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Friday, August 31, 2018

On a Side Note - Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt and Jon Bon Jovi

On a side note,

Leo DiCaprio heard about my recent blog where I  referred to him as an indirect acquaintance. Since then , he made sure we spoke to each other even though it was not in person. By saying to me" It's nice to meet you and now you can say we have met." Leo removed himself from the outer circle of my blog right into it. I hope the friendship continues to grow since our families have a history together of a strong bond and that is the way he wants it to stay. As he said the gift that was given to my Grandmother is a gift given to family. It represents a link throughout the generations that lasts. Leo Di Caprio is a very loyal person  and good hearted. Some day I will share some of the stories that his great uncle Ben shared with me about young Leo. Leo would stay with Ben from time to time and Ben got a kick out of Leo in many ways. He was very fond of his great nephew. I could tell that Leo was special to him by the way Ben would smile as he discussed young Leo.

The teapot given to my Grandmother by members of Leo DiCaprio's family.

When I spoke to Brad Pitt, he reminded me about my heavy bag. Brad always brings his fists up and pretends to move around like a boxer or he mentions my pink gloves. He likes to know that I am practicing my boxing moves since we both feel boxing like certain martial arts are great for the strengthening the spirit. Boxing releases so much of the fight or flight energy that we call stress. Even a relaxed person can benefit substantially from a boxing workout. It is a balance between my gentle Yoga practice. I will have to write about it more in my makeup and fitness tips blog. Now that I think about it since Brad started doing the playful boxing at me, Matthew Morrison joined in the fun and started doing the same thing.

Jon Bon Jovi always says anytime I want to write about him, I am welcome to do it. He is such a sweet guy and a great friend to so many not just Jersey girls after all he has the best Jersey girl of all time Dorothea ;) A little more about Jon Bon Jovi and summer fun with him and Dorothea in an upcoming blog. Jon is one of the funniest people and writing about him always makes me smile.

On a side note will be part of a series where I update one of my latest blogs with feedback or additional comments made by the celebrities involved in my writings.  

This summer also brought a new little freckle that made me and others smile. I have had freckles all my life. I now have a heart shaped freckle on my right thumb.That is my pool towel beneath my hand. It was another swimming day :)I need to take a picture of my pointed ear in one of my blogs. It looks like a fairy ear-lol #whatafunnyworld

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Enjoying the Summer with Michael Buble

Michael Buble is one of the funniest men. David Spade loves to tease him. When I found out Michael was selling a popular bodycare product that is famous for multi purpose uses. David started laughing. It wasn't that Michael needed it for certain reasons. Michel is one of the most handsome guys in the media anywhere. His fans fall all over him and not just because he is an amazing singer. He has the looks, the personality and the demeanor to make himself breath taking to many women. The fact that Michael's sense of humor can be found in the product is the little twist. You know many people had to get the inside joke of him selling that bodycare product that made his hands so smooth. The only thing David and I can figure out is that Michael likes to have every detail of his appearance perfect. Smelling good, looking good and feeling good might be the all around package that makes him complete. After all Michael Buble is more than just a sex symbol, he is a sex symbol's sex symbol.

Not everyone can start their own bodycare products and it is not because everybody doesn't love them but for some reason things just don't take off in the same way. For example, Daniel Tosh was working on his on line of bodycare products with very special hand lotions.  His lotion was tested out by allowing women to feel his hands. Tosh almost got arrested trying to get women to feel his hands. He concealed his identity in order to get an honest opinion on his cremes by wearing a mask. That cartoon mask looked like a duck and the overcoat he wore seemed to complete the look and further conceal who was inside the coat so he would not draw a crowd. The women misunderstood what he was saying. "Let me show you how my hands feel" "let me touch you to show you how great I feel" to unsolicited women on the street might not have been the best test marketing strategy, but it's a part of Tosh's magic. I am glad he does it his way because he makes the world funnier doing it his way. Everybody knows I love the music of Don Diablo and he is such a sexy guy.  My husband is starting to know the words since he is nearby when I use the rowing machine Tom Cruise suggested. In fact, I play it when I workout. I noticed Tosh looks a lot like Don Diablo and they have the same chemistry. If the two of them did switch places at one time or another I feel the crowds of both would get very confused. In fact you might even say they could be twinsies. Maybe Tosh has something up his sleeves. Tosh asked me to put up a sexy photo so here you go Daniel and he gave me more details on the lotion test marketing. You know you're such a cutie or I would not have gone on vacation with you and the dates we went on were some of the best.

