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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Playing Tennis with David Spade

David Spade has a natural athletic body. He is at home on the basketball, tennis courts, badminton and soccer. I have heard he can play a mean game of hockey as well. His puck is always in the net. I don't know why he did not become a pro sportsman. He has the right stuff for pro. Being a close friend of David's, I always love his competitive side. Cheering him on as he plays with Adam Sandler is a community event. Everyone takes part in their outings. David loves to throw the ball up when he serves. He always comes down on the ball in his serve with a boisterous grunt that throws off his competitors. It is intimidating because David is such a soft spoken guy, until you get him on the court. He is not rough but focused and agile as he dances circles around most players. Part of his uniqueness is sometimes he literally does dance around other players. His Moonwalk is really impressive. If he starts to Moonwalk, then you know he is into the game and is really over the moon with the experience. He doesn't dance a Moonwalk for everyone. He is the best dancer that is also a little shy. I have so many vivid fun memories of David playing ball games with different people. He loves it. The people who are lucky enough to watch, are in for a real treat.
David loves cats as much as Jimmy Fallon likes polyester and sweater vests. I will explain in a later blog.

David Spade always plays with sportsman like conduct but that doesn't mean he wont heckle certain people in good fun. His silliness on the field is like when I play basketball with kids in the neighborhood. I might take the basketball and start walking down the street with it or I might add in a tickle move to steal a ball. In amongst the silliness, I play for real but laughter is a part of life.

Possible style of David's shorts from a tennis game. 
As far as sports attire goes, David Spade wears the shortest shorts I have ever seen when playing any kind of sport. Nobody ever complains about the short shorts. Adam might tease him about the length because Adam gets a kick out of them. The reason why I brought up his tennis game is because it is such a conservative game. I dont want to start any rumors, but from what I heard he has a pair of ice blue silky shorts cut in the famous 80's style. He has not worn them with me but I have heard that he made several ladies heat up

while wearing them. David has great legs. I was surprised when I heard about those icy blue shorts since he usually isn't that flamboyant but he is always redefining himself. Sex symbol is a title he has had for many years. I am not sure exactly what the shorts look like from the descriptions I can only picture something like these pair.

A little known fact, David Spade is the one who made me want to play tennis again. I had lessons as a teenager but was not as good as I had wanted to be. His shorts were a lot like the old tennis instructor of my past. That instructor went on to groom several state competitors.

On a side note, Tom Cruise keeps asking me to go outside and make a snowmonkey since I have the habit of discussing a monkey cartoon character with him. tom knows it is one of the only snow animals I have not made in purple snow(food coloring).

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Gif of the Photoshoot and video work form last weekend.

A little fun with one of my cats during  photo/video work. My wonderful hubby sometimes wishes I did more of that scrubbing like motion on the floors instead of the cat. The floors aren't as grateful nor are they, for the most part, as fluffy as the cat.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Matthew Morrison's Humorous Habits and Fun with Jon Bon Jovi

Matthew Morrison has an amazing voice that conveys such emotion. He lights up his audience with his big smile and enthusiasm for their presence. A grateful performer lives in his heart. We like to sing duets together. Matthew has a way of making up lyrics and letting me finish the direction. We might start singing about a daydream and end up singing about an elephant. He has a fun side that makes the twisting lyrics really funny. Matthew's prankster comes out and my little imp eggs him on. Our compatibility lies in how well we respond to each other. Music and dance combos are always top of the list for our fav activities. For us, even housecleaning results in Broadway numbers including full dance routines.

We have more common interests than I had thought. I mentioned buying Van's for a family member and he mentioned he has the famous sneakers as well. He likes Van's sneakers. The last time we spoke, I asked him what is the funniest thing you do? He responded with his skeeball game. When Matthew plays skeeball, he throws the ball from in between his legs just like it was a bowling ball. The video clip I got was the funniest thing I have seen in awhile. I cracked up so hard when I saw him do it. It takes a lot of coordination to throw that tiny ball at the ramp from that position. His pun is related to my funny bowling. I have been known to throw the ball from between my legs in the movie style. I love how he throws the skeeball while having his back towards the ramp and lands it almost in the direct center whole. The dexterity of a fine dancer comes out in so many ways. Matty can make things fun and funny so easily. His wife Renee is always a jokester. They are like two peas in a pod. Whoever gets to sit next to them at one of the banquets they attend is always in for a real treat. Good mascara is a must when spending time with them since tears of laughter often occur.

