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Thursday, November 7, 2019

An Outing with Brad Pitt

I recall the time when Brad Pitt and I went shopping together. It wasn't a suppose to be a quick trip. We had planned to spend some time window shopping and enjoying the stroll together. My husband and I like to do the same thing. We can go on a adventure simply by checking out what is new at our local shops or investing time to find a good deal. We shop in a leisurely way just like Brad and I do. It's sometimes fun to get into antics and try on silly things or just to buy obscure items that make us laugh. The fact we are not looking for anything but just shopping to see what we find and what we can experience makes the trip an adventure. Brad is always a big fan of hats and masks. I cant resist a hat that makes a statement or consists of a funny shape or color. Either sex hats can be so much fun to admire. Popping them on each other's head and laughing as we assumed characters by changing our expressions to suit the hats kept Brad and I entertained on several shopping trips. Little Boutiques respect Brad's privacy so he can shop as he likes without any fuss. Brad is a very courteous person that is because he was raised to respect others. His strong character and happy go lucky spirit makes him so much fun to be with. Brad is very observant which is one of the sweetest aspects of his personality.
zulie perfect
A fun photo of me wearing my pool hat. 

While in the shops, I found so many pink items that I had a great time. We went in the toy store to check out the variety of toys. Toys are fun to look at and to admire a vast collection of unique one of kind toys is a pleasure. My father made toys when I was young for toy manufacturers. I learned about obscure toys, their design and sometimes even the history. Going in unique toy stores was like being in a Museum. If they had masks to look at, then the fun factor doubled. This time we did not play with any masks. Brad and I just played with some of the displays as the shop had certain toys for interacting. Matthew Morrison likes a good toy store and Kim Kardashian is a toy expert.

On this trip we found some bubble gum that was in a funny container. I dont recall what it tasted like it was awhile ago. I just recall the fun we had with it. The gum had a joke on it. I never saw the gum again so it might have been a local item or something obscure. Brad and I ate at one of the nice Bistros that we came upon in the shopping area. It wasn't a chain place. We laughed and enjoyed a couple of glasses. The wine was fantastic. Conversation drifted from topic to topic. We were sitting next to each other in a booth. He had his hand on my knee. The comfort and intimacy between us was obvious.

I met a funny realtor in the bathroom who later approached our table. She gave me her card and tried to sell us vacation property. Knowing full well I had no intention of buying any, I think it was just a way to strike up a conversation. Brad laughed when she left teasing me about bringing people over to the table. We both enjoyed the brief visit by our new friend.

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Park Adventures with Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison decided to take me to one of his auditions. I did not know what to expect. After the audition, Matty did not know what to do. He always has a long list of activities he enjoys that he knows I am fond of doing. I think he was just being polite by saying he did not have any idea what to do that day. I suggested a walk would be a great idea. We went walking around some of the nice neighborhoods in NYC. I like the diversity of the architecture. Even though there are so many high rise buildings you can still find many 2 story or quant buildings that are under 15 stories tall.

The decision was made to go and walk around Central Park. It is such a beautiful place to walk. Since we are both artists of various types, we seemed to get caught up in the scenic beauty of Central Park. Everyone sees how amazing the area is but when you stop to observe the pure wonder of each individual tree, there is so much more you can see. I can get caught up in the details. Moment by moment there is a lot to take in when you invest the time to look for it. I like the way Matty thinks. He is always pointing out subtle observations. We could chat for hours and many times we did.
Matthew Morrison

