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Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Joy of Knowing Peyton Manning and His Friends

Peyton Manning is one of the best friends a person could have. I often tell him, he is a gift from God to me and so many others Peyton inspires people to find the good in life and in others. I have mentioned Peyton's smile and anyone who has seen it knows he lights up from inside. Peyton Manning's spiritual light is carried in his smile and its very contagious. Peyton Manning is loyal and loving. He surrounds his friends and family with the love that he feels for them. Ashley, his wife, is one of the most generous people. Ashley, like Peyton, gives of herself without thought but with joy. She jumps right in to help or to laugh. I have a lot of respect for her. Ashley is a very special lady.

Peyton is one of the greatest men I have ever known. His buddy David Spade is another amazing man who celebrates life fully. Peyton Manning and David Spade give me joy, hope,love and laughter. They are beautiful people. I know I have spent time describing them. I want people to see the human side of Peyton and David. They both are legends and the public adores them. As wonderful as their images are, it really does not compare to how amazing they both are as friends. The real people behind David Spade and Peyton Manning simply amaze me all the time.

Peyton's little brother Eli has a huge heart. Eli Manning can make people feel so good .It is in his nature to look for things to be happy about. Eli loves his friends like family. He is so close to many people because of his openness.

Peyton has an awareness of me both good and bad. He catches me in my silliest moods doing things like what he calls my "Monkey Walk" or "Bird Walk" and I get him cracking up. It is easy to make Peyton laugh. I think he would loose a staring contest with me because I can get him to laugh easily. I will have to challenge him to a staring contest the next time I see him. He is such a cutie staring at Peyton Manning is easy. The "Monkey " and "Bird" walks are walks that I do just for fun that resemble those animals. I sometimes catch people off guard with them because I do it without warning. I mentioned having a discussion with my son on opposite side of a kitchen island. While he was talking, I was listening and I decided to act as if I was walking down some imaginary stairs. My son saw me get lower and lower until only my head could be seen. Then I "walked" back up the imaginary stairs along the kitchen island. My son started laughing at my antics. I do the same impromptu performances for Peyton and he does them for me. Good friends feel comfortable being themselves with each other. My playful side is a nice compliment to Peyton's playful side.

I have not been writing as much because I have been creating art and enjoying playing. Peyton's wife cooks the same Gourmet meals I have been cooking. I do love to cook.

I loved seeing Peyton Manning on Modern Family. I think he did an excellent job making fun of himself. Sophia Vergara must have loved having another sexy guy on the set. Peyton said it was my idea that got him on the set. He is teasing me but I do wonder. I wrote about another friend of mine Greg who appeared in a skit with Adam Devine after I wrote about Greg in Our Amazing Former President Obama and is Excellent People. There might be a little truth in the link between my blogs and Modern Family. We will never know ;) It might be that the cast of Modern Family and its writer and I all have excellent taste in people.

This song reminds me of one of Barrack's and my close friend Kevin.Kevin showed me so many amazing photos from all over of all things he did. Kevin is a bit of a daredevil. Kevin is one of Barrack's college buddies. I met Kevin at Barrack's 1st Inauguration. I might write about him later. I was very impressed with him and his award winning smile. I was so different than Kevin or so I thought but we hit it off from the moment we met.This song seems to fit the teams that I belong to Team Manning &Team Spade.

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