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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Skiing with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and I went to stay at a private ski lodge. We both enjoy skiing very much. If I mentioned the place's location then the lodge might be exposed. In order to keep Tom's secret ski place special I won't give away too many details. The lodge had an amazing view from every direction. The snow gave the woods a peaceful feeling. I could see deer tracks or at least I think they were deer. When I first found them I smiled. Seeing the wildlife presence that close to me was a nice feeling. I love animals and enjoy seeing deer. Even though it was cold, the atmosphere was very warm. Tom is a very affectionate person as I mentioned before. He likes to come up behind you and wrap his arms around you. I like that snuggly style. It is romantic to feel the heat warmth of someone you care for up against you. Tom would talk to me about the view or sometimes our plans for the rest of the day. I loved that feeling and those up close conversations were the best. He would always end the conversations with a quick kiss on the neck. Another romantic thing Tom would do was to carry a little heart in his pocket and he would give me one from time to time. It was a small gesture and the hearts were a small penny sized glass heart. It was symbolic of his ways, he always had time to share and love to give.

We both love to ski. I have been skiing since I was a teenager. Tom use to have a snowboard but I am not sure if he has one anymore. He has not mentioned it in awhile. I learned from him that a mountain does not have to be high for it to be a good place to ski. We liked to ski close to each other down the mountain. I am not as fast as some skiers. I don't go as fast as Tom can go down a slope. I enjoy the feeling of the snow. For me, I like the side to side motion of the curving path and that style slows you down quite a bit. I like the feel of the graceful movement of slaloming rather than the all out straighter smaller slalom. We spent about a week in the mountains. Skiing for hours at a time, playing in the snow and going for walks. Creating funny looking snowmen amused us. You would be surprised at what you can create in snow. As they say time flies when you are having fun.

The lodge had a fireplace that we used each evening. Occasionally, we  drank hot chocolate with a little Bailey's Irish Cream to warm us up. By the fire, we most often had a glass of wine. Neither of us are really big drinkers but the once and awhile treat is pleasant.We both have had our share of research on the subject of wine. Tom likes to make tomato soup, hot or cold it is always delicious.

The house had a ping pong table. It was stocked with a collection of board games for guests to borrow or maybe it was Tom who had the board games brought to the place. He does his best to keep work separate. He is always available and that unlimited access that he gives to his business associates and different producers keeps him as one of the most well respected actors in the world. It is not just his talent but his business sense and sense of respect that shows in his work. I noticed this throughout my time with Tom. On this occasion, he was working on some new publicity concept related to a future move that was not yet in production. I recall some of the conversations since he included me in them. Asking my opinion , was his way of showing me respect as well as getting my input since I do have a unique way of seeing things combined with a marketing degree. These business conversations were not the focus of our talk but rather small talk as thoughts came into his mind or phone calls occurred.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year. I have several new projects I am working on and looking forward to sharing them.
One of my favorite Christmas photos was taken at my mother's house by her fireplace.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Nicole Kidman's Creative Hobbies

Nicole Kidman has recently started sewing and creating dresses for her girls and their dolls is a new fun habit. She knows I have been working on a style of doll that is part sculpture and part carving. It is kind of hard to explain but each carving is very unique. Nicole expressed an interest in learning to create dolls as collectibles like the ones you see in a china cabinet or on display. We both like the ornate faces and are drawn to beautiful objects. Nicole mentioned she would love it if I created a unicorn for her. She knows I have been creating sculpture for awhile. I am getting quite confident in it. I will work for hours at a time just completely lost in creating. Art is a part of my chemistry since I never go very long without creating art in some media. The visual arts like dance, acting and even singing are included throughout the day at random times. Nicole knows how much I love to break out a song and doing the housework while dancing means I enjoy what many do not. 

Another little secret about Nicole Kidman is that she bakes her own Christmas cookies. Now with her daughters getting older, they join in the fun of baking. If she is working on the set of a film or makes a tv appearance, Nic will bring along some of her Christmas cookies. She is an old fashioned girl in a lot of ways.

