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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Nicole Kidman on a Red Carpet Day

My day starts with a nice freshly juiced green drink and some eggs. I like to take a nice long bath in the morning while my kids come and go throughout the day. Sometimes the hair dresser comes to my house. I prefer it if they do. It means my family gets to enjoy watching me. If the stylist has a little extra time, the person will give the girls a little up do or something fun for them to enjoy. Keith peeks in to smile and remind us he is there. Keith always looks so proudly at me. I love having is little impromptu visits.

Before the stylist shows up I enjoy a quick workout. A little cardio on an elliptical or a quick run to get me in the right frame of mind. I do a little weight work to make me aware of my muscles. It is also a physical release that I enjoy.I am usually excited and enjoying every minute of the day.

Once the stylist shows up, the fun begins. I usually have an idea of how I would like my hair done, but not always.

The dresses show up the week before, to make sure there are no problems with how they fit and to allow me time to think about the accessories, hairstyle and makeup. Some designers send over the jewelry as part of a complete look. They send over a sketch that shows my complete look. Not all of them work that way. Designers will however always coordinate with a jeweler. I might get to pick some of the jewelry I wear from a selection the designer and jeweler have assembled for me to wear.

The variety of looks I have chosen is a reflection of the variety of ways I want to be seen. Kim K understands this because she has a variety of looks but they at always sexy.

I enjoy the arrivals. Getting out of the car and seeing all the fans is always a rush for me. Joyful excitement and a little bit of tingle is the best way to describe the feeling I get when I step out of the car. The fans make the whole evening special. The feeling of love I get from them makes me feel lucky and blessed. If Keith comes with me and he usually does, his romantic nature responds to the love he sees being given to me by so many. Keith gets excited and caught up in the moment. I love him even more because of how he makes me feel when we have an appearance. Keith is the handsome Prince and I am the Princess. It's a beautiful feeling and its is really hard to describe.

The Red Carpet gift bags are always really nice. There are a lot of generous gifts inside. I always enjoy them.Yves St Laurent is one company that donates so much and I love seeing their products in the bags. You never know what you will find inside the bag and that is part of the fun.
The  rest of it , I will save for another blog and maybe Keith will add his input.
Zulie's favorite experience at a Red Carpet Event is a little different, but I am sure when I share it, you will laugh.

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