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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Spending Time With Rod Stewart and Family

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

A few years back, I spent the day at Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster's house. Rod had on his kilt and Penny and I were treated to some traditional Scottish dancing. Rod is an amazing dancer and anyone who has seen him on stage knows he can really move. Learning Scottish dance from Rod was a huge thrill. Penny is a great dancer as well. We had the best time, twirling, pointed feet steeping, kicking as we did jigs and spun each other around. Rod was always in the lead. Penny and I followed. It was such a fun way to celebrate. The Stewart's, the entire family, like to live life to the fullest by celebrating the day. They are great examples of joyful living. Speaking of Rod's family, as we were dancing Sean, Rod's son, appeared. Sean took turns dancing with Penny and I. Since he is such an energetic person, Sean, got caught up in the twirling around. Before he knew it, he was dizzy and had to stop spinning. It was funny to watch his eyes bobble as they caught up with the rest of his body. Anytime I have seen a dizzy person, I get caught up in the movement of their eyes. It is so rapid and out of sorts. 

Before long, we had all worked up an appetite. Rod must have heard about the story of Tom Cruise and I enjoying gingerbread cookies. He had baked up some totally silly, fun looking gingerbread cookies. The cookies had wild faces. Some of the gingerbread men had pieces of them cut out and decorated as if the had been bitten off. Other gingerbread cookies were boss-eyed, some had wild smiles and others had missing teeth. Like I said, These were funniest gingerbread men I had every seen, but they tasted amazingly good. Rod had played a joke on me with the cookies, but it was tastefully done(pun intended). He is one of the sweetest kind hearted gentlemen with the best sense of humor and free spirited, joyful energy. 

gingerbread cookies


Later that day, we all played soccer on the gaming system Rod had set up. I love computer games and much as he does especially when its combined with sports. They are so much fun. 

evonne perfect

A fun photo of me that I know will make Rod and others smile while trying to figure out what I am saying. If you want to learn more about me, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, David Spade, Peyton Manning, Nicole Kidman, Michael Buble or other celebrities check out my sites.

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