Such a sweet photo of Nicole, Keith and their daughters
Recently, Nicole has been teasing me about is the Nature Conservancy approaching her trying to get photos of her turtle rescue foundation and her at home Turtle Reservation. From what she says if the magazine gets their way, you might be seeing her turtles on their pages. The animal lover has mentioned adding ducks to her wildlife collection. Nicole is a great philanthropist - in and out of the public eye. She says Jon Bon Jovi might even add to his homestead a wildlife park after I went public about the reindeer incident. Jon is a huge animal lover so I would not put it past him to have some support in the form of funding going to the care and preservation of animals.
I thought these easy to make Reindeer cookies would be perfect for Jon and Nicole.

While writing a few of her favorite things to do, I thought of how much Nicole loves water slides. They are a favorite. She giggles and smiles with the biggest smile every time she goes flying down one.

Nicole Kidman writes poetry and making up new words to songs is an extension  of her poetry talent. She is a gifted Haiku composer.

One night Nicole and I decided to go to a local bar. She has place she likes to go to and the bartenders know her as Nicky. She has them call her that because it is not a name she is known by very often. I dont know how she got the name Nicky but it is her wild side bar name. Nic is her usual public nickname but Nicky has a sort of flair that in this bar atmosphere it works very well. She lets her hair down. The bartender's always hook her up. She is not a heavy drinker. Keith Urban knows she goes there sometimes and he tags along when he wants to. This time he was not with us. Nicole has known me for a long time. Keith, is one of the most considerate and genuinely loving men. He always asks Nicole how I am especially if he has not heard her mention  me in a while. he knows we have a great time together. Feeding each other's girliness and creative muses is one aspect of our friendship that Keith seems to like. Keith Urban always has such a positive outlook. He always says such nice things to everyone he meets. I know I have said David Spade and some of the other people I write about all say loving expressions on a regular basis. It is true because these guys are all some of the happiest as well as most giving people. Nicole and I had a booth towards the back of the bar. We walked in and joined a few friends we had who were already there. I know that several people inside recognized her since she had to stop and sign autographs which was unusual in private outings like this bar. Most often when people see Nicole in a non publicity event, dont disturb her. If its a publicity or work event then it is very common for people to ask for autographs or pictures. Most people who do see Nicole in a private situation talk to her like she is an ordinary new person they are meeting and it is a very relaxed feeling for both or they simply stay away without approaching her.

 I have a good friend, Rachel, who taught at Oxford University Main Campus in England for years. She attended some amazing events with fantastic people some very well known and others that are well known in certain circles but all incredible. Some people wonder why she never took photos. I think it is because her descriptives bring the event back to life each time. She has amazing memories and an incredible experiences that become clear to you when she speaks. Her Oxford papers are the physical ties to those years. 

Nicole Kidman is one of those people, like my Oxford friend, who speaks quietly of the best things in life contained in their memories as they live their lives living joyfully in the moment. It's commonly called being in the flow. I think I explained before being in the flow is when your so happily engaged in what you are doing that you forget time and you're in the moment. When you remember the flow moments ,you can recall more of the beautiful details in it. The real Nicole Kidman is one of the most beautiful spirits and she fills her friends with so much sunshine it is really hard to explain.
Another image from my workout photos

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Christmas Fun with Jon Bon Jovi & Sofia Vergara Celebrations

I have spent Christmas in several cities throughout the US. It was always very enlightening sometimes quite literally enlightening such as the luminaires that line hundreds of houses  along the streets of Arizona. Other times it was intellectually enlightening such as seeing Old New Mexico, the Petrified Forest, and St Louis. They all have one thing in common,the festive loving feeling and the pure joy of the holidays. Even the trains get into the spirit by having fun with their uniforms and passing along Christmas Greetings to the sleeping car passengers.
Jon enjoys charity concerts and he loves to sing for the world. I love his sense of humor.

