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Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Time with Tom Cruise

The time I spent with Tom Cruise was special. He has such an amazing personality that the moments seem to move faster than they should. Any time I see him, he always says the nicest things and I start to melt. His compassionate ways and romantic nature combine with his sexy attitude. I can't get enough of him. When he turns on the charm, he is every bit the dreamboat that his persona conveys. The difference between Tom Cruise's persona and the real man is gentleness and the way he makes people feel proud of themselves rather than feeling in awe of him. Tom turns the spotlight towards you rather than on himself. Most people would not realize that Tom switches the spotlight unless you have been with him , you really don't understand how he can do that.

Tom Cruise's giving nature always comes through sometimes it astonishes me how much love he has in him to share so comfortably with everyone he knows especially with the important women in his life. I am lucky to be one of those women and believe me I thank God for his love often. Without Tom's love things would be a lot different for me. My husband agrees with me that Tom Cruise has made so many good things happen in our lives. Tom's song is a good example of just how he makes a person feel so amazing and beautiful that you aren't aware of anything else but him. No matter who you are sincerity comes through in everything he does. It is really hard to explain what he is like but Katie and Nicole Kidman understand what I am trying to convey because the love he gives to the three of us is a lot. If you ever get the chance to meet Tom Cruise, and you look in his eyes, you will see it. His heart is always open. The gifts he shares is the love he shows. Katie Holmes is the same type of person. She loves so much that you can't stay away from her. Katie is wonderful. I know why Tom picked her. Even though they are not together, he will always love her and vice versa. I used the Mission Impossible photo because Tom Cruise makes the impossible possible all the time.

The Paparazzi are a regular part of Tom's life. The Paparazzi often ask Tom and others before they take photos. If celebrity is doing something that is making it obvious to the photographers and reporters that they are giving the Paparazzi a show, then permission is implied. Sometimes they get confused but not often. If the like someone, they are even more polite to the celebrities they are assigned sometimes by choice. Celebrities know how to  move secretly if they want to. That is part of Tom's mystery.
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