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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Gifted Mind of Tom Cruise

Understanding Tom Cruise as a person makes his films even more amazing. The person of Tom Cruise behind the role he is playing is dynamic. He is soft and romantic like the leads he plays. He is strong and heroic with a gifted quick insightful mind.
Tom Cruise Zulies fans
Like those impossible missions, Tom Cruise likes to use his mind to understand life.

On a personal level, Tom Cruise always stays close to those he loves and he keeps an eye on them in a tender way. Tom is an intuitive guy. He seems to sense me. Our loving nature's blend perfectly. There are moments when he pops out of nowhere, surprising me, and he always knows what is going on. In good times, he will be there to laugh with me about something I did or to share something that struck him as funny from his life. Our two worlds seem to overlap often. When I am having a bad day, he is there to give me a smile or something to think about. I try to do the same for him. I am glad he is a friend since there is no one else like him.

The artwork I create contains elements of his influence at times. It might be a color I pick or style I am trying to achieve. We both feel life is an evolution and learning is part of what makes it excitingly enjoyable. We agree that art is an example of how life is always an evolution and learning from others is a part of it. That tip I got from one of my favorite art teachers who was always learning even though her pieces were always amazing . Learning is a part of life and there were days when I helped her to teach concepts to others even as I was learning the concept myself. Master becomes student and student becomes master in a beautiful synergy. Tom grasps that very well. A sign of personal  strength is the ability to remain teachable and receptive throughout life.

Tom has the right blend of gentle strength that most men strive for and that rare quality of balance is what women dream of as perfect partner. Sometimes we both see the world as full of mystery that only a few understand but the harmony and intention of the diversity of life brings beauty to life. When he smiles, he can melt any woman's heart and his hugs are always overflowing with love. Cuddling with him is wonderful and it is what I remember the most. The key to a good cuddler is how tight they hold and where they but their arms as they understand the curves of your body. When its right, there is a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine energy.
Tom is physically one of the strongest men I have ever met. Tom Cruise likes to push the envelop and his stunts are dangerous. In doing them, he knows he will be okay since he trusts in the balance of nature and in his own intention to create, but they do scare me at times since I am concerned he will get hurt as he has in the past.

Not only is he intuitive, but his mind is incredible. Tom has higher level thinking abilities that is part of his sexiness. He is naturally curious.
The gifted mind of Tom Cruise If something does not sit right with him, he always gets to the bottom of things. It is his willingness to learn that inspires him to get to the truth and his wisdom to know how to be seen in each situation that helps gather all he needs to know. Tom Cruise does not live life like a sheep for if he did he would not be the legend he has become. He became close with me because he has always looked for certain key characteristics in the women in his life.  Honesty is one of the highest qualities that he entrusts in each person around him. Honesty is a code that Tom lives by. High integrity is important to him. His Church teaches openness and non judgmental approaches lead to a joyful life. They also teach self analysis that enables a person to experience things in a new way as you grow to understand yourself and that might be why he is always self assured in what he wants. That self knowledge and redefining might be another reason why he is so confident in his own interpretation of life right down to his stunts.  
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