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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Modeling, Acting, Celebrities and Zulie : My Relationship with Tom Cruise

There is a lot of curiosity about how I could have dated Tom Cruise. Tom is a master at slipping in and out of locations and the Church of Scientology helps him to maintain his privacy. Whenever Tom wants it, the church will make arrangements to keep his whereabouts hidden. They have places that Tom can come and go as he feels like without anyone realizing who he is or where he is going. It sounds like they know exactly what they are doing because the Church of Scientology are masters at the shell game. Keeping Tom from getting overwhelmed by the Paparazzi and protecting his personal confidants is art of the way they keep their mystique and the Church offers that level of security to its other important members. It is a valuable assets to everyone who is linked with them. Even the White House admires who they are able to orchestrate the movement of their people. Whenever Tom Cruise wants to see me, he is able to and the details are theirs alone. Our relationship is not a secret to any of the members in fact it is the opposite, they pray for me from time to time. Whenever Tom asks them to, the Church will hold special ceremonies to help the people he loves. They offer this service or prayers to all their members because they enjoy praising God and helping people.

Tom Cruise is someone who I draw upon for strength at times and to share joy with because his voice is always strong, warm and constant.
Tom wanted me to use this photo of me because he likes it because its a funny image. Tom has a great sense of humor.
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