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Friday, August 19, 2016

Why Tom Cruise Prefers Cartoon Movies

The reason why Tom Cruise prefers cartoon movies is not because of his daughter Suri although he enjoys making her happy and she loves watching cartoons. Tom says he prefers cartoon movies because his friend Evonne told him that what you watch effects how you feel. Tom feels I am right. Tom Cruise noticed after he started watching the same movies I watch, his spirit started becoming joyful more than what it use to be. Tom is known for his happy go lucky nature, but he is not always happy. Nobody is joyous 100% of the time, however he is happy most of the time. Sometimes even Tom Cruise has a bad day. He noticed that if he watched a cartoon movie, even on his bad days, his joyful state would return easily. I like cartoon movies for the same reason and when I write about them as Zulie, I talk about how happy they make me. I  bounce through the day and I able to shake off any negative feelings that others find a normal part of life. Even when I get upset ,it does not last long. If I pop in a cartoon movie, before I  know it, I start laughing. If I am really having a tough time or if I just want to bounce for the sake of the pleasure of bouncing, I get on a trampoline and bounce away. Pretty soon, I am giggling. Tom noticed me doing that and now he has a trampoline that he uses. Every time he jumps, he finds the same joy overcomes him that overcomes me. We are like two peas in a pod in that way We both jump for joy in a quiet literal fashion. The joy of jumping is consuming for us both. It doesn't take long for either of us to find the laughter flows from within us.

Tom Cruise and I noticed that when we are jumping, hearing our laughter makes the people around us start to feel joyful. It is like it spreads. The person who hears us may not be watching a cartoon or jumping, but their reaction is always the same. They can't help but smile while we crack up laughing .It might be because hearing someone laugh has an impact on a person, smiling in return is a natural reaction to hearing laughter. We both spend a lot of time rebounding.

 If you want to make someone's day happy, buy them a good trampoline and put on comedy of some sort or better yet do what we do and watch a cartoon movie.  As simple as that sounds the two used together has a powerful happy impact on not only your life but the lives of those around you. Tom Cruise and I both swear by jumping on a trampoline while watching a cartoon or comedy. Its obvious life can be fun and literally funny.

Will Smith is another happy jumping cartoon watcher. After Tom told him my secret to solving problems and staying happy, he gave Will a trampoline, and Will had the same experience. Jayda thought the whole thing was hilariuos. Hearing Will giggling and busting out laughing was too much, she started smiling and before she knew it she was laughing along with Will. "Jayda is usually one of the happiest people you could meet, she laughs along with most situations." as Tom likes to say to describe Jayda Smith. He tells me my idea of watching cartoons while jumping on a trampoline caught on and now it lives in two more households. Tom thinks I am on to something good. Without my influence he would not have found joy of jumping or watching cartoons on a regular basis. Happy Jumping!!

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