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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Behind the Scenes wtih Tom Cruise

I mentioned in my last blog how Tom Cruise took me to a movie studio for a behind the scenes tour. When we arrived at the studio, I knew Tom had it all planned out. He took me to a Western set. He held my hand as he showed me around. It was very exciting for Tom to share his work with me and I was enchanted by all I saw around me. We walked through different scenes and buildings. We came upon a stage coach. Tom opened the door and we both climbed into the coach. It was very romantic inside the coach as we snuggled up upon the comfortable bench. We both got so caught up in the joy of the moment as the stage coach set the mood. Tom Cruise looked me in the eye and asked me to marry him. I was quite surprised. He did not have a ring, but the proposal was real. Tom is a romantic guy who lives in the moment. I did not accept instead, I teased him by saying,"Next time if you have the ring, we can make it official." I was only joking since the idea of being Tom's wife had occurred to me in different outings. When a relationship is going really well, it is natural for both to wonder if this is the one. The fantasy of finding the one becomes the reality of the one. Fantasies become a reality only after they have been a fantasy. Life is like that, so I enjoy living wildly through moments with so many optiTom Cruiseons of the day filling my mind. Tom has a creative mind that flows through things all the time and that is part of his dynamic charm.

We decided to go for a walk amongst the worlds and explore the movies sets around us. The two of us went our cuddly coach. As we walked, I saw there were living rooms, hallways, kitchens and other sets but what impressed me most was how small they were. The sets had a lot of details in them. I liked the items and artwork that was placed on each. It is amazing to think of how the entire world on each set has to be well thought out and created down to the finest detail or the film does not have the impact that the conceptual people are trying to create. Each location had a surreal feeling. A few people came and went while the tour continued.Maxim Covergirl

 The Sci Fi set was very cool. I don't know what movie it was from. I just recall how unique it was to explore.Tom liked to show me how things worked in different places that had a meaning to him or that he just simply liked. There was a laser on a command station in the SciFi set. The gun was a metallic blue with a sleek design. Tom picked it to show me how to make the laser fire. The laser fire was interesting as I imagined what it looks like on the big screen. I still have a fondness for Scifi lasers. He had keys to all the prop rooms at each location. We walked towards the Western set again and the buildings had just facades. We spent hours at the studio going from place to place, scene to scene. It was a magical night.

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Poolside with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and I had decided to attend one of his close friends garden party. David, the friend I had just mentioned, had a history of throwing very stylish parties. He always had the catered with staff circulating carrying delicious treats and savories. I have a fondness for seafood. I am predominantly pescatarian. Often I do not have seafood but instead I prefer a lovely salmon salad. On
Tom Cruise smiling
this occasion, David had chosen the most delicious crab puffs. His staff served a wonderful fruity wine spritzer with slices of fresh fruit in it.  The spritzer reminded me of the type of drinks the Kardashians serve. It was a Polynesian themed event.
Tom Cruise and I took a dip in the pool and spoke with the others who were enjoying the warm water. He had on a tropical blue pattern swimsuit and I wore a bright red bikini. There was a cute Cabana house that had a fireplace for winter parties. He had his dark aviator glasses on. They always have a sex appeal to them. You cant quite see his eyes but the hint of them remains. We mingled along in the pool for awhile. Most of the time we spent talking to each other. Tom kept cracking jokes and I was responding. We must have looked like two kids with all the laughing we were doing. Everything the other person said would create a smile. We did not swim as much as we usually do, but we were having so much fun talking to each other. It was a great party with so many great people. Tom held his arms around me while we were in the water. It was so cozy. I mentioned before that Tom Cruise likes to cuddle. Steven Spielberg's name came up while we were in the pool. We both spoke of how much we respected his work. I am not sure why I remembered that but it was simply the time and the place that sticks out in my mind. I also recall us discussing how much we enjoyed each party David held.

zulie perfect swimsuit We got out of the pool walking up the steps hand in hand. We found a couple of pool chairs to relax and dry off. He had some appetizers brought and another drink for me. The night was slowly approaching. Tom mentioned, with a smile, that he loved to sing. He might have been teasing me since I dont see him releasing an album anytime soon. The prospects of him becoming a Rockstar to the height that he is a Movie star is interesting. So far, it has yet to manifest so I dont think he was that serious. When the movie Rock of Ages came out. I was surprised. He got to live out the fantasy we spoke about  and I thought here he goes. At the party, Tom leaned in and began to sing in my ear. He sang a French song that ended with a kiss on the neck. Tom took me upstairs to the balcony and he asked me to spend the day with him. I did not know what he meant, but I was excited. He informed me that he had a car take me to go get my things as he waited for me back at the party. Before I left, he got a call from a friend of his named Marilyn. Marilyn was just checking to see what we were up to. Tom told him where we were and Marilyn agreed to stop by. I left soon after. 