In the past few days, Michael Buble came forward and said he wanted me to me write about his summer vacations. Since I was having so much fun in my Summer, it inspired him to share some of his stories with me. I will write about that now that David Spade and I have had our fun teasing Michael. Teasing Michael means I am fond of him and he knows it. Half of Hollywood's celebrities likes to tease or play jokes on each other. Those jokes are part of the magic of Hollywood. Laughter makes life fun. For example, Jon Bon Jovi is a great fan of many of my jokes. He replicates some of them on his wife Dorothea. She is one of the funniest Hollywood wives. Sorry Dorothea for the butt towel Jon gave you . As Jon and Dorothea know my cheeky husband wears his butt towel outside for all the neighbors to admire.
My husband modeling the same  towel Jon Bon Jovi gave Dorothea.

Back on topic, Michael Buble has a place he goes to near Disney. Before he was a celebrity, he obtained the property at a good price. Michael's income was enough that he could afford a discrete place and with a little help he did. He has a set of Mickey Mouse ears that he likes to wear inside and outside of the theme parks. The couple enjoys photobombing people sometimes without the person knowing it. Ladies check your Disney selfies. If you happen to take one in Disney and you see a Michael Buble look a like in the background waving at you, it just might be the real deal. Another thing Michael does is he likes to catch the actors in costume off guard. When he sees a cartoon character in between performances, the singer likes to grab them and start a duet.  Even though Disney is known for hiring the best vocalists from all over, certain actors are meant to be silent. Michael has caught a couple of silent Minnies who then were forced to sing along with Michael. I am told, you could almost hear the smiles behind the costumed faces. Can you blame them? What woman would ever turn down an opportunity to sing a duet with Michael Buble? If Luisana notices the character is on the run, she tries to hold him back but sometimes it is impossible to keep him from the impromptu jam session.

Luisana likes to sunbath but she is very careful to apply a strong sunscreen. She enjoys the warmth of the sun on her skin. The couple likes to go windsurfing, parasailing, and snorkeling. they enjoy most sports with a particular fondness for wrestling each other. I have often heard it said that they can't keep their hands off each other by more than one friend . I agree they are adorable.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

Having Fun With Brad Pitt

The way Brad Pitt and I get along is special. We have known each other for a long time. Being able to predict each other's next move is an awareness that conveys complete acceptance of each other. Brad's sweetness has always contributed so much to my life and my humor shared together openly makes us both live a little freer. Brad does airplane arms for no reason, if you want to know where he got it from, look no further. I inspire him to joke in a certain way. Even if the other person does not know me directly, they can sometimes figure out that his out of place behavior or off the wall quote is sourced to me. "Jesus solves all problems" is a quote he got from me.

We inspire each other to add humor to life in many ways. His long time friend, and my indirect acquaintance, Leo Di Caprio knows when Brad is mimicking me in some way. Brad does a great rendition of my voice and my hair flip(I wasn't aware that I have a hair flip). Leo has his own accented voice that he thinks I might sound like if I was playing a Rockstar. When Leo breaks out the Rockstar me, Brad likes to play Leo's groupie and makes googly eyes him. Funny loving looks are exactly what I am famous for amongst certain people. When I look at people I am fond of, a unique warmth is conveyed in my eyes that makes people feel good. Think of Katie Holmes and you will see she does the same look really well. The imitation Brad and Leo do of me is all in good fun. I am happy they do it because I know they adore me. I have an impression of Brad that he enjoys. Like a lot of other actors, improv and funny impressions are a common place. Tom Cruise knows I do a great impression of the well known comedian Jim Gaffigan. Tom caught me in the act one time when talking to someone else. Jim's whining and his "to himself" voice that he does on stage is so much fun to use in everyday conversation.

Brad is known for his funny gags and where he gets that aspect of himself comes from his childhood and the loving examples he had growing up. His family shared lots of funny business just like mine does. Brad's Mom gave him lots of inspiration. She is one of the funniest people. According to Brad, if it was not for her he would be very mild mannered with less creativity and a lot less mischief in him.   Brad's Dad's jokes were similar to his Mom but she was always the one who started it. Brad says the love his parents gave was more than he could describe. Joyful  living is a part of their focus. He feels accepting unconditional love by giving and receiving it made him open to others in the way he is. Brad Pitt is good to so many people because he simply likes being good. His thoughtful behavior is one of the best parts of him. Without explaining why, he simply wants to help. Brad's philanthropy is one public example of his openness and willing to take a stand for others who are in need.  The loving side of Brad is a part of him that I rely on. He's the best is what I say to him and he knows I mean it. Knowing for so many years and being able to rely on him is why I say that to Brad.  Brad is a sensitive man who has a loving heart.

He knows that I love doughnuts and this is a recent interest of mine. #doughnutlovers #healthyeatinghabits  My food interests come from out of nowhere and they go on until I suddenly release them. Some of my readers might recall my cupcake interest of the past. My current doughnut kick has not been as intense as cupcakes were in their heyday. Cupcakes came and went because of supply issues. To be honest when you are having homemade gourmet cupcakes like my girls make, then store bought products just aren't the same. If I wasn't going to get the good stuff from my own kitchen, then I let my cupcake fad go. My kids will bake for hours on the most elaborate filings that make my mouth water every time. They became famous for their cupcakes right down to the marzipan sculptures on top. They don't do it every day now so I give cupcakes a miss.

