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Thursday, December 5, 2019

The two Kates- Kate Upton and Kate Hudson

Nicole Kidman reminded me the other day of the fun I had with Kate Upton. I had forgotten about the time Kate took me to see a fashion show. I had been to a few fashion shows before. Kate has a unique perspective. She is a model and a practical joker who loves to enjoy the company of many. In many ways, she is like Nicole Kidman. They both are statuesque beauties who live life embracing it all. I
Kate Upton
think their carefree free spirits inspire me. Nicole and I were discussing that Kate Upton is so much fun. Kate takes her fashion seriously. Kate has a very trained eye. There is always something unplanned that occurs at most fashion shows. She catches it every time.

Another celebrity stylist I love is Kate Hudson. She is such a sweet spirited person. Her easy going lifestyle and happy go lucky enthusiasm always gets me wrapped up in it. I enjoyed hanging out with her at her home. It has been a few years since then. Location gets in the way of fun sometimes. Kate Hudson makes everyone feel so relaxed. You forget she is a movie star since she puts everyone at ease almost instanteously. Its a gift I think she got from her mother Goldie Hawn. From what I am told Goldie makes the room smile without saying a word. We all share our Yogi commitment and lifestyle. Goldie Hawn inspires me. In my opinion, Goldie made Yoga cool in
Kate Hudson
Hollywood. Hollywood is better because of Goldie and Kate. Kate Hudson continues to float through life with a sense of pleasure that most people strive for in spirituality. Her Fabletics is an extension of her personality. I could talk to Kate for hours.

I was just recalling how much I love to ski when thoughts of Kate popped into my head. We both love skiing but I am still her junior in experience and technique. She moves down the slopes with grace, skill and ease. We both love the feel of the skis beneath our feet. Skiing is a form of freedom like no other.

I love this photo of Kate it shows the real Kate with all her enthusiastic wild child energy that is more fun than you can imagine. If you can keep a straight face when she starts goofing off than you're really focused beyond words. The question is why would you want to keep a straight face when the hilarity is intoxicating.

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