We found at nice spot to sit down and cuddle up. Cuddling is one of our favorite things. Being affectionate to those we care for comes easily to us both. That night he was excited about his audition. Any time he gets excited its always fun as his humor comes out in full force and the spontaneity goes up a peg. The squirrels were very active that evening. As I mentioned in another blog how Matthew Morrison loves squirrels and through his skills he effectively turned into a squirrel. He is such a playful guy. He still pulls out the squirrel impression every now and again. Without fail, the squirrel face cracks me up every time. He makes a shape with his mouth that causes his teeth to stick out a bit and his bottom lip is pulled together so his teeth scatter on it. He moves his head while he draws his hands up into cute little paws. It is hard to describe but it is so cute when Matthew does it. When no one is looking he sometimes flashes a quick squirrel at me. Another funny thing Matty does is he likes to run around pretending to be a character from a sitcom. He is so good at impressions that it is surprising that he does not do stand up. 
The day flew past and after we grabbed a quick bite to eat, I went to stay with some friends who lived in the city. We met up again the next day, but that's something for another blog post.

Here is an image of a photoshoot from a couple of weekends ago. I am sure Matthew will like the photo since he has a way of making me smile without any effort. Some people have that energy that just brings joy and Matthew Morrison is one of those people. 
Heads up to Kate Hudson. I will be writing about how much fun Kate is in an upcoming blog. She is one of the sexiest Yogi women on the planet and a favorite person of mine. 

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Monday, September 2, 2019

A Beach Vacation with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and I use to love to take short notice trips. We would go somewhere in a moments notice. I mentioned before that I have travelled a lot- overseas and inside the US. One of my favorite trips with Tom and I travelled by train to visit Florida beaches. The train along the East Coast is a lengthy one but there are so many stops, you can hop on at any time. Sometimes, you can get a private train car and have it attached to Amtrack or you can even get a private service to take you many places. Trains are so romantic and they have not lost their charm. As long as you have a private room, you can have the best time watching the scenery go by. My husband and I have travelled all over by train. We love our adventures on the tracks. A glass of wine, good food and the pleasure of good company is all you need to make the train wonderful. The private rooms on trains are cozy. In our luggage, Tom had packed a bottle of white wine. The wine was a little on the sweet side and a nice compliment to the fresh fruit the staff brought us. He knows the type of wines I like and this one was perfect. As the miles rolled by, we enjoyed talking to each other about so many things. The laughter of the wine kicked in as the evening progressed. The roll of the train is so hypnotic that it is a great way to unwind.

When Tom Cruise and I arrived at our stop, I was so excited at the thought of spending time with him by the beach again. I had spent more than one occasion with Tom by the ocean. He has the most romantic way of knowing where to go and what to do without me saying a word to him. He can read most people very well. He knows women ,as I have mentioned before, and he appreciates them.

Tom Cruise Photos
We reached the beach, after unloading our stuff, long after the sun had gone down. The house he had rented was on the beach with a balcony along the back of the property facing the beach. It had two floors and a nice open bar on the second floor that opened up to a great room.

We walked out to the water on the exclusive private beach area. I began dancing in the water and Tom started laughing. Splishing and splashing the water with my feet was rejuvenating. I was like a kid caught up in experiencing the ocean for the first time. Before long his laughter took over and he threw off his shoes and started to play along with me. If anyone saw us, we must have looked like wild child hippies dancing through the water in the moonlight. We had so much fun. Tom is a free spirited person with a great sense of humor. His spontaneity is another aspect of him that makes spending time with Tom enjoyable. After playing in the water, he decided to take a walk along the beach in the moonlight. The beach was deserted as far as I could see. I am not sure what time it was since neither of us looked at the time. It was a lovely evening and a great vacation. During our walk, Tom Cruise reached into his pocket and he gave me another small red glass heart about the size of a nickel. I always knew what it meant.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Jon Bon Jovi's Games Played on the Road

Jon Bon Jovi has a way of getting his friends and family into his concerts so that they can enjoy his performances undisturbed. Attending his concerts are always an experience. He makes sure that his guests are treated to the best. The closeness to his performance and the unity of the band makes the concert for than words can describe. He has the energy to raise up crowds with artistry like only Rock legends can. The enthusiasm of the audience feeds his spirit and vice versa. Anybody who has gone to see Bon Jovi knows exactly what I am expressing. Travelling the globe is not always easy but the band make sit fun for each other. Their playfulness is well known even though Richie is not with them, his impact and humor has left its impact. They all remain close. Richie use to be called the Ladies' Man. There is a story behind it but Jon has not told me it yet. Heather Locklear was always the blonde bombshell. Even though Jon doesn't tour with Richie like they once did.
Jon Bon Jovi

Jon enjoys surprising people in the same way Ellen DeGeneres does. They both like to make dreams come true for their fans by popping up. When he has a concert, he likes to pop up around town impromptu and get the fans excited.