Brad's sense of humor and concern for others blends into a wonderful combination of these two aspects of his personality .His sense of humor makes him able to help people through difficult times. When storms hit and difficult times occur, he is on the scene. Often he arrives quietly without the media knowing. a good man does not need attention to lend a helping hand.

The best way to help someone heal is to make them laugh. Brad has done some outrageous things in a humorous way because he knew how to reach the families he was working with at the time. He knew that what he did would bring life back into their days by giving them hope and a reason to laugh. Brad Pitt has a very "David Spade" like personality. When those two are together it is hard to decide who to watch. They both have an amazing ability to improvise and uncanny impersonations pop out of them both. I feel Brad is like David in other ways too. They both have experienced times in their lives where personal issues became the forefront and it was not easy for them to bare. Neither of them will ever complain but sometimes the publicity can be draining .They both go through it by using their sense of humor to heal over the rough bumps.

My intelligence was one of the things Brad was originally attracted to. We both share many interests including our knowledge in building environmentally and ecologically sound housing. The material chosen makes a difference in air quality and health of all beings not just the homeowners.

On a side note, Brad mentioned recently that Tom  Hanks laughingly says, " I am the worst at keeping secrets." about me. Brad went on to say Tom has fun any time my name is mentioned. Seeing me with a Tommy Gun is something that Tom Hanks jokes about because I am so feminine and my house is full of all kinds of cartoon characters, legos and computer games that the two don't mix. The fact that I am known to love cute things ,nail polish and pink things means Tom has a lot of fun making Brad and Leo crack up with his visions of me playing rebel in a very girlie way. I have to see it firsthand since I heard Tom Hank's description is hilariuos.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Matthew Morrison Family Time

Matthew Morrison is one of the best fathers. He gives himself completely to loving his son and engaging in each activity and milestone is a source of great . Matthew enjoys them all. His Sherpapa clothing line is an expression of his commitment to teaching his family about the positive role model a father should be. He is a constant source of love as he should be and his son glows as a result of all the love and attention he receives. I give Matty credit for continuously striving to improve himself. Being sensual as well as enticing to other females enhances his strength while allowing others to enjoy their own desirability. His Christian faith is one of the reasons he reaches for the best outcome. In everyone he meets, Matthew loves to connect and show them how much he values them.
Matthew Morrison one of Hollywood's handsome fathers. I know he will blush when he reads this caption since he always blushes when I say he is handsome.

I have given you a lot about his psyche and now I will give you a few examples of why I see Matthew through loving eyes as I do. Matthew gets covered in water every time his son gets a bath. The splish splash time is a favorite. Revel loves the water and is very much the fish. Renee lets Revel explore freely and simply cleans it up after the fun has ended.

Matthew discovered that his son likes it when he crawls around on the floor and howls at him like a wolf or sometimes he is a fox with a sound like a bark. The animal play makes Renee laugh too an she is known to join in. Monkeys are her favorite animal to portray just like me. We both share the visions of ourselves as big, makeup wearing(bright red lipstick, blue eye shadow, over the top blush and fake eyelashes) albino gorillas. The Gorillas we imagine ourselves to be wearing cute sundresses and high heel sling back mules then we act out that fantasy in a playful way.

Renee sings to Revel when he sleeps.That singing makes Revel settle down. I don't know how much I should delve into childcare but I see a lot of myself in their parenting styles. Even down to the way I wore each child until they didn't want to be carried.
I had the exact same carriers for my children and wearing them as I called it was my pleasure.

The older Revel gets the more he squeals. The more Revel squeals, the more Matthew does. Its a circle of love and joy. Renee's pride is with the whole family and how they reflect tranquility in highly visible roles. They dont give into all the distractions that prosperity brings but rather live simple lives doing simple things like every other person. They don't get caught up in definitions. Everybody is an equal. Having friends who are not as well known keeps them in touch with the lives they once had. Treasuring each person and friendship has made them both very happy. It is a loving way to view the world with open arms and joyful smiles. Seeing the world as friends is their philosophy and each opportunity is a chance to meet a new one.
Me enjoying Splish Splash. Matthew thought this image should be included since it made him smile. The reason he laughed is my usual pool friendly forever21 hat is hilariuos especially with my dark wide rimmed glasses. The Perrier water bottle has been in the pool for weeks, but somehow its become a floatie toy and nobody takes it out. In fact when we can't find it, we look for the bottle under the pool rim.  Its a fun image since I was having such a good time and despite my husband's requests to leave the pool just like Revel, I was not ready yet. Sometimes Revel's mommy Renee has to wait a long time before the water stops flying.

