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Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Dear Friend Angelina Jolie

I am hoping that by reminding people what Brad and Angie
what they were like together when they were happy that people will stop wondering and looking for the bad stuff between them. I am hoping that reminding others will help to remind Brad and Angelina how much fun they had together so the hurt feelings and anger can stop. I love both of them and they both are beautiful people in many ways. Brad and Angelina will still be beautiful people together or apart. Building up the anger that is between them through gossip is not going to help. Loving them and accepting them will help.
Brad and Angelina might find something that they both might be missing.

Angelina Jolie's sex appeal makes her seem very mysterious. Her mystery is an aspect of her the media cultivates  because it makes men fantasize about her. Angelina has so many good qualities it's hard to list them all. She is a loyal friend and loving person with a giving nature. Those aspects of her are a part of her image as a humanitarian and mother. What is surprising about her is the silly things Angelina gets into and not just because she has kids. Angie likes to Busta Move. She enjoy random dancing with or without music. For no reason, Angelina will start dancing sometimes in a silly way and sometimes in a sensual way depending upon her mood. Either way silly funny made up dance or sexy soulful dance, it is always a treat to watch and join in with her. Brad likes it when Angie and I dance together. The Dalai Lama in Brad likes to observe us dancing. Brad watches for a little while and then he jumps in. My husband jumps in and the party gets going.

The other thing I like about Angie is her analytical side. Angelina is a thoughtful person and she is very good at analyzing people. Her skill in analysis provides her with a great level of understanding. That gift helps her to connect with others and with the characters she brings to life on the big screen. Her ability to connect with is not just instinct it also has a basis in psychology that she has studies in great depth. Sigmund Freud is one psychoanalyst that Angie often quotes. Brad will respond with a spiritual response that challenges Angelina and then they both start cracking up because it is a way of teasing each other.

One of the best things about Angelina are we are so much alike. We are both silly, playful and love getting into all kinds of things. Angie and I love spending time with children and we both see ourselves as kids at heart. There is not a game or a toy that either of us would not pick up. Dressing up and acting is just a form of play and pretending. Throughout all of  Angelina's elegance there is still a goofiness that pops out. The goofy part of Angelina is so much fun and setting Brad up in some playful way is fun for us both. Yes little pranks or sometimes playful teasing is fun.

Brad and Angie give love to so many people and the love they give is always strong. That is part of why they are together because they love deeper than most. As much as Brad loves Angie there is always a part of him that he gives to me alone. Brad sings the same song to both of us. "Lay Lady Lay" is the song from Mr and Mrs Smith is the song that Brad sings to Angie and I. When Angie and I are together and when we are alone with Brad, he will sing "Lay Lady Lay"whenever the mood fits him. Angie does not compete nor get jealous and neither do I .We all think of each other as part of the same family. Angelina and I feel like sisters and Brad is someone we both have a history with. The way Brad is now is a combination of the two of us and neither Angelina nor myself would change Brad in any way. The closeness of the three of us will always be a part of each of us. Angelina always has an open hand and an  open heart. An open hand to hold and to help and an open heart to love.

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