Jon has  fun while on stage and his playfulness comes out. When he faces the band, Jon will make funny faces at them and the audience has no idea what he is doing. For example, he makes his eyes go crossed and he sticks his tongue out. If you watch the band, you might catch them smiling or cracking up while trying to keep it hidden. Some of his roadies tease Jon and they call him "Grandpa" which cracks Jon up. He knows the father time look with his grey hair gave him an edgy wisdom to his appearance.

The after hours parties that go on are always non age restricted which means its kid friendly. Yes, drinking, celebrating, and dancing goes on, but it is not over the top wild house parties. His lifestyle changed a lot over the years. He refers to his wife often in daily conversations even on tour she is never far from his mind. They talk often. Dorothea gets some credit for how much he enjoys touring . Her support and contact throughout each tour is important to them both. The band loves it when "Mom" calls. That's another way that the band members and the roadies that work with Jon like to play with Jon. Jon has his own way of teasing them back. He likes to horse around. Arm wrestling is one of the ways Jon goofs off. Ping Pong is another game they all enjoy. For exercise and fun, he likes to swim. Whenever possible, they always pick a hotel that has a pool.

Jon reminds me to draw and paint each time I see him. He does it in a unique way. Jon will draw some doodle on paper and pass it to me. He is an excellent artist and even his doodles are really good. The last one he did was a woman's face. I was working on a fairy that reminded him and others of Catherine Heigl. It was not intentional since I use a photo of a random person and let my creativity flow from there. It might have been the effect of running into Catherine at an event.

Exercise tip - Jon Bon Jovi loves to do bicep curls. He has to keep his famous arms.
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Thursday, August 1, 2019

In the Woods with Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt liked to have get togethers at his friends Steve's house. When we were together,Steve kept himself scarce so Brad would make sure that he contacted him. Steve had a lot of cool things in his home such as an archery set that we all enjoyed. Steve had a couple of three wheel RS bikes. As a couple, Brad and I enjoyed racing on the RVs. Brad Pitt is such a good spirit. He would always let me beat him in any race. The archery was a weakness I had, but Brad was not as impressed with archery as he was with other sports. He liked to play. Archery was just not his top game. The RS's were a different matter. We loved racing around the property on our bikes. Chasing each other was a lot of fun. He would start in the house by saying he was Brad Schmitt. Whenever he introduced himself using that name I knew he was in the mood to play detective with me. Brad Schmitt would always start out with frisking me for the stolen money. I would play along with the frisking which was really just a gentle tickling that always ended in a short massage. Brad gives excellent massages. He is great with his hands. After the detective Brad's frisking/massage, I would sneak off out to where I new the RV's were parked. I would taunt him in a joking way by saying," You'll never catch me."The chase would begin. We would race around acting out chase scenes. It was a fun game of cat and mouse or in this case cops and robbers. When the race was over and the RV's were parked, he would sneak up behind me, in his best country detective voice he would say,"Whistle if you need me." Those words always meant Brad was done playing. We would spend the rest of the evening hanging out with Steve and whoever else was over at the time.
Brat Pitt Blog

For a fitness tip, Brad recently mentioned doing 50 squats a day tones and rounds your butt. That was his fitness tip for me to share. I have not tried it yet but I am planning upon adding the 50 squats to my routine. Another fitness tip is how Matthew Morrison likes to add Pilates to his body building routine. Matthew feels it mixes things up. Pilates works differently since it uses the person's body weight to build muscle. Jon Bon Jovi's Yoga practice includes him still trying to get his leg up over his head or so he likes to tease me.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

