together.

Tom Cruise is an excellent dancer. I love Salsa dancing with Tom. Latin dancing is very sexy to me and I am good at it. The sensual motion of our hips moving together, the exotic sound of the music combines well with being held and led in dance. Katie Holmes knows exactly what I mean. Funny enough, Katie and I are so much alike that we both chose the song "Whatever Lola Wants" to do a dance performance. Neither of us realized it until later, but Tom knew.

Sometimes ,when we are not able to see each other, we will have a date or hangout by doing the same thing at the same time. For example, I mentioned to Tom Cruise that I was going to watch my first Ohio State Football game in several years. He mentioned he had not seen college football game. We bot decided it would be fun to watch a game together. Tom and I were going to enjoy a first at the same time even if we were not physically together. We could both liked knowing we were doing the same thing at the same time. Tom Cruise coordinated his schedule with mine and we both saw our first games together. It was October 17,2015, I watched Ohio State play Penn State  and Tom went to the game and watched LSU verses Florida. Doing the same thing at the same time can make up for time and distance. My family did not know that I had spoken to Tom that week, but they knew I was watching my first Ohio State game in years. I was not quiet about it. They were all surprise when during the Ohio State game the network shared video of Tom Cruise and said it was his first football game. I just smiled, Tom wanted to make sure he was seen at the game. My family thought what we did was cute because they did not see it coming. Tom and I will watch the same movies at the same time often,but that is not done publically. It is simply a common thing we do.

The best time I had with Tom Cruise was when he cooked a homemade Italian meal. Cooking is an act of love for Tom and he likes to pull out all the stops when he cooks. Watching him cook is a pleasure. Working in some sexy dancing as the mood struck us was sensual and fun. Our chemistry mixed with the cooking and it was very intoxicating even without the wine. The wine enhanced the feeling of joy Tom and I felt.
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Matthew Morrison and I

How it all began. Matthew Morrison was a friend of Max Beauvoir. Max and I spent so much time together that Matthew's name came up. Max knew the two of us would get along because we both like improvisation and playful acting. In our daily lives, either one of us can randomly transform into another character or creature and use that character to have fun playing with the people in our lives. Pretending to be a monkey, a hippo, a foreigner, mythical creature or character and conversing with each other is fun for both of us. It sounds like something kids would to but it is really fun. Many actors, like Matthew Morrison and I, enjoy the same thing. Goofing off is fun for both of us and it is one of the things that brought us together. Matthew is loyal and very thoughtful. He is a wonderful romantic and he is also very sexy. He felt the same way about me. Max was right, we adored each other. The chemistry was strong from the moment he said,"Hello" to me and it hasn't changed. If anything it has grown stronger over the years. My little local airport knows that because Matthew Morrison has used it.
 The Morticia Adams in me,drives Matthew Morrison crazy. It is an aspect of my personality. Renee, Matthew Morrison's wife, knows it and she does the same thing.
His  wife is a close friend of mine and the three of us enjoy each other. Our personalities mesh well together. One of the reasons Matthew choice Renee was because of how much I liked her and we all got along so well together that Renee fit in perfectly. Renee is very loving, fun and freespirited like us. Renee shows an interest in the things we like such as going to see Swan Lake this summer. Swan Lake was the only formal ballet I danced in as a teenager. My husband is a person who Mathew likes. He is grateful for Harvey's friendship and likes the way Harvey and I play together. That means my husband has his approval.

Matthew Morrison always says to me"I am proud of you". He likes to say "Adoration of others is a gift you give yourself". He learned that lifestyle from me or so he says, but adoring others is the way Matthew Morrison has always been from the moment we met until today. I can't take all the credit because Matthew Morrison is a loving man who enjoys celebrating his emotions. He bounces through life in the same way I like to bounce, You can see the softness in his eyes. Matthew's eyes and his soft wavy hair are adorable.

The time Matthew and I spend together always goes quickly. His embrace feels wonderful to me. We love to dance together. It is a part of the bond between us.

We did not stay together because I was not sure I wanted to stay in the spotlight at the time. As I grew older I realized the spotlight has aways been a part of me and there was no reason to hide from it. We were together at one public event and we both worked really hard to keep it cool, but it was not easy.Playing a role made it easier. Neither of us wanted to distract the event from its purpose. It was a political rally.

Our song was and still is "Shadows in the Moonlight". Matthew Morrison picked it because it is a fun song and we both love to dance together. Matthew and I agreed the song is romantically playful just like we are.

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