When I got back, we took a ride to a stage coach set. Tom mentioned to me that this was a private tour. he said I was going to be able to have behind the scenes access to understand what goes into making a big budget movie. I will share the rest of the story in an upcoming blog. 

It was such a wonderful evening full of laughter, romance, balcony views and joy throughout. 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A Tale of Two Princes-Princes William &Harry

Prince Harry and Prince William have always been very accessible to the school friends they have made over the years. Each of them has grown their own inner circle of pals whom they all count on. This inner circle is privy to some very fun private freestyle events. These get togethers are both princes' opportunities to let their hair down and be themselves. Even though Prince William and Prince Harry have grown up in the public eye, they have kept themselves very human. The Queen allows the Princes to host certain private parties in Buckingham Palace or one of her other estates. When they were kids, they were allowed to explore any estate or palace freely which was unusual since certain protocol had been established for generations. Queen Elizabeth is a fantastic and especially loving Grandmother. She is known for showers her offspring with affection, but all this is the private side of her. Harry use to talk about all the fun they had with their Grandmother.
Prince William and Prince Harry

Both Princes loved to host pool parties. The Queen has a nice selection of floaties that she keeps around for the grandchildren and others. Prince Harry loves to use the huge panda. That was his favorite one.
Harry could often be found floating around surrounded by huge panda arms. Prince William liked to rest upon the very large rubber duckie style floatie. It was hysterical to see them both trying to flip each other over. Spontaneous games of water polo and volleyball sprang up almost every weekend. The staff kept quiet about the comings and goings in order to insure the privacy of the family and of those who were invited. It was a secret club that remains to this day. The sanctity of this inner circle of friends has been carefully guarded .The fun that inner group creates within Buckingham and other palaces is priceless.

Princess Eugenie was like the little sister to both Prince William and Prince Harry. They often invited her over when they hosted events. She is a great buddy and has a vivacious sense of humor that they both found fun to have around.

Queen Elizabeth's sense of humor has always been prevalent. Those who know her often share funny stories of the times they have been caught off guard by one of the Queen's well timed comments. As we all do, Prince William and Prince Harry like to share family memories and the funny times with their Grandmother are some of their favorite. When you consider that Queen Elizabeth and her entire family are highly intelligent and a sign of a high IQ is a great sense of humor then all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. She occasionally likes to enjoy a caffeinated sparkling beverage which tickles her nose. Its all tongue and cheek with a little wink in there for the fun of it.

bikini modelThey have always been a strong loving family. Every family has their ups and downs, but they are always family and that love binds them in humor, in dreams, in good times and in memories. I hope others wont be too hard on any of member of the family because the Windsors will always find each other.

Speaking of fun in the sun. I love the ocean and I love to envision myself back by the sea when I meditate. Here is a photo of me from last weekend. Enjoy the day and the warmth of the summer sun as it comes closer to us with each passing day.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Jon Bon Jovi Trivia Nights

Hanging out with Jon Bon Jovi and his buddies. Dorothea believes that a night  with the guys once and awhile is a good things. She has her own group of girl buddies that she likes to spend time with as well. Dorothea does tend to be a home body and Jon likes it that way. Jon is a little old fashioned he likes to know she is at home taking care of the house and waiting for him. She does keep a pretty active charity works and appearance schedule maybe that is why at night, Dorothea likes to relax, and hangout in her comfies. I am the same way most of the time.
Jon Bon Jovi

Here is a little fun fact, Jon Bon Jovi and some of the band members use to go to the Playboy Parties. He was never there at night,but if he had some time and he was out in LA at the right time, Jon liked to go to the roller skating parties. Hef had roller skating parties into the early nineties and sometimes he would throw an occasional roller skating party for the fun of it. Jon started going to the Playboy Parties in early 1987. Sometimes, Dorothea would tag along but not as often as Jon would have liked. They are a lot of fun as a couple. Jon us to enjoy carrying Dorothea on his back- piggyback style. Hugh would laughingly joke about trading places with Dorothea on Jon's back. They are very popular with celebrities and people for both of them are excellent at having fun. Dorothea has the best sense of humor and her husband knows how to play off her lead. Hef liked them a lot. Jon brought his sons to a few Playboy Events. Playboy has some nice events for the children of celebrities and the bunnies like to entertain whole events like the farm animals at the Easter Events.