My Adventure with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and I were hiking along a stream when we came upon a nice picnic area. It was a spot where the stream was flowing perfectly. The water was waste high, at just the right temperature, and deep enough for us to swim. We both love to swim. This picnic area was well known for its scenic beauty and clear waters. Even though it was a weekday,Tom and I were lucky to find an empty spot. I have no idea how long we stayed. Jon Bon Jovi and I,with his family, had visited the same vacation area a few years back. It is one of the those celebrity hangouts that nobody speaks of and the locals keep the secret.
Adventures with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is such an excellent swimmer. He could go under the water for long periods of time. I felt like I was swimming with Aquaman and his physique is similar to the famous Superhero. We came upon a couple of otters. They were in the distance, but Tom stopped them quickly. I noticed the subtle movement and the curiosity in me grew. I had experiences with otters at different times in my life. On one occasion, I was able to play with a couple of otters at a zoo exhibit. The zoo otters loved my sunglasses. I noticed their reaction to the glasses so I took them off and began to move the glasses up and down and round and round. The otters swam along with the movements of my hands. There was a crowd behind me who all seemed to be enchanted with the interaction as much as I was. The otters were playing a game with me. I was very willing to play.

The experience with Tom Cruise and the wild otters was equally as engrossing as the zoo play because I really love otters. They are adorable. In any setting, being one on one with the animals is fun. Tom and I felt like we danced along the water as we swam. It was really swimming but the excitement, as well as the flow, made the swimming seem more like dancing. We were eager to get closer but cautious since they were wild animals who more than likely would easily be scared. The area is none for its otter population despite the fact that in many areas otters are a threatened species. The otters watched us as we approached them. They reacted in curiosity and it was so cute. I decided to call this blog an adventure since it is not often that you come upon wildlife. Observing wildlife in its natural habitat is very soothing to the spirit, but it is also equally exciting.
adventures with Tom Cruise

blonde model in a bikiniThe time fell past as we were both enjoying spending time together. Although our otter friends did not stay in our company long, it was a unique experience. We hung out in some of the deeper waters while we enjoyed talking. Tom put his arms around me as we simply watched the water current go past. If Mindfulness can be described as tranquility then this was a good example of both terms. He does not require a lot of activity or words to enjoy his time. Tom is a peaceful, gentle, kind spirit. On the flip side, when he wants, he is quite adventurous and comically funny. It depends greatly on the mood of the moment and whose company he is keeping. Playing shark is one example of the fun we shared but I am not going to tell you where that shark pops up. Tom Cruise and I went on several beach adventures. I will write about those at another time.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Spending the Day with Nicole Kidman

One day , Nicole Kidman and I decided to spend the day together. We decided to try on clothes and make it a girls day. We intended to go shopping in stores, but those plans quickly changed as we both got caught up in the moment. Shopping with Nicole is often window shopping and having fun trying on new looks. Nicole Kidman likes to shop for funny t-shirts. I was happy she had time off to enjoy the day since I know how busy her schedule is every day. She is one of the most popular people in Nashville, LA and in everywhere else she sets up a home.

When I think of Nicole, I often think of her husband. Keith Urban is always by her side even if it
sometimes just in spirit.  Keith is so thoughtful to everyone he meets. An example of his awareness of others is how he recalled I like chocolate. One time Keith surprised me, he had an Australian candy that we shared. Keith broke the chocolate bar into pieces and then put it on another candy. It was so
good . I don't recall what the name of the candy was but I do recall how he combined them and how good it was. Keith is a gentleman whom I think is just amazing. The love he and Nicole share is beautiful and natural. Even before they were married, she knew he was the one. and her fortune telling. in this case, was spot on. I love this photo of Keith and Nicole for it shows their joyful, fun loving lifestyle. My husband has the same kind of carefree playful spirit that Keith does and they have so much in common.

