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Saturday, August 20, 2016

How I met Tom Cruise

I met Tom before I married my husband. We were both sitting in a park in Los Angeles. I was there by myself and Tom walked into my view. I thought he was an imposter because the odds of running into the real Tom Cruise in a park were astronomically against it. Sort close to hitting the lottery, but in a sexier way and more realistic since he was right in front of me. Tom is the one who approached me. He flashed me his famous "Top Gun" shy smile. He tilts his head down and looks up at me and smiles.Tom said "How are you ?" and the conversation started. He was so talkative and so was I. We spilled the beans to each other over many subjects and the time flew. Before we knew it, it was getting dark. Tom and I decided we wanted to spend some more time together. A limo came for us. We took a ride around LA and he showed me all the places that he likes to go. Tom offered me a mixed drink and we drank one together. With one drink in us, Tom leaned over and kissed me. His kisses were electric to me.The chemistry was complete. We both felt the spark.

 After kissing me, the conversation began again. Tom's freedom and ease in communicating with me was charming. Tom felt the mixture of playfulness and intellect in me was perfectly balanced. I thought he was funny. We both are silly and free spirited together. We liked sharing each other's company and Tom offered me a snack. The limo was well stocked with snacks and we shared some chips or as the English say "crisps".
The evening ended in a slow kiss.

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