Now back to the story I was telling. Jon likes a bourbon and coke unless he is on a diet then he goes for a light beer or a gin and tonic. He watches what he eats and works out very regularly in order to keep up with the demands his stage performance requires. Jon likes to move and when he parties he gives dancing a top priority. Dorothea is a good dancer as well and she is always willing to allow Jon to draw her up in his arms for a quick spin on the dance floor. This particular evening as I mentioned, Dorothea decided to stay at home. Jon has such a great bar on his property that everyone likes to hang out there. it is like a mini conservative Playboy Mansion Sunday Bar Night. In fact, Hugh Hefner did stop by one night to check out Jon's bar on Jon's property, but Dorothea was not with Jon. Hugh had a couple of drinks and went back to his hotel. Guys doing guy things. I fit in because I enjoy hanging out with men since I am easily entertained with Sports talk or games. Kendra Wilkinson has the same rapport with men that I do. Jon keeps a nice selection of scotch at his bar. They have popcorn which Jon knows is a favorite of mine and a pizza in the oven is often the other snack on offer. Jon likes 70's music. It's Disco night whenever the mood hits him. He does a great John Travolta dance impression and he throws in the accent to tie into John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever character. It is really funny to watch two legends in one as Jon makes the Saturday Fever mood catch on. Jon has a good friend named Tom who usually starts the party going. Tom gets people going by bringing people into a game, or a dance or other activity. Tom is a trivia minded person and he always is on the winning team for Trivial Pursuit or other games. Red shirts are Tom's favorite" lucky" shirts and he always has a big smile to share. They have been friends for years.
Beautiful model
 Jon has a Jeopardy computer game that brings down the house at times. What makes it funny is how involved everyone gets in the game. The music to Jeopardy sometimes becomes a drinking game but Jon doesn't always play along. He is not a big drinker, but more a social one. The trivia games leads to some really off the wall responses. I dont recall exact responses to questions but I recall all the laughter at the guesses.

Jon's property is stunning. We share a love for water. The house is perfect for people who are what are called water babies or those who find joy in the water. I heard its for sale along with all the history and beauty held within its halls.

Here is a photo from last weekend. Life can be your fairytale. It is all in the perspective you bring to each day. Be your own Fairy Godmother by meditating, being grateful, and living a positive, compassionate, joyful life.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

A Romantic Weekend Getaway with Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise and I had checked into this wonderful luxury hotel in southern Miami. I have been to Miami several times and it is always a great time. He picked a hotel near the beach so we could enjoy the view. The suite and adjoining but separate rooms. We liked the privacy of the pool since there were so few people using the hotel pool. It was almost always vacant. Hotel pools can be hit or miss in that they may be crowded or completely empty. I like them both crowded and empty it just depends on the circumstances and who I am with at the time. The pool had its own bar and the bartender was often between the upper floor dining area and the poolside. We did not drink much so he let us know when he would be back and before he left , Jack let us know that he would be coming and going just to make sure we had enough refreshments to get us through until he returned. We had a way to reach him if needed. The pool had a phone line that rang right to the upper dinning area. I dont think we ever had to use it. but Tom and I knew it was available. I mention the pool since that is one of my favorite places.
Romantic Blog on Tom Cruise

After a nice swim, Tom and I returned to the suite. Before I could enter the room, Tom swept me into his arms and picked me up. He carried me into the room and placed me on the sofa. I said in a joking fashion," I am not that tired, but thanks for the lift and you can do that any time you like." Tom Cruise is very romantic and he smiled at my response. He knows how much I love to have him spoon me and I could loose track of hours just talking and enjoying a cuddle. Tom likes to give informal massages and he is great with his hands. It was a Valentine's weekend for us even though it was not Valentine's Day on the calendar. He is loving all the time and I am just as affectionate. He must have had some idea that the hotel was under some renovating which caused it to be unusally vacant. We weren't complaining. the quietness of the hotel was lending itself to the romantic feeling Tom and I had growing. The staff seemed lighter than unusual but they were also very organized and things were ideal. It was one of the most luxurious hotels I have visited. There were other celebrities who had come and gone just before we checked into the hotel. There were so many luxury cars in and around the hotel that I knew the neighborhood was very upscale. I would love to tell you more about the hotel but that might give it away. I know Tom likes to stay there since a lot of famous people do stay there often. Miami has so many nice hotels that each have their own style.

We both were so comfortable that we ordered a nice romantic room service meal with roses and champagne the cart was complete. Tom made sure I had chocolate on my plate. I had a chocolate martini as a surprise. I had never had never had one before. The drink was wonderful just as I imagined. We spoke a bit about how wonderful Miami was since we both have been there many times for many different reasons.

