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Monday, April 27, 2020

Poolside with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and I had decided to attend one of his close friends garden party. David, the friend I had just mentioned, had a history of throwing very stylish parties. He always had the catered with staff circulating carrying delicious treats and savories. I have a fondness for seafood. I am predominantly pescatarian. Often I do not have seafood but instead I prefer a lovely salmon salad. On
Tom Cruise smiling
this occasion, David had chosen the most delicious crab puffs. His staff served a wonderful fruity wine spritzer with slices of fresh fruit in it.  The spritzer reminded me of the type of drinks the Kardashians serve. It was a Polynesian themed event.
Tom Cruise and I took a dip in the pool and spoke with the others who were enjoying the warm water. He had on a tropical blue pattern swimsuit and I wore a bright red bikini. There was a cute Cabana house that had a fireplace for winter parties. He had his dark aviator glasses on. They always have a sex appeal to them. You cant quite see his eyes but the hint of them remains. We mingled along in the pool for awhile. Most of the time we spent talking to each other. Tom kept cracking jokes and I was responding. We must have looked like two kids with all the laughing we were doing. Everything the other person said would create a smile. We did not swim as much as we usually do, but we were having so much fun talking to each other. It was a great party with so many great people. Tom held his arms around me while we were in the water. It was so cozy. I mentioned before that Tom Cruise likes to cuddle. Steven Spielberg's name came up while we were in the pool. We both spoke of how much we respected his work. I am not sure why I remembered that but it was simply the time and the place that sticks out in my mind. I also recall us discussing how much we enjoyed each party David held.

zulie perfect swimsuit We got out of the pool walking up the steps hand in hand. We found a couple of pool chairs to relax and dry off. He had some appetizers brought and another drink for me. The night was slowly approaching. Tom mentioned, with a smile, that he loved to sing. He might have been teasing me since I dont see him releasing an album anytime soon. The prospects of him becoming a Rockstar to the height that he is a Movie star is interesting. So far, it has yet to manifest so I dont think he was that serious. When the movie Rock of Ages came out. I was surprised. He got to live out the fantasy we spoke about  and I thought here he goes. At the party, Tom leaned in and began to sing in my ear. He sang a French song that ended with a kiss on the neck. Tom took me upstairs to the balcony and he asked me to spend the day with him. I did not know what he meant, but I was excited. He informed me that he had a car take me to go get my things as he waited for me back at the party. Before I left, he got a call from a friend of his named Marilyn. Marilyn was just checking to see what we were up to. Tom told him where we were and Marilyn agreed to stop by. I left soon after. 

When I got back, we took a ride to a stage coach set. Tom mentioned to me that this was a private tour. he said I was going to be able to have behind the scenes access to understand what goes into making a big budget movie. I will share the rest of the story in an upcoming blog. 

It was such a wonderful evening full of laughter, romance, balcony views and joy throughout. 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A Tale of Two Princes-Princes William &Harry

Prince Harry and Prince William have always been very accessible to the school friends they have made over the years. Each of them has grown their own inner circle of pals whom they all count on. This inner circle is privy to some very fun private freestyle events. These get togethers are both princes' opportunities to let their hair down and be themselves. Even though Prince William and Prince Harry have grown up in the public eye, they have kept themselves very human. The Queen allows the Princes to host certain private parties in Buckingham Palace or one of her other estates. When they were kids, they were allowed to explore any estate or palace freely which was unusual since certain protocol had been established for generations. Queen Elizabeth is a fantastic and especially loving Grandmother. She is known for showers her offspring with affection, but all this is the private side of her. Harry use to talk about all the fun they had with their Grandmother.
Prince William and Prince Harry

Both Princes loved to host pool parties. The Queen has a nice selection of floaties that she keeps around for the grandchildren and others. Prince Harry loves to use the huge panda. That was his favorite one.
Harry could often be found floating around surrounded by huge panda arms. Prince William liked to rest upon the very large rubber duckie style floatie. It was hysterical to see them both trying to flip each other over. Spontaneous games of water polo and volleyball sprang up almost every weekend. The staff kept quiet about the comings and goings in order to insure the privacy of the family and of those who were invited. It was a secret club that remains to this day. The sanctity of this inner circle of friends has been carefully guarded .The fun that inner group creates within Buckingham and other palaces is priceless.

Princess Eugenie was like the little sister to both Prince William and Prince Harry. They often invited her over when they hosted events. She is a great buddy and has a vivacious sense of humor that they both found fun to have around.

Queen Elizabeth's sense of humor has always been prevalent. Those who know her often share funny stories of the times they have been caught off guard by one of the Queen's well timed comments. As we all do, Prince William and Prince Harry like to share family memories and the funny times with their Grandmother are some of their favorite. When you consider that Queen Elizabeth and her entire family are highly intelligent and a sign of a high IQ is a great sense of humor then all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. She occasionally likes to enjoy a caffeinated sparkling beverage which tickles her nose. Its all tongue and cheek with a little wink in there for the fun of it.

bikini modelThey have always been a strong loving family. Every family has their ups and downs, but they are always family and that love binds them in humor, in dreams, in good times and in memories. I hope others wont be too hard on any of member of the family because the Windsors will always find each other.

Speaking of fun in the sun. I love the ocean and I love to envision myself back by the sea when I meditate. Here is a photo of me from last weekend. Enjoy the day and the warmth of the summer sun as it comes closer to us with each passing day.

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