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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Ketchup and Fairy Queens with Nicole Kidman

 Nicole Kidman and I decided to meet up at a photoshoot she was having. I like to see the newest designs as much as Nicole. When I arrived, I noticed she had on a bra top and a pair of pants which was pretty typical for her to have on something sexy. Nic loves to model. On the set, she is always a blast. Between her serious poses, she allows herself to create unique and funny expressions. The poses she strikes with her wild side are equally as funny. Nic has never been one to take herself too seriously, but to always be 100% there as a professional. Being a talented and passinate dancer has helped Nicole to espress herself in unique ways within the modeling world. Dancers are typically very flexible as well as they know how to move. She is always in demand as a model. I love watching her work.

 That day, the photographer had given Nicole some flowers. They were in a vase on the set. Before long, we were both placing the flowers in our hair and using some of the flowers as wands to transform into Fairy Queens. Fairy Queens is a part of her. We were transforming into different creatures, casting love spells as we freed the Princess, waged battles against evil, and other fairy duties.  Everyone on the set had a great time as the energy became very whimsical. The enchantment spread to the photographer as he shot some very dramatic images that were never released. It was such a fun day.

nicole kidman

Another great photoshoot story is about Nicole and her famous red shoes. Nicole Kidman has a pair of red shoes she likes to take to her photoshoots. The pair of shoes has been used in several photoshoots. They represent her wild side. Nicole is tall and the red shoes enhance her amazingly long legs. The red shoes were also one of the shoes she wore on one of her first few dates with Keith Urban. Keith knows the shoes mean is he in for a wildly fun night. Nicole can make any night fun and fantastic with her playful imp. Keith bought a pair of yellow sneakers with he wears whenever Nicole wears her red shoes. He likes to tease her saying "They are like mustard and ketchup, a perfect pair." I think that is because Keith likes to have fair food once and awhile. Hot dogs are a fun food especially with ketchup and mustard. 

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