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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Celebrities' Hougan Max Beauvoir

Max Beauvoir was my Godfather. He was an amazing man. I often said to him that he was a gift from God to many. His voice was powerful like James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader , only with a sophisticated French accent. Every time we were together, I could feel the peace from him. Max had a spiritual way of putting everyone at ease. In a similar way as the Dalai Lama. It is something that many describe as a deep sense of peace that the Dalai Lama can emit. A times it was so strong from Max , like just falling over to sleep. The feeling of peaceful spiritual energy that Max could emit was something he called the sixth sense. The reason he called it that was because it was a sensation of peace that comes from within and it was a feeling you could feel inside your body.
I myself have felt the feeling of the sixth sense and it is also a part of what people including medical professional, athletes, university professors have felt from my hands.

Max was well known in Hollywood for all the good work , help, love and prayers he sent to so many. Thousands came from all over the world for his funeral. During his life, I was lucky. I got to speak to him almost every day sometimes a few times a day for almost 15 years. I often told him he should write a book about his life but he never did. Max had been everywhere
and met so many famous people, but poor and rich everyone loved him. He travelled on the Queen Elizabeth 2 to England from the US. Max went to Africa and all over the world. Max stayed as a quest at the finest resorts and hotels. He had an apartment in England that the Royal Family gave him to live in while he was in England. Brad,Angie, Jon Bon Jovi, David Walliams, Tom Cruise , Nicole Kidman, Kate Capshaw, David Spade,Hugh Hefner, Ellen all have Max's love in common. He loved us all and we loved him. Max was even friends with Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict, both of whom Max prayed for every day and loved dearly. Max was a holy man and much of his day was spent celebrating God, giving thanks to Jesus and praying for others. His life was amazing by so many degrees. He lived life as one of the happiest spirits you could ever wish to meet. His joy was overflowing. Max always said his joy came from the Holy Spirit and his blessings were bountiful. Even though he lived in Haiti most of his life, he saw the world as so beautiful. The joy of God that Max had running through him made him always optimistic and playful. It was contagious. The celebrities could not get enough of him.

Max Beauvoir was once very much in love with Elizabeth Taylor and the feeling was mutual. The
two were so in love they almost married. It was not the right time for either of them. He and Elizabeth Taylor stayed close all her life. Max was close with some of the Kardashians as well. They came to visit him from time to time. Nicole Kidman was another popular celebrity who found Max to be amazing. Any time Nicole would arrive in Haiti, she would arrive with a big fanfare and lots of gifts would overflow. She liked to spoil as many people as she could.

Before, he came to the US to seek refuge in 1996 countless celebrities including the Beatles, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Rod Stewart and others came to visit Max and take part or watch the religious ceremonies he held. He was hoping to promote understanding of the beauty of Vodou and his compassion for all. Max always said "We are all leaves on the same tree."

Max Beauvoir spent so much of his own money helping people after the Earthquake, that the aid trucks sent what he paid for to the people in the village of Gressier, Haiti. Max and I were able to coordinate help with the United Nations central headquarters in Haiti through Bill Clinton to get rescue vehicles into the rubble of Gressier to pull them out. Not one of the 3 of us took credit for this, and that is why it did not make it into the media. We all felt the focus should remain on the victims and not on anything else. Taking credit was something Max never lied to do. He lived by the Motto "Quiet Greatness" do great acts for others without wanting any recognition for it. The country of Haiti will never be the same without him. When Max would go into the village to do some shopping, people would come from all over and line the streets just to touch his hand. He loved going to see the and giving them hope that things would get better. See Max Beauvoir was a gift from god the people would say to him and thank you was the other thing they would say. He had such optimism in every situation that I admired very much.
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