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Friday, July 30, 2021

David Spade's Summer Vacation

 David Spade and I were vacationing in the mountains during the summer. It was the same place we had spent some time in during the winter before. I loved the scenery and the hotel/cabin was beautiful. I was excited to be back in the cabin. David and I had shared so many good times in our last stay. The nearby lake kept calling me. Hiking in the woods was a fun adventure that we both enjoyed. David had brought his golden speedo to tease me. He knows how much that swimwear cracks me up. I think he enjoys the attention he gets from everyone when he puts it the speedo on. Adam Sandler might have given David the famous swimsuit to David. There seemed to be some kind of inside reference betweeen them that neither of them explained.  David Spade has a swimmer's  physique so he can wear a speedo. I just
always found speedos to be amazingly funny and both Sandler and David know my sense of humor very well. 

The cabin had a lovely pool. The lake seemed to  be the place where everyone went. There were lots of little boats in the water and some were waterskiing. I did not go waterskiing that week, but David did. He is a great skiier in the snow and on the water. We both really enjoy our time away. 

After returning from the lake and having lunch, we decided to go for a hike. David likes to put flowers in my hair that he finds on our hikes. My husband likes to do the same thing.  David put a couple of purple flowers in my hair and he sang a funny song while doing it. I am pretty sure he made the song up since the words were very creative. He cracked up half way through the first verse, but then finished the song. We picked a few more wild flowers that were along the path. It was a beautiful, warm day. The perfect day for just about any outdoor activity. While hiking, we enjoyed the wildlife as birds of all sorts flew past us. We saw squirrels and chipmunks hurry on their way. David's face would light up each time we saw another animal. I found it equally as exciting to see so much diversity in species. You could say it was the perfect walk. The conversation flowed as did the laughter. We stopped at certain points to take in the view and snuggle. David would put his arm around me and kiss my ear and I would reciprocate with kisses. We walked for over an hour before returning to the cabin for a swim.

Once back at the cabin, we had a bottle of wine waiting for us in the refrigerator. David and I put on our swimsuits and hopped on one of the many floaties the cabin had stocked. Everyone knows how much I love the pool. It was nice to just relax and enjoy the water. He and I had a busy day. We would be alone for the rest of the week so there were a lot of opportunities to enjoy over the days. Though, time always flies when you are with David Spade.

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