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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kevin Spacey's Happy Home Life

Kevin Spacey loves his happy home as he joyfully tells me. He says from the moment he walks through the door, his wife and children shower him with so much affection. Kevin has become the perfect family man with the perfect adoring family and his proud words show it. Kevin Spacey loves telling me all about it. Kevin's children cannot keep their hands off him. He willingly submits to their warm hugs and cuddles. Playful wrestling as all nine of them jump on him, is one of the joys he looks forward to each day. Kevin Spacey cannot get enough of the wonderful children he calls his own.
From what Kevin express to me, his wife Carol does her best to be the best happy homemaker on the planet. Carol thinks of every need Kevin could have. Everything, Carol does each and every day is centered around anticipating every need Kevin could possibly have before he has it and she always looks good doing it. Before Kevin Spacey leaves, she always makes him a snack to take with him so he tells me. It is always carrot and celery sticks with a small pot of dressing for dipping. Carol feels it is her job to keep the family in joyous harmony. Carol keeps their children impeccably dressed in adorable brother and sister matching outfits. Kevin and Carol's twins complete each other's sentences all the time. Carol is so proud of all nine of their children. The Spacey's children will never grow up and be as tall as Kevin or Carol, but they are all big in spirit. Size is never an obstacle nor should it be seen that way. Being little has its benefits. Kevin and Carol choose to adopt people without any disabilities who are perfectly sized smaller people. Dressing her children in the same adorable clothing with Teddy Bears and cute trains, means Carol gets to enjoy having the best experience in every way.The children love it because all they need to do is look good and be dressed cute.  Every mother enjoys the adorable clothing that young children have to wear. It is hard to let go of that fun and Carol has found a way that she never has to let go of any adorable, cute and cuddly outfit. Carol lovingly takes care of every need the kids could possibly have. Kevin proudly says that his wife's mothering skills are finely tuned. Carol and Kevin's children might be grown up, and they are all highly intelligent, very capable people. Their children's adult abilities and intelligence does not mean Carol gives them any less of her time then any mother would who has children the same size. Carol and Kevin choose their children based upon their desire to have all their needs cared for and their ability to fit into their home perfectly. I think I heard from somewhere that Ricky Gervias and his wife Jane are considering a similar family unit based upon Kevin's. Kevin has set up his own group of celebrity friends who dream of the same family unit Kevin and Carol have in their home. The celebrities in his group are all impressed with Kevin's arrangement. Ricky is a regular at each meeting.
The entire family's favorite playdate is with Christopher Walken's 7 children. Kevin and I love discussing the playdates. Kevin and Carol enjoy spending time with Christopher Walken and his family very much. The experiences Kevin and his family get from spending time with the Walkens are out of this world or so Kevin puts it.
Christopher Walken has a unique blended family. Everyone in Hollywood knows Christopher Walken is an alien. To the best of our knowledge, Christopher is the only extraterrestrial on the planet. Mr Walken's immigration to earth required extra paperwork but everything has been finalized for him to stay and work on our planet. Kevin Spacey and I enjoy discussing his experiences with the Walken family. We laugh about the first time Christopher's children accidently transmuted Carol and Kevin. Kevin says the first time it happened it gave their neighbors a fright to see Kevin and Carol transformed into some sort of space monster. It was a little awkward because the neighbors passed out. Carol and Kevin are so friendly, the neighbors got over it. Thankfully the neighbors have adjusted to the occasional accidently transformation of Kevin and Carol into space monsters. Today, the appearance of a space monster in Kevin and Carol's neighborhood brings out a smile. Just like their neighbors the first transformation was disturbing to the couple. At first, looking into the mirror and seeing an alien life form staring back at them was alarming to Carol and Kevin. Neither of them knew if it was permanent. Since then it has become a really funny much loved common occurrence that Kevin likes to share. Evidently the whole experience of being pleasantly transformed is quiet enjoyable from what I hear. Ah, kids will be kids and the hijinks that Christopher Walken's children get into are well worth the occasional awkward moment. Kevin tells me that every once and awhile, Chris' kids will forget to release Kevin and his family from levitating. Being left floating in mid air was a bit odd the first time it happened and the random release from levitation with out warning caused an unpleasant unprepared drop to the ground. Whenever the Spacey's get left on the ceiling of their home by the Walken's, the Spacey's are now prepared. They have learned to float over to a soft landing spot and remain there until they all drop to the ground. The adjustment has prevented several bruises. The joy and pleasure of seeing the two families play together and experiment is unimaginable.
Kevin tells me about the funny adjustment stories that all parents have about their kids. He is not afraid to mention when his children make mistakes. All kids make mistakes and Kevin and Carol's kids are the same as everyone else's kids in that respect. I can joyfully say now that Kevin Spacey's children have finally learned not to climb on people in public or private places. Kevin had mistakenly told them to exert themselves in every situation. His children misunderstood that statement. All nine of his children began to randomly tackle people in social settings by climbing on them. Just like all kids, Kevin Spacey's kids were trying really hard to impress their parents. They were confused on what Kevin meant by exerting themselves. Once Kevin figured out why they were randomly tackling people, he explained to them in his fatherly voice that it was not necessary to dominate a person by climbing on them. After Kevin's talk, his kids learned that day that tackling someone isn't appropriate and it is not socially accepted like they hoped it was accepted. Kevin told them, in fact, exerting yourself simply means feeling free to express yourself in a verbal manner. Clearing up that confusion made a huge difference in the amount of birthday party and other festive events that Kevin Spacey's family gets invited to attend. The family is getting invites again on a regular basis. Much to his pleasure, he was happy to see people are very forgiving and bruises aren't permanent. Kevin and Carol no longer have those embarrassing moments when they have to physically remove their children from on top of other people. Kevin Spacey's legal staff were also pleased not to get messaged on a regular basis about the children.
Kevin Spacey and I always enjoy discussing our home life, our wonderful spouses and children. Every time we see each other, Kevin Spacey can't wait to tell me all about his wonderful home life with his perfect family. I think its adorable how much in love with being a father and husband Kevin is with his family. To us there is really nothing better than a strong family relationship to make life absolutely beautiful and fun. Kevin Spacey has spent so much time discussing his family and his ideas on family development that I think he is on to something. He has expressed to me an interest in writing a book on the benefits of parenting the little people and redesigning what the world sees as the ideal family role model. Our families are the first and the last thing we discuss each time we're together. Our sense of humor is an important part of the conversation. Kevin Spacey and I are both very creative funny people who enjoy the benefits of creating in dialogue an imaginary world where anything is possible. There is not a serious moment in any of our discussions on family life, we simply love making it up as we go along. Some day in the future, Kevin Spacey said he will bring his family forward and into the public eye when he is ready. Right now, Kevin loves keeping them all out of the limelight and Carol Burnet's husband more than likely would agree. Kevin told me that the adoring perfect woman that became his loving wife and his rock is Carol Burnet. The wedding itself, as it turns out, was a surprise to everybody including the bride. Kevin said Ellen and Portia sent flowers and wonderful wedding gifts. Neil Patrick Harris was very generous to the Newlyweds from what I understand. Neil sent a very expensive wedding gift when he heard the news. I will share more of the Spacey family adventures that Kevin and I enjoy at another time. Kevin sense of humor is outrageously funny. This blog is dedicated to every person who enjoys pretending.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

