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Friday, October 26, 2018

Tom Cruise's Surprises

Tom Cruise enjoys having fun. His practical jokes are always funny. He has prosthetics and eye makeup that he masterfully applies. The old man character that people fell in love with is based upon some of Tom's real life adventures. He has dealt with some very interesting older people with strong opinions on his film choices, acting performances and a few other subjects. Even though some of the seniors were to put it mildly strongly expressive in their opinions , Tom always has a gentle reaction and a smile to give each fan. I think its funny because I know his mind is referencing the incident for future antics. If your creatively minded, fans can be great sources of material. It also means that Tom  pays attention completely to what is going on.
Tom  always looks great in black.

When he created that character for the public to enjoy many people had already had their time with that loveable persona. Les Grossman is an example of the old man personas he has created.Tom would on occasion go completely incognito by dressing in flannels and polyester pants with or without a vest. The character he created in real life was intense in his behavior than the one we are familiar with from the screen. Tom was creating that character for several years. He would bring it out on a whim or when it tickled his fancy to make other people laugh at all the mischief one older man could get away with. My husband jokingly has the same concept of his own rebellious character and behavior patterns that are very much like Tom's but slightly different. They are both completely different people but their humor is similar at times. I have seen Tom use his old man character to hit on older women just to make their day as well as to see what they do when he whistles or tries to snuggle up to them. It is really funny as most women are caught off guard by grand gestures of affection. He is a sweet man to make the ladies feel beautiful. When the women blush, he knows he has them. In a costume or as himself, Tom Cruise is always one of the nicest guys you could ever run into. If you see an old man who vaguely looks like Tom, you just might be looking at the real Tom. If you do dont ruin the secret in other words don't ask him if he is Tom. You will have more fun with the wild senior than you can imagine and so will he.

My next blog will be about Prince Harry. He teased me about my socks in this photo.

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Blonde Model
This photo is a little joke since Tom knows I am extremely flexible. Years of daily Yoga does have its perks.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Peyton Manning's Surprises

Peyton Manning is always charming. I love his sense of humor and how he great he is at surprises. One time he surprised me a at bar he knew I liked. It was set up. I went to the bar with a few friends. I was not excepting Peyton to be at the bar. Some of the group took our drink order and went to the bar to get the refreshments for each person. My back was towards the bar as I enjoyed the conversation. The next thing I knew, Peyton was bringing the drinks over as if he was the server. He towered above me, while I was right between his arms with a smile I said,"I remember you". He smiled and said,"I know you do." Then he pulled up a chair and sat down with the group.
Peyton always loves football. This is one of my favorite pics of him because it is part of his charity work.
When Peyton felt like going swimming in a group, he would pick up the phone and organize a pool party. His personality is very charismatic so there were always people wanting to see us. One of the pool parties we went to involved the most ridiculous floats. He couldn't resist playing as he went right for the funny toys. I recall him popping up inside of several funny floats as he tried them on for laughter.

Peyton always enters the pool by doing the most perfect swan drive into the pool. He has an Olympic style of diving. Seeing a football player springboard into a pool by doing a swan dive is in itself funny. To others that have never seen his dive, their surprised reaction is always priceless. that night was no different for the swan came out to everyone's amazement.

At the party, Peyton snuck up behind me and picked me up. He enjoys surprising people by picking them up. Being picked up by him is irresistible. It's a bit like Tarzan when he picks you up and flips you over his shoulder. Very few people know that Tarzan is not Peyton's only impression. He does a brilliant Donald Duck. Whenever he does the Donald Duck, he always adds a twist. Donald does not flirt but Peyton does. Hearing him saying a pick up line with a duck voice always gets my attention and a giggle. The Duck surprise has appeared often over the years I have known him.