Jon Bon Jovi's house joke on his family.
Jon Bon Jovi's house is always lit up from the inside because the families excitement and Christmas spirit overflows. Of course, we all know of Jon's Christmas family photo tradition. Jon has other traditions like making his children spend some time at his charity kitchens or serving in one of his other helping hand locations. By serving, they learn how good it feels to help others. Jon Bon Jovi has some fun. Jon has a couple of friends with two Reindeer. I have no idea how Jon gets his hands on the reindeer. I only know he does it. One year he surprised the family, by having them walk through his yard. He did not make a big deal about the reindeer walking through his yard while the rest of the family looked on in wonder. It is like one of those moments when your eyes and your mind don't really click. Seeing reindeer walk through your yard is not a typical occurrence. Most people would have to look twice to make sure it really was reindeer. Jon knows how to keep a straight face when he needs to. This time it was hard to not crack up since the rest of his family including Dorothea were so excited by the mysterious intruders. You could say they were over the moon about the reindeer. A little wonder started to slip into the minds of the group as to how the exotic deer got onto the Bon Jovi estate. Jon's acting skills kicked in and he delivered his line perfectly by saying, "Maybe they belong to the neighbors." Dorothea started to suspect that his explain did not fit the situation. She looked into his eyes. That eye contact was all that it took. Jon broke down and started cracking up. The reindeer story is one of my favorite Christmas stories. I had a similar occurrence, although not as festive, when I woke up to find a couple of wild turkeys in our backyard in a house I no longer live in. Unusual wildlife are amazing to see.
Romeo Bongiovi, Jon and Dorothea's son, talks about the reindeer every year. Jon collects reindeer. I would not be surprised if it was not a way to remind the family of the funny day when reindeer first walked through their yard.

This memory is part of my memories of Christmas in different cities. My Grandmother use to entertain a former ambassador in her home for Christmas. The older couple had the most amazing ranch. In the family photo album they brought over to share with me were images of their private life and family memories on the ranch. It was gorgeous from every angle with photos of it from the air. The aerial photo was amazing since the ranch was literally huge with the openness of the west I was left in awe.They were my Grandparent's neighbors. I forget their names now but I will never forget their ranch, family photo album and the wonderful corn pudding that the former Ambassador's wife made. It was so yummy. Along with luminaires, the golf carts in Arizona were decorated with all kinds of Christmas themes and items. The seniors loved to have fun.

The fabulously fun Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara loves to celebrate each Holiday by hosting a party. She is one of the sweetest actress on tv. I admire her attention to detail on the elaborate family parties she hosts. Her success as the female lead on the hugely popular Modern Family has made her world famous. It is her charisma and kind heart that makes people respond to her. She is the Latin lover of people. She always has a hug and a huge smile to give. Sofia inspires people to celebrate life by being an example of joyous lifestyle overflowing. Follow her Instagram and twitter to see all the fun she gets into on a regular basis. We both agree family parties for every holiday makes the memories sweeter. Sofia and I have a few friends in common that are not in the public eye or in the news but she knows who they are. Our mutual friends can't say enough about her and I know she enjoys my stories. Sofia and I have a lot in common.

Matthew Morrison has a similar way of greeting people His hugs are famous. I dont know why people dont hug more often. It is a great thing to do .Those wonderful happy chemicals released in the brain make everyone feel more relaxed. The hug does not have to be a romantic connection for the improvement and chemicals to be released. Add a little Sofia Vergara and Matthew Morrison to your life and hug. I thought of Sofia as Christmas parties are common this time of year but holiday parties for families on other occasions are great as well. As I mentioned we both like to celebrate. Each city has their own parties to observe.

Shout out to Kim K and Chloe, thanks for the kind words. You know I appreciate you all very much. Good Luck Sofia, you deserve the best.

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Zulie Perfect wearing leather high heels and pink miniskirt. More fun from last week.