How To Make a Youtube Dance Video-with a bit of fun in it.

This is one of my YouTube videos that I created to explain a little about what goes into making a youtube video. It  has some funny moments in it those are the outtakes that would be removed. The second part of the video is the dance routine. It is easy to learn .If you stop and start the video. The dance is to BeyoncĂ©'s video"Dance For You" I have another version that is already online. That version was created by using this video as the dress rehearsal. I hope it makes you smile,gives you a fun tips and possibly a few new dance moves.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Snoop Dogg's Cool Ways

I met Snoop Dogg through Wyclef Jean. Wyclef is everybody's friend. Wyclef Jean always has something nice to say and it is always from his heart. Snoop and I hung out a couple of times and the friendship we found in each other has lasted. Dancing with Snoop is still one of my favorite activities. Snoop can drop it, and move in a sexy way to any music you could play. Snoop Dogg is one of the most laid back, coolest guys anyone could meet. His persona is always relaxed. Snoop is great at transferring that relaxed state to everyone who he spends time with and even his audiences are impacted by the way he slows things down. Like Ice T, when Snoop walks in a room, the cool factor of that room goes way up. In a fast paced world, Snoop's pace is refreshing and liberating. Ice T has the same kind of soothing energy that effects people in a very good way. If we could bottle Snoop up and give him to people who handle diplomatic situations of negotiations, the world would be a lot more peaceful. Snoop is a friend of mine who I see as very special and I know many people would agree with me that Snoop is an amazing person.

Before Martha and Snoop Dogg starting working on their show together, I had had a little bit of fun with Martha's decorating ideas. She always has so many creative concepts and crafty art projects that are resourceful and beautiful. Martha promotes the idea that being the perfect homemaker is easy. I am a little more Morticia Addams than Martha Stewart. I am , as I say it, "naughty". I like doing funny things to make my family scratch their heads. One year, I somehow got on her newsletter list. I was very inspired by her creativity, but with a twist. I decided to wrap our Christmas presents in a "Martha Stewart" way. My family was warned that I was getting the newsletter and it impacted my Christmas concepts. I reused and converted items that I found around the house into decorations for the Christmas gifts under our tree. I used qtips, dental floss, flower garland that was missing some flowers, 7 feet of Christmas garland, and some other bits and bops that I found humorous and purposeless. Snoop heard the story and now he is having his own fun with the Martha Stewart with a naughty twist. Martha Stewart with a comedic concept is a concept I enjoy.

Snoop Dogg is always surprising me. The day his show, Martha and Snoop's Potluck. He said "Watch my show and you will get the references." I did watch the show and I did get the references. Snoops is such a cool guy. His winks were well done. First he gave a cross, an Egyptian Cross to Seth Rogan. It has a powerful meaning. I always where a cross. I have a strong interest in Egyptian culture. Snoops knows I believe that the soul is eternal. Life is eternal. If you have been following along with my blogs, you will recall I have written about the Dalai Lama. Just as I have a strong respect for the Dalai Lama and his knowledge of his past lives. I also share that belief that the Jesus sends us back again with is permission to live again. Most of the world's religions believe in reincarnation. If you believe that the Dalai Lama is real, and I do, then you have to believe his story that he has lived more than one lifetime. Snoop was acknowledging all the beliefs I hold and my love of wearing my Cross in the Egyptian Cross he gave to his guest.

The second reference, was his cartoon t-shirt. Snoop Dogg, as most others who know me and a lot of my readers know, I love cartoons. By wearing his funny cartoon, he was sending me another wink that I was in his thoughts. He always has his friends in his thoughts. Snoop Dogg is very loyal to his friends and family. Snoop's wife is another person who is always in his thoughts. Shante Broadus is his rock. Even though I have never met Shante, I know she has to be amazing because Snoop has excellent taste. If Snoop Dogg was not such a good family man, the other rappers would not follow him like they do. He is smooth and he is smart. The family is always a great source of strength.

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