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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Celebrities' Interview on Max Beauvoir

"I learned so much from Max and my life changed because of him. I had always had  a strong love for God the creator. Max was the one who deepened that love .He challenged me to go within and look for Jesus inside our hearts. He was the one who showed me how to love. Above all, place God in every equation and you will always come up with a solution or an outcome that is perfect.Max was one of the best men. I loved him very much."- Jon Bon Jovi on Max Beauvoir.

Max Beauvoir

Dorothea Hurley, Jon Bon Jovi's wife,- "Max Beauvoir made love come forward from inside. I was amazed by him because no matter what happened he always smiled and gave thanks to God."

Nicole Kidman-"I met Max Beauvoir before I became famous. I grew close with him and I loved him very much. He inspired me to try to achieve my best. Max was a good friend to me and he helped me to find who I was. Being close to Max was special. He knew how to make you feel proud and loved.The wonders of his way of thinking caught me off guard sometimes, he never lifted his problems above anyone else's. Max loved as much as he could and then even more. The inspiration of his life touched people."

Keith Urban knew Max before he knew Nicole and Max Beauvoir helped them find each other.
Keith Urban- "The man Max was made you feel peaceful by just being in his presence. The gift of joy ran through him and in everything he did God was always foremost in his thoughts. Nicole and I spent time at Max's home as often as we could. It was a beautiful place for us."

Tom Cruise -" Max Beauvoir was a gentle force of kindness that the world needs. There is nothing like him. Explaining Max to others isn't easy. Max was not the kind of person you run into every day. He has soft and loving but strong and resilient. He always said Jesus gave him his strength. Max instilled in me a similar kindness, he showed me how to lead by example. That means be resilient and let your joy takeover."

David Spade- " Max made me laugh even when I did not want to. He was capable of saying anything at any moment. Max inspired Chris Harley and I. Max's religion made his sense of humor strong. The ability to say so many funny things and have his life centered on God, was another of Max's higher qualities. I loved hanging out with him.  Max was everybody's friend"

Max's foundation continues to improve the quality of life of many in Haiti and throughout the world.

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