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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Olivia Newton John's Friendship part

3I didn't complain to Brad nor David nor anyone else who knew me. The girlfriend took advantage of her position with the people who knew her .The singer's partner hung herself with her own lies. Olivia spoke to Rod Stewart and Mattthew Morrison. Matthew was on the sidelines watching waiting for me to ask for him to help or if it got any worse he was going to jump in on his own. Olivia beat him to the punch and started cleaning house as they say. She confirmed with Chris Dalston that Jon Bon Jovi was involved in clearing up the problems that he thought existed throughout the music industry. Jon and Dorothea are like family to me. They are always close by and I feel blessed in knowing them. There were songs written during this time that were winks of support being sent to me that were apparent to everybody in the know. I 'm not going to tell everything  in this blog but I will later -wink. Jon and Rod drove through the dirt and put to rest every single lie that the singer and his partner had spread. The impact the singer and his partner had was not as bad as Jon and the others thought because the couple was not nice to a lot of people. In fact, most people heard the words but ignored them because of the source. Hearing gossip doesn't feel good and it is human nature to walk away from it. After that this settled down. Crystal Hefner heard the truth through several sources and she was relieved to know I had not abandoned Hugh like they both believed I had. Facebook was one vehicle that the people harassing me used, private messages was another. I am still somewhat apprehensive of others because what went on was shocking to me. Brad and Angie did not understand why I did not tell them about it. David Spade was another person who was surprised I kept him out of it. Nicole Kidman as always there, waiting for me to ask her to help.
Olivia Newton John also made sure that the word got up to my friends in the White House and Wyclef heard the news as well from Jon Bon Jovi. YouTube had almost cut me off. The put bans on my videos and buried others, but I kept coming back. Eric Clapton found out one of the videos I did using his music had had the sound removed. Once he found out the music was put back and the video made sense. David Spade sent the word to Eric Clapton and the silencing of my video stopped. YouTube is still hostile towards me for no reason but not like they were. Some of the staff must not have gotten the messages because they still classify me as undesirable and put age restrictions on videos that are not placed on other videos in the same category as mine. My video content is the same style as the public sees on prime time shows such as Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent and other tv shows without restriction . In Europe Burlesque is a very accepted art form as well as in Las Vegas.

Mickey Rouke helped out as well. By then there were enough celebrities speaking out and the circle of friends was defined. Wylcef brought the rappers in and gave me the thumbs up. Snoop jumped and made me one of his Queens. Queens are his term for respect. It is a high honor. Alec Baldwin came to my side to because he did not like the idea that nasty people could have any influence through lies on a person he cared about. Martin Sheen is a close friend of Alec and Hugh. Martin is also someone I respect for his work as a volunteer and performer. Martin Sheen came to Columbus and made an appearance to observe how I was being treated by the locals.
The happy ending is rumors and lies do not bring success in any area of life. Even if Hollywood, bullying is not allowed. It is always better to be yourself and live peacefully. Hollywood cares about everybody. Because of what happened I know who my friends are and their loyalty is stronger than ever. I also have the art that was created with the intention of giving me a smile. Hotel Transylvania, the Chanel Ad, Yodeling skit, Ellen's and Liza Minnelli's Oscar winks and more. Special thanks to Nicolas Cage, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Nicole Kidman, Adam Sandler and Ashton Kutcher. The feeling of being loved and valued they created within me by the way Hollywood responded has strengthened me. Knowing I am part of a team has made me feel loved. Hollywood is a family. Being part of that family is a special feeling.

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