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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Spending Time with Rod Stewart and His Family

I was staying with Rod Stewart and his family at a guest house. Rod's son Sean was competing in a celebrity tennis contest. Sean was in the doubles division. He was paired up with another celebrity daughter, but I can't recall her name. She wasn't a regular at the Stewart household so I think they might have been paired up by lottery. Liam had a nice repour with her and I think they knew each other. Liam has a happy go lucky nature that comes with growing up as part of Hollywood's Princes, but he is always aware of how lucky he is to be who he is. Liam is modest and approachable like all the Stewart children.
rod stewart and penny lancaster

Liam's team won the first match. Before the second round began, we ran into Nicole Kidman. She was there supporting a few of her friends. It was a charity event but I don't recall the cause just how much fun I had. Nic was drinking a wonderful loaded lemonade. She is an expert on drinks and many other subjects. Her incredible memory is an asset to acting and it makes her one incredible trivia game player. The Stewarts knew Nicole would be there. After we shared a few laughs, the group went different ways. Nicole went back to her group and we decided to go back to the house. I am always up for a swim and a drink poolside. Rod and Penny always have the best atmosphere  with exquisite design. We got home and all put our swimsuits on. The had a gorgeous pitch of Sangrias sitting on the main poolside table. Rod decided not to go in the pool and Penny kept him company.  After a quick swim, lunch was brought out. The meal was a wonderful avocado and mixed greens salad with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese topped with a yummy salad dressing. We all ate our fill and I dried off.

Rod Stewart is an excellent pool player and Penny is very good at pool as well. After lunch we decided to play pool. They led me to a beautiful formal yellow room that contained a white ornate pool table.  I am not the best at the game, but I do enjoy it. Rod, on the other hand, is able to masterfully handle the pool cue.
pool cue
By far, Rod is one of the best pool players I have ever been lucky enough to enjoy a game.  As he plays, he adjusts to conform to the table in order to make so many difficult shots and his hand is always steady. Every time I watch him play, it is always like watching a professional pool player. On this occasion, he was particularly in his element. We both were amazed at the game as it played out. I was more awed with the level of skill I was observing than Penny.  Penny is very good at pool as well whereas I was simply a player amongst talented pool pros. It was a great afternoon that led into a great evening of gaming. Penny is one of the sweetest ladies and Rod knows she is a doll. They are so cute together. I have enjoyed every evening that I have spent with them. 

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Vacation with Tom Cruise

One of my favorite vacations with Tom Cruise occurred when we were staying at a luxurious guest house with a lovely pool. The pool had a stunning fountain and the house was decorated in a classic style.

tom cruiseAfter unpacking, Tom and I decided to go roller blading. Tom had on navy shorts and a grey t-shirt with a cartoon image on it and I had on a pink shirt white floral shorts. There was a park nearby that is well known for its roller blading paths. We drove up to the top of the mountain and slipped on our skates. The sun was bright. There were a few clouds in the sky. It was the perfect temperature for movement and exercise. The wind generated by our skating felt incredible. It was like flying under our own power. We did not have wings but the speed of the skates combined with the slight breeze made it all seem like flying. Skiing sometimes gives me that same flight feeling. We skated part of the way down before stopping to look at the view.  I think it would have been the perfect spot for a picnic, but we weren't prepared that day for a picnic.

When we got back to the house, Tom and I were very hungry. We decided to look to see what was in the refrigerator. I peaked over Tom's shoulder to see what was in the frig and I noticed a bottle of champagne in the corner. It was well stocked with lots of food including fruits, cut up veggies, a salad combo and so many other items. Tom looked at me and said," Let's order in." We decided to get food delivered. There was a wonderful French restaurant nearby. There was a menu in one of the kitchen drawers.

tom cruiseThey next day, Tom and I visited a nearby spa with a big water area. It had slides, stream areas to ride along and wonderful fountains. We enjoyed the pool areas. They had several tubes to use and the poolside bar was another plus. While enjoying the open area, we came upon Adam Sandler who was there with his family. Adam started a tip over war. I am not sure the correct name of the game or if there is a name. Adam got me several times but Tom was not as easy to tip over. The game of tipping friends over is such a fun game. Adam took his share of times in the water. Then we all decided to float down the relaxing stream.

