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Sunday, August 21, 2016

How I met Daniel Tosh

We met a Halloween costume party. I was dressed as mermaid.Tosh was dressed as a muscle man. We were socializing with different people but we couldn't stop staring at each other. The moment our eyes met, the flirting began. Tosh said he was caught up in the way I looked and the sexy voice I have. Tosh liked me and I liked him too. Neither of us knew the people were talking to very well. We were both trying to discuss things we had in common with the people in our group. The group I was with was discussing dancing. It came up that I loved dancing so much that it was a career for me. I mentioned I had taught Belly dancing and aerobics. I knew Daniel was listening. From where he was it was easy to do. I continued to discuss some of my dance training.Tosh overheard me mention ballet and that I had performed in Swan Lake as a teenager. Tosh told me later that he liked the sexy Belly dancer image and the ballet was the icing on the cake. He was immediately drawn to me .
Daniel broke off the conversation he had and came over to me. I welcomed him into my conversation. We both started to take it over. Our conversation shifted towards gaming. It was another thing that everybody enjoyed. Tosh and I were surprised how much we both liked computer games. I felt that I was not very good at them but I liked to play them. Tosh said he wasn't as good as he would like to be. As luck would have it, Daniel and I realized we played the same games. The game discussion used up most of the evening. Back and forth the conversation went. Tosh and I knew the games so well, that we seemed to be able to finish each other's sentence. The conversation was intense as we enjoyed each other's company. Tosh and I were making it obvious to everyone that we were infatuated with each other. The attraction between us was hot and we weren't hiding it from anyone. Daniel asked me out and I accepted.
From then on we both began to see each other as often  as we could. Tosh and I had so much fun together. His sexy sense of humor made him so much fun to be with. We liked playing sports together. Sometimes, playful wrestling would start.

I am enjoying sharing my memories. I will save the rest of details for another blog, but some of the details will remain a secret. I never kiss and tell.
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