He has a look when he tilts his head slightly down with a big grin that means he is flirting with you. It is a sexy look that Peyton does very well. You would be surprised how many women get caught up in that look when he flashes it. Even from across the room, he grabs everyone's attention. I don't know how many times he got me to loose my train of thought when he would give me that look. His wife Ashley gets it all the time, but she is used to it. She knows to bat her eyes to get the tables to turn. Peyton has a really soft heart. It is his soft heart that makes the look have such an impact. They say the eyes are the keys to the soul of a person. When people he loves say nice things about him, Peyton always gets excited.

On a side note,
If you have been watching Peyton's latest commercials, he has a clipboard in his hands. The joke is I left my clipboard at one of the TV show auditions I was called in for. The fact that I brought a clipboard to a TV show was kind of funny to everyone. In fact, I am not completely sure why it came up. The next thing I know, I am being asked to bring out my clipboard to work with it. I got caught up in what I was doing and left the clipboard behind. I did not realize it until I got home. Somewhere in Hollywood my clipboard might be floating around. Peyton has never told me whether that is my clipboard he is holding. He teases me when I ask by never giving me a straight answer.

Since it is October, here is a pic of me in one of my costumes.
Go Go Girl costume with lovely white leather boots.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Snorkeling with Brad Pitt

Bad Pitt and I went snorkeling one day. It was a special trip since both of us love wildlife and experiences in different underwater environments is always remarkable. He had been to the snorkeling location he took me to before. His experience was worthy of repeating . It gave Brad  insight into how to attract certain species to us and where in the site was the best location to view each distinct area. We swam close to the shore. The view was clear to the distant areas of the ocean. I had been to LA so many times before but this adventure was new to me. In previous discussions, I spoke about the several different aquariums that I had owned throughout my life. Living on the East Coast as a child fostered a strong interest in me for aquatic life. The smell of the ocean is intoxicating and waves are hypnotic. I enjoy the water.
Brad Pitt in ad by Chanel 5
One of my favorite ads and photos is from Brad's Chanel campaign. He knows I love Chanel 5. A few of you might not know I have always only worn Chanel 5 as my fragrance.

Brad's swimming background made him a natural snorkeler. He was such a good guide as he pointed out each fish that darted into our path as well as those that were in the distance. Before long I got wrapped up into this underwater world so full of beauty. Some of the fish would swim up in curiosity much like on the tv shows. The fact that we were so close to each other made the time extraordinarily fun. He is one of the most loving men. Brad likes to show off his knowledge of snorkeling and underwater skills.
Here is a piece of my underwater art. The ocean inspires me. 

One of the things I like about Brad is how he gets completely engaged in each experience down to the finest detail. Savoring each moment as he learns.  He is a great teacher. I enjoy being a student. At times we switch roles with ease. For example, he does not know as much about the Ballet as I do so we switch roles. We are both always learning. Humility teaches us to always be aware that opportunities will provide themselves for growth that only an open humble mind can experience. Through growth we transform. Life is dynamic as a student and a instructor. Maybe that is why I enjoyed my work throughout the years as a teacher. From camp counselor, to swim instructor in several communities, to teaching cheerleading to aerobics in gyms and even my teaching of disabled children. My extensive experience gave me a gauntlet of knowledge on how to instruct with respect and love. Good teachers reach out to students of all ages and all abilities to provide for them the experience of useful knowledge. At the same time good teachers listen to what each person has to say. It is an exchange that makes the relationship of student and teacher work so well. Brad is a gifted instructor. When he helps a person to understand his views or gives them new knowledge, he shows them respect combined with patience. That day Brad was really shining as a teacher for I learned more about the experience of snorkeling and wildlife than I had in most other new experiences I have had. He taught me a lot that day without realizing it.

Much of the communication was nonverbal after all we were underwater with snorkels in our mouths most of the time. Hand gestures, eye contact and loving touches was all we used to truly experience the adventure. At one point, he was doing the most outrageous hand gestures to crack me up. Being underwater is very intimate. It might be primeval, but water is very peaceful. I loved every minute of it. Brad Pitt is a handsome guy but it is his big heart and sensitive ways that makes him more than just a pretty face. I wish I could recall the name of the place. I have been to LA so many times throughout the years that I tend to forget names of places but I always recall the experiences. When you travel all over the US, coast to coast and everywhere in between as often as I have it is easy to forget names. Benjamin Button is like me in his travels but obviously on a much larger scale.
Zulie Perfect
Since it is October, a photo of me in one of my costumes.

