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Friday, May 29, 2020

David Spade and I Enjoy Pool Time

David Spade and I were at one of his neighbor's pool parties. It was an other celebrity whose name I will not reveal since I don't give away secrets. The party was a lot of fun and the guests included Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie. We left the party and went over to Spade's house. 

Over at David's house, I saw he had a volleyball net set up inside the pool from another get together he had hosted a couple of days before. He knows I like to play watersports so he had left it up in the pool. Before long, everybody was in the pool playing games. The fun had begin and the humor was starting.  
davis spade

Adam Sandler was with us and he kept teasing me about my bikini. There was so much splashing that I had gotten a little cold. Adam looked at me and said," its nipples weather" and "its nipply weather out". Adam is always full of wise guy comments. He is never disrespectful or mean spirited. He knew I would laugh at it even if I was blushing while laughing. Sandler has a quick witty lifestyle and a sense of humor to match it. Adam and Spade can turn a crowd into tears of laughter at a moments notice. They are just so much fun. The other thing Sandler always does is he always says he has the best wife. Every time I have seen Mr and Mrs Sandler, they have spent a lot of the time playing off each other. With so much comedic talent in the group, it is always special no matter what we do. 

Maxim Covergirl
While at his house, David confided in me that he almost became a zoologist. If he had not followed the path to become a comedian, he would have been your local zoo keeper or possible on a discovery channel program about wild animals. David has a soft spot for animals. He took me to some amazing aquariums. While on one trip to a zoo, we got unlimited access to the animals. We had a behind the scenes tour of the inner workings of this zoo. I will share that story in an upcoming blog. 

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Behind the Scenes wtih Tom Cruise

I mentioned in my last blog how Tom Cruise took me to a movie studio for a behind the scenes tour. When we arrived at the studio, I knew Tom had it all planned out. He took me to a Western set. He held my hand as he showed me around. It was very exciting for Tom to share his work with me and I was enchanted by all I saw around me. We walked through different scenes and buildings. We came upon a stage coach. Tom opened the door and we both climbed into the coach. It was very romantic inside the coach as we snuggled up upon the comfortable bench. We both got so caught up in the joy of the moment as the stage coach set the mood. Tom Cruise looked me in the eye and asked me to marry him. I was quite surprised. He did not have a ring, but the proposal was real. Tom is a romantic guy who lives in the moment. I did not accept instead, I teased him by saying,"Next time if you have the ring, we can make it official." I was only joking since the idea of being Tom's wife had occurred to me in different outings. When a relationship is going really well, it is natural for both to wonder if this is the one. The fantasy of finding the one becomes the reality of the one. Fantasies become a reality only after they have been a fantasy. Life is like that, so I enjoy living wildly through moments with so many optiTom Cruiseons of the day filling my mind. Tom has a creative mind that flows through things all the time and that is part of his dynamic charm.

We decided to go for a walk amongst the worlds and explore the movies sets around us. The two of us went our cuddly coach. As we walked, I saw there were living rooms, hallways, kitchens and other sets but what impressed me most was how small they were. The sets had a lot of details in them. I liked the items and artwork that was placed on each. It is amazing to think of how the entire world on each set has to be well thought out and created down to the finest detail or the film does not have the impact that the conceptual people are trying to create. Each location had a surreal feeling. A few people came and went while the tour continued.Maxim Covergirl

 The Sci Fi set was very cool. I don't know what movie it was from. I just recall how unique it was to explore.Tom liked to show me how things worked in different places that had a meaning to him or that he just simply liked. There was a laser on a command station in the SciFi set. The gun was a metallic blue with a sleek design. Tom picked it to show me how to make the laser fire. The laser fire was interesting as I imagined what it looks like on the big screen. I still have a fondness for Scifi lasers. He had keys to all the prop rooms at each location. We walked towards the Western set again and the buildings had just facades. We spent hours at the studio going from place to place, scene to scene. It was a magical night.

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