 The spa is a common hangout for celebrities and staff are use to seeing so many famous people that they never blink an eye. It is all so natural. There are several vacation spots that are frequented by celebrities throughout the year. Often only the locals know that their town is a celeb hotspot. I once teased Adam Sandler about tearing up a 5 star hotel with his wild partying which was a total joke since he read his book most of the time and swimming. Adam said, "He likes to show the wife a good time, and sometimes it means tearing down the house literally." Adam cracks everybody up. He likes to tease Jackie. Once and awhile, he will get her to blush. Jackie is a sweet person.

We stayed at the pool all day. Tom made sure I had sunscreen reapplied as needed and I did the same for him. There were lots of quick kisses and cuddles in the water. I have always said, Tom is a very affectionate man who likes to cuddle up. I have some fantastic memories of cuddling up with Tom and enjoying the warm loving feeling. The spa had nice cabanas set up that allowed for relaxing, eating and drinking in a cozy way. Swimming, relaxing, drinking and just having a great time. The slides were pretty open. I enjoyed them. Water slides are exhilarating. They look so long, but go so fast. Time flew by and the day was wonderful.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

Kate Hudson Girl's Night Sleepover

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson likes to have a group of friends over from time to time. Kate is always happy when she hosts a sleepover. In fact, Having known Kate for several years, I think she is constantly vibrant. Her vibrance is part of what makes her one of the sexiest actresses. She has such diverse and happy go lucky friends. Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson's Mom, likes to see her daughter happy and vice versa. Kate's Mom always stops by when there is a sleepover or girls night planned. I get excited when I see Goldie. She often says there is a world of love out there to remind everyone of the potential of the day and the beauty of a peaceful mindset. Goldie gets the group stirred up. The mother and daughter duo are like two peas in a pod.  On a side note, Goldie makes the best Margaritas. She is also great at doing hair. Her freelance hairdressing is really more like a day at the saloon. She is every bit as talented with hair as a professional hair stylist and very modest about it. All Goldie needs is a few hair ties and some ribbon to create fun. Kate gets her hair done often by her Mom and everyone else joyfully volunteers to be next. Her like to have a turn getting a Big G Makeover Hairstyle.

Goldie HawnKate keeps a variety of nail polishes at her finger tips. She likes a rainbow of colors which fits her personality very well. She starts off with one color but ends up with two or three nail polish colors. I loved the pearlized blue nail polish in her inventory of colors. Goldie put the nail polish on me while Kate was busy having her nails done by one of her friends named Karen. Kate's friend Karen is a bundle of laughs. She was teasing Kate about something. they were both cracking up. I think Karen's Nail Shop might be a hit since she didn't stay in the lines on one of the nails which might have been why they were both laughing. It is hard to tell which came first the mistripe nail or the laughter. I was busy listening to Goldie and having a blast so I only saw it out of the corner of my eye. I love it when we do makeup since some of the techniques are so outrageous. Lots and lots of glittery color is the best way to describe the fun makeovers. I guess it is the pixie in all of us that draws Kate, Goldie and myself into the glittery, sparkling makeup or body paints of all types. At one of Kate's sleepoevers, Kylie Jenner dropped off some cosmetics for us to play with. Kylie is such a blast. I think she was in the area and decided to stop by no one knew she would gift us all cosmetic play items.

Kate has such a beautiful home where natural beauty overflows. She has gorgeous flowers and the house has such a pure energy. It flows exquisitely from one room to the next and from inside to outside. The house is Fung Shui. Kate brings a bowl of fruit without thinking about it an shares the fruits with those in her home. It is subtle but it means she is always promoting good eating
habits. Of course, there are times when Kate will hold a junk food party but those are not often and she does it with intention. Everyone eats from a buffet that is left out for all to enjoy. We both enjoy the same types of food like hummus, veggie and salmon burgers. I had the best peach cobbler at one of Kate's parties. It was so light and delicious. there are few deserts that leave a lasting memory but that cobbler was amazing. Kate loves peach pies and cobblers. I think her mother use to cook them for her when she was a child. The parties she throws are always memorable, relaxed and more fun than you can imagine.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Down the Shore With Jon Bon Jovi

