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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bon Jovi's Christmas Cookies

Christmas is a favorite time of year for everyone. Many family traditions include delicious cookies. Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea take part in the baking of the most delicious cookies. Even though the Christmas cookies are always beautifully decorated,they taste better than they look. Jon loves to spend time covered in frosting and little sprinkles as he masterfully decorates each and everyone. Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea make a variety of cookies . My favorite are the cute gingerbread men that always come out looking like little rockstars or band members. Jon shows his sense of humor in the shapes of some of the festive baked goods. I won't give away the secret but I will say some of them seem to be decorated with the sole intention of making people laugh.

Dorothea has the perfect kitchen for baking. Jon Bon Jovi and his wife can cook up a dozen in no time.

Every time I see Jon he likes to play a number game with me to see if I am paying attention ,but the secret to the game is the solution he is looking for as the answer is impossible to  arrive at using a logical format. I play along with him,but I know it is unsolveable riddle meant to make us both laugh. It's a guessing game where Jon keeps changing the numbers.What is really funny is he has to keep changing the numbers because I keep getting close to solving it. The clues he gives me are hilarious sometimes he uses hand gestures and those crack us both up.

The reason I mention Jon Bon Jovi's cookies and the number game together is the last time I saw him, Jon was eating a decorated sugar cookie and he began to play the number game with me. I had to laugh and recall all the fun that game has given us over the years. I hope Jon fans  share in our laugh. Knowing Jon Bon Jovi is a little stinker is kind of funny.  He gets into antics that are really fun to be involved with and it's a side of him that I don't believe many are aware of. Jon is playful, but always respectful . Good clean fun with a slightly ironic twist.
A little known factoid, I attended a school as an undergrad near Red Bank . I enjoyed the area's restaurants for years.

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