On a side note, I have a friend named Dylan who says he has the greatest idea for an American detective comedy show. Dylan Moran has one of the funniest concept comedy shows that I have heard about it awhile. Details on it I will share in the future.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Having Fun with the Kardashians

Kris Kardashian was the first Kardashian I met. It was Hugh Hefner that introduced us. Our first meeting was arranged by Kris herself. She had set up some horses for us to ride knowing that I enjoy horseback riding as much as she does. Kris was also aware that I had been riding since I was a young child. We went horseback riding at a private stable. It was a perfect sunny day when we got together for our ride. As the day progressed, I noticed that Kris has a lot of insight and humor making her very easy to talk to. She is a natural conversationalist with a compassionate ear. We did not discuss any sensitive topics during our first meeting. We were just getting to know each other. The Kardashians are a not a drama filled family like the tv show conveys. Capturing mostly highs and lows of life portrays a life that is not as real as real life. They are a joyful fun loving family who make people very happy. The natural charisma they all share along with their strong bonds to each other makes them interesting to the masses. I find them all to be the happy go lucky type. Hugs are a must in the family not just with family members but with friends and associates. I like their warmth since it is unusual but its also a very natural way of being hugs are healthy and rejuvenative. Even when times are tough they still seem to have a way of shaking it off as they say. I know Kim had a hard time with the robbery. Her openness helped her to build herself back up. Kim is so grateful for the community of loving fans who helped her. What the family gives back is genuine. I enjoy them all in different ways.

Kim and I share an interest in spirituality, crystals and holistic healing technics. We both have a strong love of God. The interest in crystals for their energy. Music is a another form of energy which has an amazing impact. If it did not movies would not pay so much attention to mood music and sound scores. Chanting and different sounds also impact our chemistry such as "Om, Jam" and other Yogic chants.  All things are energy and love is the strongest of all energies. Acupuncture is another common link we have and the improvements it makes to a healthy lifestyle is astounding.

 Kim Kardashian makes the best fruit punch both spiked and not. She combines a lot of ingredients in her secret recipe. Tropical fruits and berries are obviously in their but the exact combination and amounts eludes me. Kim has been making the fruit punch for years so its perfect each time. A day with Kim is always a day of laughter. She is very witty and can deliver the best one liners to knock you off your seat. I think she gets it from her mother.

Kris Jenner will tell you a lot based upon experience. Her fun nature is always present. She is a mother to everybody. They are all lucky to have her. Kris has long wings to put a lot of people under them inside and outside of the family. If you ever need skincare or makeup tips, Kris knows skincare like nobody's business. She is an expert in ingredients even I with all my years of working in cosmetics and natural food industry tradeshows/events all over the US and I am stumped by her. I have spent years researching quality products and ingredients that offer people a natural high grade alternative to harsh chemical compositions.

Kendall has a silly side and she is such a free spirit that it is easy to get caught up in fun with her. She and I have an age difference but it is not noticeable. Dancing is a bond we share. Even though it has been awhile since I saw her.

The family likes to play pool games. They all love the water . I have seen Chris, Kim, Courtney, Kendell and Khloe go running and jumping into the pool to see who can make the biggest splash. The water is also a place to relax for all of them. Being like fish in the sea is a great analogy for them all. The children splish, splash as much as their parents do. My Water Ballet background is always drawn upon anytime I am in the water. Teaching simply combinations is fun for me and the Kardashian learn quickly how to maneuver in the water to very elegant movements.They always seem to enjoy it when I put on a show. I should shoot some images of me but our pool is closed for the winter now. You would be surprised certain surface moves can be done in pretty shallow water. Water Ballet is  a lot easier than you think.
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