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Monday, February 20, 2017

Dates I have had with Matthew Morrison

I often spent time on the East Coast with my family. New York City is just a short train ride away.Princeton,New Jersey is very close by train or by car. I love to spend time in Princeton. I started going to Princeton and New York City as a kid.
I met Matthew Morrison before he was involved with Glee. Before he became the beloved teacher Mr Schuester. Matthew Morrison was not someone I saw myself settling down with even though he was every bit as handsome as he was fun to be with. I was not able to commit myself to living on either coast at the time on a permanent basis, but if it had been a different time in my life then I might have followed him anywhere he asked me to follow. I think the general consensus would agree with me that being in a relationship with Matthew Morrison is worth moving for in almost every case. His fun loving spirited nature is almost intoxicating at times. Matthew gets funny wild ideas on a regular basis and going along with him is a blast. I am just as prone to what some would say are outrageous or silly ideas and we had so much fun together. I know I mentioned before that we enjoyed improvisation. Improv is part of the joyful play creative people often engage in when together. It just kind of happens. We has so many wonderful dates it is so hard to pick a favorite date. Mathew was always excited to see me and the feeling was mutual. He has a warmth and sexy way of approaching me that I will always remember. He is a very affectionate man who is also an incredible kisser and kissing him is definitely dreamy(as they say).  Matthew Morrison has always had his own style and thankfully he does not change. Even before he was famous, women noticed Matthew and I enjoyed watching them.

The Jersey shore was another place we both enjoyed. Matthew Morrison knows all the great places to go. Anywhere we went, he seemed to have a special hangout to eat, drink and be merry. Making a place is own is easy for Matthew because he talks to everyone. Renee Puente, Matthew' s wife, will tell you he is always the life of the party. Renee is perfect for Matthew. The two of them together can entertain the entire room with out thinking about it. They both have a charismatic spark that lights the energy of the group and makes a playful shift in any group occur. Walking along the beach together  as a couple was fun and going to theater productions was another common interest we shared. Matthew Morrison likes hiking and sports as much as I do. Being active is important to both of us. Sometimes, we would just go to the park and go for a hike. Walking in nature is quieting and spiritually soothing. Mathew Morrison is a very thoughtful person and very observant very much like my husband. My husband and I enjoy hiking together just as Matthew and I did years ago. Matthew Morrison is a sports fan and we both like to follow football.

Matthew Morrison is a guy that can sweep you off your feet literally. Since we both love to dance, dancing together while he sang or just dancing to the music that was playing in the background was a lot of fun. I looked forward to dancing with Matthew. Our combined dancing experience meant we could move perfectly in sync together and that also meant that any time we danced together, we always drew a lot of admiring looks. Together we pretended to be on Dancing with the Stars and joked about some day actually finding ourselves on the show as a couple. Who knows ,we might just make that little daydream a reality some day with our favorite cheerleaders- Renee and my husband Harv on the sidelines rooting us on. Matthew gave me this shirt and said with a smile, "For old time's sake." He was teasing me as if to say like I would need his autograph to remember how much fun we had spending time together. Matthew has a great sense of humor that he has in common with his wife. They both laugh and create laughter all around them.

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