I went to a beach house with Jon Bon Jovi and his family. I dont usually spend time with Jon's kids since it is usually socializing with Jon and Dorothea and sometimes Jon and his other buddies. Even though Jon lives by the water, his family likes to enjoy the ocean breeze from the Jersey shore. At times they like to go camping or using a motorhome/tour bus is not unusual for them. Jon is a pretty easy going, outdoorsy kind of guy and his wife is the same lifestyle partner. They both enjoy pretty much the same things. With years of wedding bliss, the couple have such a way with each other. I really enjoy seeing them and their tender ways. Jon and his wife remind me of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Both couples enjoy such a romantic, appreciative lifestyle that they all glow together and as individuals. Nicole and Dorothea both have such sweet puppy dog personalities . I use the term puppy dog personality because puppies have a way of adoring others so deeply and they show so much heartfelt appreciation for the little things in life.
jon bon jovi

Back at the beach, Jon and I decided to go for a walk along the ocean to watch the waves. Dorothea decided to stay at home and enjoy reading. We had all had a busy day swimming and playing in the ocean. Dorothea likes to relax in the evening sometimes with a nice glass of red wine. While we were walking, Jon reached down and picked up a seashell. He handed it to me and said," With this seashell I promise to be a good friend for life." It was a bond of tradition. In his family, seashells are symbolic of love and the purity of the family. By giving me the seashell, he was saying I was part of his family. Jon has a way of making people feel close to him and that side is the fatherly aspect so apparent in everything he does on and off camera.

 We came upon a flock and began the futile attempts at chasing the birds. Jon Bon Jovi knows how much I like to chase seagulls. The birds didn't seem to mind as we both attempted to get closer to the nearest bird only to change directions as that one took flight and another one became the closet bird. They flew around us, but never gave Jon or I much thought. The seagulls weren't concerned by our playful exchanges. It was neat how much they let Jon and I interact with them. Tossing and turning in the air as the flock swirled around us. We were running back and forth and they were flying up and down. The whole thing must have been quite a sight. There were people on their balconies laughing as they watched us. Jon and I had so much fun playing. There are have been many occasions where both Jon and I or Jon or I have spent time in the company of such sea birds. It is always a fun experience.  He keeps a seagull in his office that reminds him of the fun times we and others have shared playing with birds.

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Getting To Know Howard Stern

One day Brad Pitt and I decided to meet up with Howard Stern at his Penthouse. Before we were introduced by Tom Cruise, I knew Howard was one of the nicest guys. We have several friends in common who told me so many nice things about Howard. The Shock Jock as he is called is really a teddy bear. He is very polite at all times. Howard values nice people and he is always willing to show his appreciation to others. He is a wise person who likes to share his knowledge on so many topics. I can honestly say that he is one of the most interesting and exciting people I have ever met. His diversity of knowledge along with his legendary memory is part of what keeps Howard in demand. He discusses so many things each time you meet him, that you walk away knowing some really neat information. He has a way of keeping the conversation moving and the variety of topics all flow. He listens with intention to everyone. That intent listening is one of the sweetest things he does. When he hosts a party, you know you will eat good. The food he serves is always fantastic. You get to know a lot about each other. For instance, Beth Stern's favorite color is pink. Ashton Kutcher's wife, Mila's favorite color is yellow. Howard and I share a mutual appreciate for Yoga. He also values Qigong. In fact, he recommended Qigong to me. Little known fact, he shares the same birthday as one of my family members.
Howard and Beth Stern

It is fun to observe Howard with different people as the dynamics change. Tom Cruise and Howard sometimes get philosophical and discuss religion of all types. They are both so open minded. I have researched different religions and sociocultural ideas that we all have a blast intellectualizing as we grow. David Spade and Howard have a similar sense of humor which leads to a lot of laughter. The conversation topics are very different, but always funny. When Nicole Kidman sees Howard, she likes to tease him about how tall he is. It is really funny because Nicole is tall as well. Nicole gets away with it because she is so adorable when does anything like that.

That day, Howard took us for a bike ride through Central Park. It was a cool fall day. I like the fall colors and the park is not as busy in the fall as it is in the summer. Howard doesn't like hot weather for sports and neither do I. when the weather is hot, I prefer to swim or splash play (as in water sports). We rode along the path joyfully discussing many things. Brad was a little quiet. I recall he was more interested in observing than in being as conversationally active as he usually is. Sometimes Brad can be very entranced, in a good way. He like, Howard, likes to take it all in and enjoy the moment to its fullest.