Jon Bon Jovi has a similar habit to Matthew Morrison and his balls. The rockstar builds snowmen. He builds it between his legs so that the snowball is round. The humor of the position as well as the movements Jon makes while making the massive ball means that everyone has a good time. His facial expression are exaggerated because he is trying to make everyone laugh at him. This is especially funny when you consider that he has such a very muscular body so creating a snowman is not a difficult endeavor for him. I know my usage of Frosty the Snowman in a recent Brad Pitt Blog was a favorite of Jon's so here  is the photo : ) #alwayswillingtoplease Jon's favorite snow hat is purple. Dorothea gave it to him a few years back and he always wears it when he plays in the snow. I liked this unicorn since its feet are close to the same color as Jon's purple fun hat.
Even unicorns like this pose. #havingfunwithprops

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Angelina Jolie Secret Action Thiller Movie

The film is based upon a heroine and her escort played by me. In the movie, the female lead played by Angie gets betrayed while working as an assassin. The betrayal is different than the ones seen in her films Salt or Mr and Mrs Smith. This stab in the back is more high tech . For example, there is DNA coding, hidden computer chips, a form of brainwashing or hypothesis that only takes effect in certain situations and more. She has to join the bad guys in order to escape from being killed. While a member of that evil group she has to keep her cover as she tries to figure out who in the agency betrayed her. It is a sellout with many twists and turns. Angelina's character has to be very smooth in order to hide her true intentions while being the main squeeze of the of a very nasty bad guy. It is like sleeping with one eye open at all times. One of the film's opening stunts includes freefalling from a building on to a tent set up for them to catch their fall while they escaped the good guys. The alleged agency had somebody working for a third bad guy organization.
In jest, Angelina Jolie and I have discussed a comedic version of the same plot line using based upon an extremely competitive shoe sale and battles over a certain pairs of shoes with high tech gadgets. The competing divas would one up each other even though they were best friends to the point of risking life and limb to gain the hot pair of shoes. As a result of the shoe game, other moms became involved in the exchange between our two characters over the shoes. The other mom's group of characters becomes the third agency just like in the thriller. The three competing agencies with multiple stabs in the back themes transformed from the original plot from action to farce. Sometimes Angie will throw out a twist in the shoe plot and our two minds will build upon it. It is an ever evolving running joke as the entire premise is over shoe collections.

Shoes from my shoe closet

Women and shoes can sometimes make people go crazy or so the shoe jokes convey. While on the topic of shoes and feet, there is a funny joke that I tease Nicole Kidman about. I have jokingly said that she had steel tipped toenails that grow at three times the normal rate and Angie's grow the same way. "Rapunzel let down your toenails".  With one clip, pedicures involving Nicole's toes became a danger zone. A clip would send weapon like toenail boomerangs flying throughout the room. The woman who does Nicole's toes has to shave her toes first, but its all a funny wild joke since we all know how beautiful, well groomed and amazing she is- right down to her toenails. Hollywood women are always well groomed with idea manis and pedis being the norm. The concept of boomerang toenails might come from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.
These are Nicole Kidman's real pretty non hairy toes.#nicolekidmansperfecttoes

Angelina Jolie is a very happy person by nature and a little shy to start in a one on one situation. Once she warms up her open heart leads the way. One of the funniest things I have seen her do is her beaver impression. In fact, almost every one of the many impressions Angie can do is roll on the floor laughing kind of impression. She loves to play with chopsticks. Jam sessions often break out around the dinner table in Angelina Jolie's home. I don't think she would have it any other way. Both Nicole and Angie tease me about my wild hair. I can make the best upside down while standing upright hair without a drop of hairspray. I might have mentioned how my daughter shaped it into a unicorn horn that stood straight up.

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Me trying to decide which shoes to wear. #blondedilemas #shoesituation 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Wet and Wild Swimming with Tosh

Daniel Tosh is one of the funniest guys on land get in him in the water and "Wet and Wild"has a whole new meaning. He is never rude nor indecent unlike the persona on his show where he deliberately tries to reveal as much of his anatomy as possible and in as many wild ways as he can. It is part of his charm and appeal to the audience Tosh has. He wore a neon green speedo swimsuit. I think he picked his swimsuit out because he knows I call speedo style swimsuits "peenie pushers" #completelyinappropriatebathingssuits That name made him crack up the first time I used it. #justforlaughs He is such a handsome guy that he can pull off almost anything and make it look good. I like his wholesome ways. When you get him one on one he is not boisterous, but actually very soft spoken with a carefree loving outlook. He enjoys holding hands. We had other unique words for things not just "peenie pushers" such as the term  "sea monkeys" used in references. Sea Monkeys are a people who love to swim and swim really well. There were a few other things that went on that made the day wild. Mostly of the wildness was the humor we shared. Tosh likes to sing at random moments just as I do. He sang out several summer songs to make me smile. I joined in with him on in duets on a few of them as the Karaoke moments broke out throughout the day. Tosh reminds me so much of Don Diablo. Every time Tosh sings now I think of Don and listening to Don Diablo makes me think of Tosh. On a side note, a male friend I have told me that Don Diablo likes to kiss a woman's hand. It was said to him that a kiss on the hand is a sign of respect and adoration.

