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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Jon Bon Jovi Trivia Nights

Hanging out with Jon Bon Jovi and his buddies. Dorothea believes that a night  with the guys once and awhile is a good things. She has her own group of girl buddies that she likes to spend time with as well. Dorothea does tend to be a home body and Jon likes it that way. Jon is a little old fashioned he likes to know she is at home taking care of the house and waiting for him. She does keep a pretty active charity works and appearance schedule maybe that is why at night, Dorothea likes to relax, and hangout in her comfies. I am the same way most of the time.
Jon Bon Jovi

Here is a little fun fact, Jon Bon Jovi and some of the band members use to go to the Playboy Parties. He was never there at night,but if he had some time and he was out in LA at the right time, Jon liked to go to the roller skating parties. Hef had roller skating parties into the early nineties and sometimes he would throw an occasional roller skating party for the fun of it. Jon started going to the Playboy Parties in early 1987. Sometimes, Dorothea would tag along but not as often as Jon would have liked. They are a lot of fun as a couple. Jon us to enjoy carrying Dorothea on his back- piggyback style. Hugh would laughingly joke about trading places with Dorothea on Jon's back. They are very popular with celebrities and people for both of them are excellent at having fun. Dorothea has the best sense of humor and her husband knows how to play off her lead. Hef liked them a lot. Jon brought his sons to a few Playboy Events. Playboy has some nice events for the children of celebrities and the bunnies like to entertain whole events like the farm animals at the Easter Events.

Now back to the story I was telling. Jon likes a bourbon and coke unless he is on a diet then he goes for a light beer or a gin and tonic. He watches what he eats and works out very regularly in order to keep up with the demands his stage performance requires. Jon likes to move and when he parties he gives dancing a top priority. Dorothea is a good dancer as well and she is always willing to allow Jon to draw her up in his arms for a quick spin on the dance floor. This particular evening as I mentioned, Dorothea decided to stay at home. Jon has such a great bar on his property that everyone likes to hang out there. it is like a mini conservative Playboy Mansion Sunday Bar Night. In fact, Hugh Hefner did stop by one night to check out Jon's bar on Jon's property, but Dorothea was not with Jon. Hugh had a couple of drinks and went back to his hotel. Guys doing guy things. I fit in because I enjoy hanging out with men since I am easily entertained with Sports talk or games. Kendra Wilkinson has the same rapport with men that I do. Jon keeps a nice selection of scotch at his bar. They have popcorn which Jon knows is a favorite of mine and a pizza in the oven is often the other snack on offer. Jon likes 70's music. It's Disco night whenever the mood hits him. He does a great John Travolta dance impression and he throws in the accent to tie into John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever character. It is really funny to watch two legends in one as Jon makes the Saturday Fever mood catch on. Jon has a good friend named Tom who usually starts the party going. Tom gets people going by bringing people into a game, or a dance or other activity. Tom is a trivia minded person and he always is on the winning team for Trivial Pursuit or other games. Red shirts are Tom's favorite" lucky" shirts and he always has a big smile to share. They have been friends for years.
Beautiful model
 Jon has a Jeopardy computer game that brings down the house at times. What makes it funny is how involved everyone gets in the game. The music to Jeopardy sometimes becomes a drinking game but Jon doesn't always play along. He is not a big drinker, but more a social one. The trivia games leads to some really off the wall responses. I dont recall exact responses to questions but I recall all the laughter at the guesses.

Jon's property is stunning. We share a love for water. The house is perfect for people who are what are called water babies or those who find joy in the water. I heard its for sale along with all the history and beauty held within its halls.

Here is a photo from last weekend. Life can be your fairytale. It is all in the perspective you bring to each day. Be your own Fairy Godmother by meditating, being grateful, and living a positive, compassionate, joyful life.

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