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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Inside A Hollywood Red Carpet Event with Catherine Heigl,Neil Patrick Harris &more

An evening with James Kyson, 1 of Hollywood's leading men
The very kind hearted James Kyson
Every wonder what it is like to go to a fabulous Red Carpet Hollywood Event with celebrities in their glamorous world? We see the images on the stars smiling inside and outside the events but what is it really like? Here is a peak into one. I arrived to the event with the Paparazzi lining the streets in front of the club with professional photography equipment. It looked odd to me since the media was lined up and very organized directly on the blacktop. This particular event was for the Aids Healthcare Foundation. In attendance were several celebrities such as James Kyson, Catherine Heigl, America Ferrera, Jason Biggs, Neil Patrick Harris, and other cast members from different tv shows. There were costume designer and set crew mingling.  It was a fun evening full of music, dance and laughter. The evening began with cocktails and appetizers in the VIP lounge. The lounge was really comfortable with a bar. I say it was comfortable for a recall sofas and really comfy seats. It was a dark room but the seating was very colorful. The food was amazing. The pastry dough surrounding each appetizer was just right. They had handmade chocolates and the food was circulating the room on little trays held by well dressed women. I later found out the people I spent most of my time with were some of Neil Patrick Harris' staff .They were great and so much fun to hangout with. They had me rolling in laughter. He knows how to pick people. The costume designers NBC uses are amazingly talented. The stories they shared would make you crack up. Everyone was so polite and the gentlemen were all present. Elegant at the same time fun would be one way to describe the VIP lounge. 

 I have some of the memorabilia on my website www.zuliesfans.com. I did not post any pictures of the gift bag contents but they were very generous. I have a lovely sarong from the bag that I have used in different photoshoots. Makeup Forever had chosen makeup for the event gifts that I enjoyed.

After I had a few drinks,I went down the stairs to find my seat at my table. They say Hollywood is the town of beautiful people. I would agree with that in many ways. I sat down at my assigned table next to a very handsome Asian man, who turned out to be James Kyson. I was given a seat at the table with James to my left and his date. To my right, was an NBC executive with his wife. The NBC executives, you will have to forgive me for forgetting their names, were so adorable as they sat close to each other and seemed to be so happy together. I noticed the warmth between and found it to be so sweet. They were pleasant to talk to.

James Kyson was the perfect gentlemen to his date and to me. I recall spending most of my time talking to him. At the time, James Kyson was in the TV show Heroes. You would never have known he was a high profile person since he expressed such engagement in his awareness of others. James Kyson is often described as exciting, versatile actor and a popular leading man. That description fits him in real life to a T. He has very likeable down to earth qualities. I really liked talking to him and his date. I don't recall what James Kyson and I discussed. It might have been the alcohol or it might have been the ease of conversation that made the evening flow. Whatever it was that made me forget the discussion, did not impact my abilities to recall so much of that night. The atmosphere made the evening unforgettable.

I was treated to a bird's eye view to the stage . All of the sudden, I looked up and in the balcony not far from me was Jason Biggs with the spotlight on him. Jason Biggs' costuming made the entire room crack up. Jason was wearing a complete tropical dancer costume much like one I had seen in a Marilyn Monroe film. Jason had a huge hat on covered in fruits and he had big dangling red earrings. What I remember most was how excited he was to be dressed up in such an outrageous way. Jason Biggs created an energy that made the excitement in the air grow. Everyone got every into the mood. He knows how to work a crowd.
An evening with James Kyson ,

At a certain point in the evening, James Kyson got up and mentioned to me that he was going into the lobby to get some sorbet for his date and would I like one too. I was not aware they had sorbet and I took James up on the offer of the sorbet. He was not gone long before he returned with a lovely pink desert in a white cup. I thanked him again for his politeness as I accepted the treat from his hands. It was delicious. The berry sorbet was so yummy. Even the color was right on as my favorite color is pink.

James Kyson's date was beautiful and she was also very kind. I enjoyed speaking with my table mates throughout the evening as the show progressed and intermission. It was so much fun. James Kyson is a person who everybody would enjoy hanging out with.

After the stage show, I left my seat. I went to meet some of the friends in the VIP lounge. As I went up the stairs, I looked up to see I saw Catherine Heigl coming down the stairs. I had drank a few and was in a happy mood. I almost did not recognize her, but I knew she was a celebrity. She had perfect skin and sculpted curled hair. She had vintage Hollywood style. We both looked at each other as if we should know one another and should exchange pleasantries. We warmly smiled at each other, but never said a word. Then the moment ended. We both started on our way passing each other on the step. It was kind of funny that we both stared for at each other for a few moments on the roomy stairs but did not say hi. I usually say hi to everyone. Although the music was playing and the drinks were full which might have explained our interaction for its lack of conversation. Everyone spoke to everyone that evening. A loving atmosphere was present. As I have said before Hollywood is very much a family and get togethers are usually happy reunions. 

Here is a clip from the 2007 show and it lets you know the kind of fun the evening was for everyone. Hot In Hollywood is such a blast. It is a unique format as the singers act and the actors sing. The show at Hot In Hollywood is a full stage performance where roles reverse to the pleasure of the star studded audience. There were so many times I laughed as the stage was full of humorous gigs.


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