From Daniel's wonderful bubble face to his famous porpoise impression, swimming with Tosh is always fun. Spending time in the water with him is always fun. The porpoise impression he does involves making his body streamline as while flying forward through the water. Surfacing to let out a porpoise call that is really good and very unique. In the distance, I could have sworn I heard a lion respond to him. Daniel has always told me he likes a good waterfall. He never explained to me why. Here I am in the middle of a waterfall.

The pool was at a nice hotel in the US. Florida will be everyone's first guess, but it was not a pool in Florida and it was not winter. I like a little mystery so keeping you guessing with a few clues is fun. Daniel was not famous at the time, but I always knew he would be. He had so much to offer and the spark that makes a person really funny was in almost everything he did. I might be slightly aggerating
but why not he is not known for his subtly and that it was makes Tosh so much fun to watch and spend time with. Tosh bring whisky with him in a little flask. He calls it his,"trashy juice". There is a story behind it but I will save it for another time. It might be related to the fact we both think whisky
gets people trashed really fast. I have never seen anyone as good at snorkeling as Daniel is.

He can go underwater for a long time with the mask and stay under. It is impressive to me as he seems to melt into the environment and he always comes to the surface of the water with a big smile. During a conversation, Tosh mentioned he had always been a strong swimmer and that might be how he got his impressive lung compacity. We both have the ability to talk to about almost anything to each other. He is a very good listener and equally good conversationalist.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Fun in the Snow with Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is one of the most creative people who always has the latest joke to share. His acting and spiritual gifts have drawn people to him all his life. He is a structural minded person with schooling to support his interests in architecture, design and fine arts. What people dont realize is building a great snowman takes a lot of structural know how. I dont have the requirements to truly build a enormous snowman. I can build a great snow bunny, snow furniture complete with snow tv, and other random items in the use of snow. That evening, Brad and I decided to go with something conservative so we started with a simple snowman with a knitted cap. Where the snow art began was not where it ended up. The first snow design of the traditional snowman was perfectly rounded with each ball situated exactly on top in the direct center. It looked as picture perfect as any snowman on any Holiday card. We both enjoyed the rolling and completing the product was so much fun. In my many years of building snowmen of all shapes and sizes as well as colors, I could not replicate the roundness that Brad could achieve. He has an engineering mind even though he does not realize it, but the engineer in him comes out in subtle ways like the round snowman.

 Brad gets caught up in having fun that he looses track of time. As I mentioned before when you are so happily engaged in something you enjoy, you loose track of time. The state of mind where you happily forget everything around you but what you are working on is achieving in simple terms the flow state of being. Brad gets into the flow often. His happy go lucky nature and his imp streak make him a lot of fun.
The most famous snowman that makes everyone smile 

We got into all kinds of fun with the snow that day. Things got very creative as a game of Snow Pictionary developed. We each began to mold the snow into different shapes while we stopped to ask the other person if they could guess what was being created. Nothing we created was very big at that point. Many of them looked a lot like alien life forms.  The most successful snow creation that I crafted  that day was a snow leopard. Trying to create a snow leopard was a difficult mission but I accomplished the task. Brad guessed what it was pretty quickly and that surprised me. His bulldozer snow creation was the best. We were speed molding in as the game went along. Once the item was correctly guessed a new design would begin. Guesser became creator and vice versa. He and I were cracking up so much at the guesses and the masterpieces that tears of laughter broke out. Even though it was not part of the game, the llama we created together was outrageous of all. The llama had the biggest backside that it almost fell over, but we fell over instead laughing. References to the classic movie Ghost began as we both made comments. It crossed my mind that Jon Bon Jovi would have started some snow fight since Jon always loves a good snow battle.
Zulie Perfect
Monkeying around :) I used fun glitter lotion in my latest images

Once the game had ended, sledding was our next activity. We used a couple of sleds he had in his car. The sleds were the circular style. I was surprised at how much speed we could pick up since the incline was not that steep. Our game of tag was a slippery engagement. I would like to say I kissed him the first time that night but I had already kissed in many times in the past. He is always a great kisser and I am sure Gwyneth Paltrow would agree with me:)  The night went so quickly, most good evenings do.

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