We stopped in front of an ice cream store. Howard bought the ice cream. There was a rush to give the lady the money since both Brad and Howard wanted to treat. I got mint chocolate chip ice cream in a cone and Howard got a small dish of chocolate truffle ice cream and Brad had the same. They were like two peas in a pod once we got our ice cream. They both started chatting and this time it was my turn to listen. I enjoyed watching them have so much fun together that I forgot the time completely.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

How I Met Ashton Kutcher

I met Ashton Kutcher through a mutual friend. I have known him for quite awhile. We have mutual friends who keep us both informed.  Ashton and I met the first time at a bar in Hollywood. He was single at the time. It wasn't a blind date. It was more like a friendship hookup than a blond date. When we met, we realized the chemistry was there for both of us. The reason, he set up the meeting was we both kept hearing each other's names in different settings so the intrigue to get together was growing. He called me set to a meet up. Ashton is a sweetheart of a guy and a great friend. His loyalty throughout the years has surprised me. Michelle Obama was one of the people who said Ashton and I would hit it off . Michelle knew we'd be good buddies and she was right. One of his many great qualities is insight, Ashton gives me his valuable input on things. We share a lot of respect for each other. Mr Kunis is a great person to spend time with and he always has a smile to share. That night, we were definitely flirting with each other. Ashton has a sexy look that he gives to women
Ashton Kutcher
when he wants them to look at him. It's intensely hot, but that's why he gets so many good looking women to be his friend not to mention his good luck love life. He has told me he started doing the sexy look he gives as a kid.  Ashton is an older spirit but he likes to play like a young one. His wisdom and comforting demeanor make him a great friend for anyone- male or female. He gives 100% to his friends and family much like Tom Cruise. In fact, you could say that Tom Cruise has a little Ashton in him and Ashton has a little Tom in him. They both amaze me with their kindness.

After a drink or two, we set out on the dance floor. Ashton and I love to dance. It is one of the things we share in common. He is a sensual dancer no matter how fast the beat. We wore ourselves out on the dancefloor.

Mr Kunis drinks for pleasure. I recall we discussed baseball since we both enjoy playing baseball. When he went back to the table he had, Ashton bent over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was sweet. I know he really liked me since Ashton does not kiss anybody on the first date or the first time he meets someone. His affection has a meaning. Our first meeting was the only time, we came close to being a couple. Our friendship has grown over the years and its nice to see him so happy and in love. His wife Mila is one of the reasons for his joy. She is one of the sweetest ladies. I love to see them together.
Maxim Covergirl pose

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Friday, June 5, 2020

David Spade's Pool Party

That night David Spade was in a mischievous mood. Instead of putting on his usual swimsuit, Spade put on a gold speedo. I have the feeling someone gave him it as a joke and he hadn't worn it before. It was the funniest thing, even though David looked good in it, no one saw it coming. I had a history of calling men's bikini swimsuits or speedos a certain nickname that makes most people laugh the moment they hear it.
david spade

Adam Sandler was wearing a swimsuit that had a small hole on the left butt cheek. Everyone called Adam "cheeky" that night and it might have been part of the reason why David put on his new golden glow.  The women cracked up as the two of them enjoyed hamming it up as they strutted their stuff. It was like being on a Moroccan beach where the men love to strut in thongs and other least amount of clothing possible. Sandler gave it back by humming cords of adult movie style music that he has making up and David got the message. His come back was, "jealous?" or some variation of that theme.
adam sandler

On and off, we played volleyball in the pool for a couple of hours. The sunshine started to go and we decided it was better to enjoy David's patio. We all got out of the pool. Once I was sitting down, he came over and dried my shoulders off with his towel. He always likes to kiss so I got a quick kiss. Sandler did the same thing for his wife Jackie. David is a romantic,attentive and considerate guy. He has a nice set up. Before long, Spade came out with a shish kabob that he had been delivered and he made sure everybody got some food. It was very impromptu, but it totally worked.

He did not have any servers. We all decided to go inside and watch a movie. of course we watched a comedy. David Spade likes foreign films and that might be a reason why he is so involved with the commentary on the Bachelor. There were about 10 people who had ventured over to party at David's. in the group was a really fun Australian couple. Lorenska was the wife's name. She was so fun and her charisma made her fit right in. David had picked a good film to watch.  I recall I laughed a lot. The fact that I was curled up with David that made the movie so enjoyable. He is such a sweetheart.

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