Hollywood Blog Zulie After dinner, Tom Cruise and I decided to go out dancing. He left the room and put on his disguise that I mentioned in an earlier blog. He had a pair of round glasses and a fake mustache. I do think part of the fun of the disguise is playing with the new identity. I was facing away from the bathroom and towards the window when Tom came out wearing the mustache and glasses. He spoke to me in an Irish accent. It was kind of like a Lucky Charms commercial and his spontaneous humor cracked me up. It was the first time I had seem him in this disguise and it was really unique. He still looked very handsome just in a different way. He had a scholarly appeal that was sexy. I think he must have known I would find the new look attractive since he started to flirt with me in character. It was a quick game and then we both left the building to go around the corner to a few nightclubs. We walked right in and no one seemed to notice us. It was early still for clubs and the bar was not full. There were people dancing and we joined in. I would like to tell you more but the blog is getting lengthy so I will have to share the rest of the fun of that weekend in another blog. "Enjoy the day" is a phrase Tom says often so I will leave you with that phrase. Enjoy the day.

A little update on my last blog on Portia and Ellen. Ellen has since told me that Portia got into the mermaid act that Ellen likes to create. Ellen said Portia now has an octopus suit that she slips on inside the pool under the water and then pops up to surprise others. Ellen said Portia loves to make people laugh. Birds of a feather flock together is certainly true with Ellen and Portia.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Portia and Ellen Fun Days in Sun

Ellen, Portia and I went to their favorite swimming club. They both had on coordinated bikinis on and they looked so cute in them. We laid out on the beach chairs and enjoyed the feeling of the sunshine while watching people. Ellen likes to people watch. People watching is a good source of material. Her humor is so spot on. There were so many times, where Portia and I were cracking up. They both like to make others feels included. It was a great girls day out. Portia and I share the same taste in drinks. We like sweet low calorie drinks with a little bubble in them. Ellen could take it or leave it. She  does s, however , enjoy a glass of wine now and again. Portia has a bubbly enthusiasm that is very contagious. I am sure that is one of the things that attracted Ellen to her. I find Portia to be elegant and fun loving. Portia gets excited about simple things. It is always in her eyes. The kind of enthusiasm that overflows in everything. Her art company shows how passionate Portia is about designing a life that is spiritually beautiful. Ellen has that openness to all things that creates flair in her presence. I know I am discussing them and not the events but to really enjoy the story you have to see the people as they are to the people who know them. I have not written a blog about Portia and Ellen since I was not sure where to begin. I appreciate their friendship and the memories they create each time I see them.

Portia likes to tease Ellen that she and I would be good together. Ellen likes to do the same. It is a playful joke since no two are more fitted for each other than these two. They know each other to a deep. Over the years, I have seen them complete each other's sentence with a smile. Their minds think alike.
One of my fav tv shows. Check it out on Netflix.

Back to the pool with my story. We were enjoying the pool when a kid jumped in too close to use. The water splashed all over but we got lucky as only a few drops hit us. Ellen teasingly raised her finger at the boy, who looked nervous, and began to wave it at him. It was like the movie Up and she might have been creating the character. Ellen started to smile and winked at the boy. I hope I can wink someday. I told Ellen that I really cant wink. So they both asked me to show them. I gave winking a try. I squeezed my eye and lifted my cheek. My facial expression was something but it was definitely not what anyone would calla wink. My other eye was almost closed. I did not have the capacity to control the other side of my face. It all kind of merged together. Portia looked at me and cracked up. She tried so hard to be polite and encouraging. My wink got the better of her compassionate ways. Portia cracked up and Ellen joined in the laughter. Soon the three of use were laughing. I have winked in the mirror and on photoshoots so I know how funny I look when winking.
A Mermaid version of me.

Ellen has a Mermaid tail that she sneaks into pool clubs from time to time. She puts the tail under a float so that the people around her don't see what she has in her hands. Next she walks over to the pools, she careful picks an out of the way place, to slide the tail on so that no one sees her. Once the tail is on, Ellen lets the float float away and it reveals her tail. Every time Ellen slips on the Mermaid tail she practically starts a stampede of toddlers and little kids all heading towards the corner of the pool where she sits. The results of the kids seeing the tail is so funny. Ellen gets a kick out of the reaction they give her at learning she is a mermaid.  Portia always watches from the sideline tilting her head down as she laughs. Ellen likes to play jokes on people in real life as much as on tv.    

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