Here is a little tip- Barrack Obama has a close friend he calls Michel Millions. Our last President likes to give nicknames to people he is fond of. If you hear him call you another name than your own, then you know your in his special people group. Little did I know a few years ago that the Michel I knew as a very nice voice over the phone was that close to Barrack nor did I know how much people thought of him. Since then I learned the Michel(aka Michel Millions) I was set up with was one of the most affectionate and generous men. People keep saying to me whenever his name comes up , that I would have really enjoyed his company and I should have given him a chance. So if you run into Michel, tell him thanks for doing so much for so many. Matthew mentioned I should include this because we discussed Michel in passing. The fact that Barrack gives everybody a nickname is enjoyable to everyone who knows him.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Spending Time with Angelina Jolie

I had so much fun playing laser tag with Angelina Jolie. She is great at the sport. Getting all decked out in war paint before the game is what makes a true laser tag player a real laser tag competitor. Running around like some of her movies and even faking a "laser tag death" cranks me up. She goes "Lara Croft" as Angie disappears before the game starts. The accent sometimes makes an appearance depending upon the day.  Her favorite joke is to say "Peek a Boo" right before she nails you with the tag. I can't help cracking up every time.

One of our family pets & one of Angie's favorite 1st grade puppy photos
She gets so excited playing with puppies. I have never seen a person who get as caught up in our furry friends. Most people are drawn to cute puppies, but not in the same way. You can always tell when she sees a puppy since she lets out a squeal. Her puppy squeal is so unlike her reserved sexy persona but it is so endearing. Angelina Jolie will make puppy dog faces while talking to the animal and both get even more excited in the process. Occasionally, in all the energy I have seen a puppy loose control over its bladder while Angie was playing with them, but you win some and you loose some. Its all a part of the fun.

Angelina Jolie is a very spiritual person just as her persona conveys but she also has a light hearted side that makes her very balanced. One discussion we had involved our feelings on spiritual people or individuals who are enlightened to enough to comprehend advanced concepts. Angie and I both agreed spiritual people are a part of the heart of this world. Random acts are not really random but they are seen as spiritual moments when God comes through. People who are able to understand those moments are insightful of divine connection. Their confirmation that a random act was really divine communication gives the world hope. For some people mysterious events joyous God Winks are a part of their every day life those are spiritual people. God always keep his eyes on us. He sends people to help us see his love. Those spiritual people can be family members, friends, spiritual leader or even strangers whom we meet only once. We are not always engaging in such deep conversations. When the feeling hits one of us to ponder the mysteries of life and to share our perceptions with each other, then all kinds of thinking can occur.

Our silly light hearted moments mix well with our insightful moments and that is part of the reason our friendship has continued over the years. It is good to have meaningful conversations because it opens up aspects of people that enables both spirits to gain in beauty. Humor is important, spirituality in my opinion is important. The two together bring out beauty that neither is complete without. Spiritual people are usually funny, funny people are usually spiritual. Angelina Jolie is an example of that combination of spiritual funniness- in other words a deep thinking funny woman.
My cat Winnie's photos, videos and his behavior makes Angie laugh since he has an unusual personality and his own fashion sense, Here he is wearing a paper towel wrapping. He hopped right into the bag as you can see it. Winnie will  wear almost any outfit and he loves them. His furry friend Tux plays in bath water by jumping in and splashing water all over. Tux even has his own kids bath toys to play with but if anyone leaves the toilet seat lid open-look out. Tux will splash the entire contents of water all over the bathroom and Winnie jumps in to play with the water. These types of stories from my life that makes Angelina and her kids laugh.

Dancing is a way that Angie likes to shake off the day. Dance is her favorite way to get in cardio exercise. Doing lots of squats is another part of her day to keep her legs toned. All styles and forms of dance are fun. In Angie's opinion, formal dance such as ballet is disciplined but it is freeing. She enjoys the style and is familiar with it having some schooling in ballet over the years . That schooling has helped her to appreciate all that goes into being a ballerina. African dance is Angie's favorite because she can simply move as her mind and the music takes her. I too appreciate the drums, but I am not as experienced in African dance as Angelina. Her commitment to explore freedom of movement as part of a lifestyle is something I respect in her.

We both love to practice yoga together and her kids joined in with us. Yoga has given both of us a quietness and ability to reflect on certain spiritual aspects of life. Angelina Jolie likes to practice Yoga in the morning before lunch. Upside down poses use to be favorites of the twins. Angie's favorite pose is the tree pose. We both find it easy to achieve and fun to stand in.

Sock puppets were a favorite play with younger kids for awhile. Zahara was especially fond of sock puppet play since its a form of acting and Shiloh use to like dinosaur puppets.

My next blog is about Matthew Morrison

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