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Thursday, February 20, 2020

A Romantic Weekend Getaway with Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise and I had checked into this wonderful luxury hotel in southern Miami. I have been to Miami several times and it is always a great time. He picked a hotel near the beach so we could enjoy the view. The suite and adjoining but separate rooms. We liked the privacy of the pool since there were so few people using the hotel pool. It was almost always vacant. Hotel pools can be hit or miss in that they may be crowded or completely empty. I like them both crowded and empty it just depends on the circumstances and who I am with at the time. The pool had its own bar and the bartender was often between the upper floor dining area and the poolside. We did not drink much so he let us know when he would be back and before he left , Jack let us know that he would be coming and going just to make sure we had enough refreshments to get us through until he returned. We had a way to reach him if needed. The pool had a phone line that rang right to the upper dinning area. I dont think we ever had to use it. but Tom and I knew it was available. I mention the pool since that is one of my favorite places.
Romantic Blog on Tom Cruise

After a nice swim, Tom and I returned to the suite. Before I could enter the room, Tom swept me into his arms and picked me up. He carried me into the room and placed me on the sofa. I said in a joking fashion," I am not that tired, but thanks for the lift and you can do that any time you like." Tom Cruise is very romantic and he smiled at my response. He knows how much I love to have him spoon me and I could loose track of hours just talking and enjoying a cuddle. Tom likes to give informal massages and he is great with his hands. It was a Valentine's weekend for us even though it was not Valentine's Day on the calendar. He is loving all the time and I am just as affectionate. He must have had some idea that the hotel was under some renovating which caused it to be unusally vacant. We weren't complaining. the quietness of the hotel was lending itself to the romantic feeling Tom and I had growing. The staff seemed lighter than unusual but they were also very organized and things were ideal. It was one of the most luxurious hotels I have visited. There were other celebrities who had come and gone just before we checked into the hotel. There were so many luxury cars in and around the hotel that I knew the neighborhood was very upscale. I would love to tell you more about the hotel but that might give it away. I know Tom likes to stay there since a lot of famous people do stay there often. Miami has so many nice hotels that each have their own style.

We both were so comfortable that we ordered a nice romantic room service meal with roses and champagne the cart was complete. Tom made sure I had chocolate on my plate. I had a chocolate martini as a surprise. I had never had never had one before. The drink was wonderful just as I imagined. We spoke a bit about how wonderful Miami was since we both have been there many times for many different reasons.

Hollywood Blog Zulie After dinner, Tom Cruise and I decided to go out dancing. He left the room and put on his disguise that I mentioned in an earlier blog. He had a pair of round glasses and a fake mustache. I do think part of the fun of the disguise is playing with the new identity. I was facing away from the bathroom and towards the window when Tom came out wearing the mustache and glasses. He spoke to me in an Irish accent. It was kind of like a Lucky Charms commercial and his spontaneous humor cracked me up. It was the first time I had seem him in this disguise and it was really unique. He still looked very handsome just in a different way. He had a scholarly appeal that was sexy. I think he must have known I would find the new look attractive since he started to flirt with me in character. It was a quick game and then we both left the building to go around the corner to a few nightclubs. We walked right in and no one seemed to notice us. It was early still for clubs and the bar was not full. There were people dancing and we joined in. I would like to tell you more but the blog is getting lengthy so I will have to share the rest of the fun of that weekend in another blog. "Enjoy the day" is a phrase Tom says often so I will leave you with that phrase. Enjoy the day.

A little update on my last blog on Portia and Ellen. Ellen has since told me that Portia got into the mermaid act that Ellen likes to create. Ellen said Portia now has an octopus suit that she slips on inside the pool under the water and then pops up to surprise others. Ellen said Portia loves to make people laugh. Birds of a feather flock together is certainly true with Ellen and Portia.

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