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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Modeling, Acting, Celebrities and Zulie : Tosh's Crush on Me

I mentioned on the home page that Daniel Tosh uses me as inspiration for some of his material. By sharing the stories behind some of them, I think the skits will be more enjoyable for you. Tosh likes to flirt with me by creating skits based upon me. I started noticing that Tosh was running stories that were similar to things I was writing about. Past of the reason he bases skits upon me is to see if I am paying attention to his show. Tosh wants me to laugh at myself because if I can laugh at myself then I am not taking life too seriously and he loves making me laugh. Daniel Tosh is not always silly ,but he remembers how much I love his sense of humor and how sexy it makes him to me. I love a guy with a sense of humor. Daniel Tosh and I have spent time together and the attraction is still there for both of us. The connection between us was not a platonic connection, we both had feelings for each other that were expressed and enjoyed by both of us. Tosh is a nice guy, who happens to have a loving spirit.

Tosh did a skit about a sexy substitute teacher who was fired for modeling in her swimsuit. I was fired from my substitute teaching job when the media made the link between my teaching name Evonne Richardson and Zulie public knowledge by putting the link on the front page and releasing it to the Associated Press. The Superintendent of the school district I worked in was directly
responsible for my termination. He gave the order. I was told I was fired was because it was public knowledge that I was Zulie even though I did not share my first name with the students and there was no picture of me on the front page. He said that because I was a model and a dancer that "my image was not one the school district wanted to promote". There is an irony in the story, the city of Columbus has a law that allows women to freely go in public topless. Even though I don't shoot topless images, anyone person could legally be seen topless in the area. What makes the whole situation funny is it is a little bit outdated to fire a good teacher for modeling when the entire city allows women to go topless.

If follow Tosh , then you will know my ballet slippers should answer a question. It's more than a joke. No we were never legally married. It's a fantasy and a joke Tosh is playing and his playing is one thing I love about the real Daniel. He is always very playful and flirty.

I was posting photos and jokingly calling myself Barbie and my husband Ken. I sent some of them through twitter and other social media. Tosh saw them through my twitter account and he liked the idea. He decided to tease me. As a joke, I enjoy telling my new neighbors that my new is Barbie and my husband's name is Ken. That is another little thing Daniel knows about and it amused him. I have so many links to being called Barbie that even my students use to call me the Barbie teacher. I was offered the job to play the role of Barbie at a toy event. I took it as a compliment since Barbie is beautiful to me. I even have my own Pink Striped Barbie Doll in my bedroom along with a collection of Minions Mega Blocks. I will share my Minions story at another time. I can't give everything away in 1 day. The woman Tosh choice to use in the Barbie skit was the most extreme version of Barbie fetish that he could find. Some people are drawn to women because they literally want a Barbie doll. By playing Ken, Tosh was saying he would love to be my Ken just like I say my husband is my Ken.

The silly self sketch of me below is an illustration based upon a story of my playful behavoir with my kids. I have a collection of cat eared hats that I like to wear. I dressed up as a cat and pretended to be a monkey.I jumped on the bed too close to the edge and jumped off. I hit my elbow and that became a tip of the day. I wrote Tip of the Day- When wearing a cat hat and pretending to be a monkey jumping on the bed ,make sure you land in the middle of the bed. If you don't land in the middle, you will fall off and bump your elbow. That story and image became Tosh's inspiration and inside joke to me behind the Woman who dresses as a cat skit.
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