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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

David Spade Fulfills My Fantasy and Adam Sandler Gives Him a Hand

I had been making statements for years that one of my wishes was to meet the Invisible Man, but not just the invisible man but I also wanted to meet a Martian from Venus and a well trained pink elephant wearing a floppy blue hat with a purple flower. Adam Sandler realized that the last two would be difficult but the Invisible Man was an easy one. All he needed was a story that would appeal to me. Adam knew from David Spade and from what he had read online that I preferred cartoon movies. They both knew every weekend, my family and I have Family Movie Night. It is a family event. Everybody gathers together and has popcorn popped the old fashioned way in a Whirly Pop cooked on the stove. We watch a comedy or if we are lucky a new cartoon movie will come out.
Hotel Transylvania was an idea Adam got by combining two things I really liked the Invisible Man Wish and the fondness for cartoon movies. Knowing I had already met David Spade and that David and I were still very important to each other, Adam had a script written to include David in the role of the Invisible Man. It was a way to give David something funny to show me how much I still meant to him. By making David the Invisible Man, Adam Sandler gave me my fantasy man in the format I would find most appealing -a cartoon movie. Molly Shannon was involved in the project because she is another close friend of mine.
The character if Griffin, the Invisible Man, is similar to David. They both have a soft spot for women and they both want to find the right one. David Spade is one of the most romantic people I have ever known and his sense of humor keeps me laughing night and day. Sometimes, he makes me laugh uncontrollably  hours after we have spoken about something. That is one of the things I love about David, he is always going to find a way to make me smile. David's romantic side is a part of him that has touched me so deeply that it moved me to tears. One example of how soft hearted David is at times, is that he serenades me with a special song. That song is very sentimental to us both. It is a beautiful song by Bread that we both enjoy. Whenever David wants to get my attention, he starts to sing it to me and I melt. The song will always be a part of us. Here it is
David picked the song because the words in it said everything he wanted to say to me but he couldn't find the words. I have known David Spade for over 20 years and he never stops amazing me. God blessed me with David Spade.

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