On another note, Nicole mentioned to me that she likes Perugina and Ferrero candy.
Just like me, she also likes Godiva chocolate. I like the Baci Perugina candy so I added a small photo of the bag.

We shopped in Nicole's closet since she has soo many dresses, outfits, hats and costumes. She
good chocolate photos
has the best dress up. I am quite a bit smaller than Nicole. I am only 5ft 4 but somehow with her talented eye, she always finds things to have me put on. Over the years, she has acquired a wardrobe covers everything from gowns to animal costumes.  She showed me her best outfits. Nicole kept producing dresses from the many ranks and we both tried them on while posing for each over in our glam ways. Tossing our hair about while making sexy pouts was so much fun in a variety of clothing. We were in the flow as time flew past. She would hold dresses up to me before I tried them on. I really liked a multicolored glittery ballgown. It had white stripes in it and there was red near the sleeves. It was a form fitting gown that was so sexy on.

Nicole Kidman surprised me when she brought out two purple fuzzy monkey costumes. I have no idea where she got the from but they were big, purple, hairy and so much fun. I knew the moment I saw them on the hangers that we were both going to have fun with them. So we both put on our matching purple fuzzy monkey costumes. She has a fun loving creative side that is very inspiring and the monkey look was hilarious. If her daughter's could have seen us both dressed up in that way having fun monkeying around, they would have loved it. I am just not sure they would have been surprised to see us dressed that way since Nicole is a very fun loving mother who is capable of almost anything. We both pretended to be very formal monkeys- very high brow indeed. We were  pretending to be ultra Hollywood Glam while in an adorable monkey costume. We spoke to each other with a Southern English accent. The aristocratic monkeys, we became would have made Tarzan so proud. The entire scene must have looked so ridiculous.  Nicole knew I had daydreamed about being a well dressed Monkey wearing makeup and high heels. I would imagine that monkey in different scenarios including high tea. We acted out one of my Monkey daydreams. Then she began to jump on the sofa and it was fun. I joined in on the jumping. She had a big soft sofa so we bounced up and landed in the cushions. The day went by quickly and so did this blog :)

This is something fun from last week's photoshoot and video work. Wearing my bikini on a Martian Beach scene. The first woman on Mars should have a good wardrobe.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Adam Sandler's Twinkle Toes Shine

Adam Sandler  According to my sources, Adam Sandler likes to stare at his toes. If you ask Adam why, he always says because he has the sexiest toes he has ever seen. He is known to enjoy showing them off in sandals. Pedicures are an important part of Adam's self care routine. He enjoys showing off his toes to the staff as he says they often compliment him on his pretty feet.  The amount of people he catches looking at his feet while the is in the salon, often amazes him. Adam has a song he wrote about his feet, but he is often a little shy to sing it. He is such a great lyricist that the words are hilariuos and very heartfelt. The famous comedian is more than just a pretty set of feet. Before they leave the house, his wife has to check to make sure Adam has shoes on for he often tries to slip out of the house in flip flops. 

Jon Bon JoviWhile we are on the topic of feet, a little news flash that I just got is Jon Bon Jovi enjoys wearing toes rings.  He only does it for his wife Dorothea. Jon Bon Jovi says is his way of showing how he worships the ground his wife walks on. Knowing why he says he wears them makes Dorothea feel so sexy that she always melts. Jon knows how to romance his wife. I took the liberty to create photoshopped toe rings to show his audience how good he looks in toe rings :) Jon loves his wife from his head to his toes.  But Jon makes everything sexy even a banana suit- story to come ;)  in toe rings :) But Jon makes everything sexy even a banana suit- story to come ;) 
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Celebrity makeup tips and more on the site as well. A selfie I took during a break in photos and video work. You can see one of the necklaces I made on me. The pink rose is my creation. I am working on a painting of the Archangel Gabriel.
bikini model zulie perfect