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Monday, May 20, 2019

Funny Sides of Prince William and Prince Harry

The world's favorite Princes have so much fun. They are able to work humor into their charity and official functions. Hers is a peak into some of the fun they share together and apart. Prince Harry and Prince William still like to wrestle each other much as they did when they were boys. Prince William always wins, but it doesn't stop Prince Harry from trying. One time the Duchess of Sussex tried to hop in and help Harry, but Harry would not allow it. I am told Meghan pretended to join in the fun in a very tongue and cheek way. The Princes are close as they have always been. Fatherhood has changed them both. A funny thing happened the day when Princess Charlotte was born. Prince William was trying to keep himself in a relaxed state of mind and he had a few drinks without watching. As his wife's labor progressed, he was not aware of how close she was as a result he had a  few extra drinks. Prince William is not a heavy drinker and then the drinks hit him before he knew it he was a little intoxicated with Duchess of Cambridge, his beloved wife, Kate in full labor.
Prince William, Prince Harry , Ducches Kate and Duchess Meghan
They had to go to the hospital with William still a little under the influence when he got there. The Queen was not upset since she knew that he did not drink much so he was not sure how much he could drink. Duchess Kate was not upset wither in fact , she thought it was funny. He was saying how sorry he was but it did not bother her. They have known each other through so many years and so many events that she felt safe knowing he was there. Being together was all that mattered to them both. I have heard so many great stories from both William and Harry that I love them both. They are both so fun of life and their humorous side is always on the surface. Throughout all the protocol it peaks in.
Prince William and Prince Harry

On the night before their wedding, Prince William called Kate and said,"Are you sure you want to be with me in all of this." Kate replied," I'd be happy to be by your side anywhere." Being a member of the Royal family in the United Kingdom is a high profile and high responsibility job. William knew the public would fall in love with Kate just as they have done.

The Princes have their own dance they like to do on special occasions. Prince Harry does  moonwalk while Prince William does the Robot dance. It is quite a show and everybody loves it when the two break it down as they say. Someday if someone gets a video of them doing it, with their permission, I know it will go viral. They are a really good dance team . I think it would be an excellent video for a charity fundraiser. I will share more of their humor and easy going style in some of my upcoming blogs. There are so many funny things that the dup do to have them in one blog would be a very long blog but it would be a hilarious one.
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Friday, May 17, 2019

Tropical Vacation with David Spade

David Spade and I were vacationing on a tropical island. We both love the Florida Keys (but that doesn't mean we were there; ) David picked the hotel since he knows where he can get into and out of places without drawing too much attention . Being one of the most beloved comedians, you would think it is very hard not to attract attention yet he is very capable at knowing where he can sort of blend in. No matter where he is, David consistently makes people smile just by saying a few words. Tosh is the same way. David wore a different one of his famous tropical palm tree shirts on each day of our holiday. We spent three days at the resort and it was a blast. He always has something funny to say even if it means I loose my drink. On the scale of funny there is smile, laugh, loose your drink and the next level is laughing so hard you're in tears. There were quite a few had me in tears laughing moments on the trip. I recall one example of the fun we had on this vacation occurred when I said something off the wall in response to a stranger at the hotel bar. The guy had asked me, "So where are you from and how old are you?" I looked him straight in the eyes as I replied with a smile, "I am older than my cat but not as old as my Mom." He gave me a blank look that cracked me up. It was not easy for the guy to figure out my age since youth is not as easy to tell and he was older than me by several years. link After the guy left, I texted my mother to make sure it was okay for me to have revealed that she was in fact older than I was. My Mom was ok with the reveal so it was all good.

I was legal to be in the bar. By the time the guy recovered from my funny statement, David returned from the bathroom and the guy backed off. Once the guy saw who I was with, his jaw dropped and he felt obviously awkward. David Spade took his two fingers and did a kind of saluted gesture to the bar guy. The gesture was cool. He did it to let bar guy know he is okay and that he was going to take over from here. I love it when David does that salute because it really sums up his laid back personality. The other funny impression that David uses is a really good diva impression. From time to time that characterization pops out. It is always a crowd pleaser even if the crowd is only me. The impression of a diva that he does is kind of like a gay celebrity with a macho slant to it. Hard to explain but when David Spade does the impression, its the funniest thing and its always a "drink loosing" moment. Only a true comedian can improv on the spot in any situation. He makes improv a way of life just as I do. Between the two of us, there is often lots of laughter. Playing off of each other's blondesense is fun for us and I mentioned that humor in a previous blog called " David Spade's High IQ. If you missed it here is the link https://zulieperfectfans.blogspot.com/2016/08/david-spades-high-iq.html

After the bar ,we hit the pool. I had on a hot pink bikini and David had a grey color swimsuit. He is one of the best swimmers. As soon as I take to water, the mermaid in me comes out. I love doing water ballet as I glide through the water feeling in embrace me. I know that guys love water ballet or at least the ones that I know. I know which moves look slick when done by a single dancer look graceful. David did a sexy flip in the water to show me he could do a similar move to mine and to demonstrate his water acrobatics. He did not have a bathing cap. I know because I teasingly asked him as I mentioned I would be signing him up for a water ballet team. He is a natural at the art and can hold his breath for a long time. Harper was not born yet, but I knew he would make an amazing dad. David was always playing with the kids around us. He has a paternal instinct that kids are drawn to. We both enjoyed playing in the pool together every day we swam. I could not get him to do his flip again during that trip. More of our tropical vacation in another blog. (more new pics below)

To this day, Jimmy Kimmel always asks David how I am doing.
Blonde Model Zulie PerfectOn a side note, I hope everyone at EDC is having a great time this weekend. It should be one heck of a show.

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Out to Dinner with Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning likes to be old fashioned and romantic. He always brings fresh flowers for an evening date. I really was surprised each time he had flowers since he never misses a chance to bring them. At times the flowers he brought were a single rose and other times it was small variety of cut flowers. Peyton knows I like to have them in my bath water so fresh flowers serve a dual purpose. Watching the flowers float in water is so pretty and it is sexy. The thought of his romantic side makes me smile as I recall the memories. My husband does a similar romantic thing. He has the habit of bringing me little surprises that mean he thinks of me and I never know what his surprise will be . Harv brings little things as small as a cookie from a lunch or a cute furry stuffed animal that fits in my hand. Both Peyton and Harv are gentlemen who like to spoil women with affectionate girlie items.

They both go out of their way to help others which is part of their tenderness and compassion. I really like seeing a man engaging in simple acts of kindness. Tom Hanks is another celebrity who engages in random acts of kindness along with the Kardashian women to name another caring group of celebrities. Oprah is a kind spirit who became famous in part for her thoughtfulness to all she encounters. I know Oprah's spirit pretty well, but we have not met directly.

Peyton Manning
Now back to the evening dates with Peyton Manning. Peyton has a playful sporty side as you can imagine. He likes to play basketball one on one. I love playing sports. Peyton is not a tough competitor when he plays out of friendship. He handicaps the game a little for the fun of it. I am a short 5 foot 4 inches tall, whereas he is one of the best NFL football players that ever played the game. If he did not go easy on me, the game wouldn't last very long. His basketball skills are pretty good. I always love it when he suggests a little one on one or challenges me to a game of darts.

When I played tennis with Peyton, I noticed how he had to just about hit me with the ball to get a good volley going. It is not that I am terrible at tennis. The issue in my playing style is my consistency and the lack there of. I might return an amazing ball or I might miss an easy one. I guess the tennis lessons as a teenager were not as long lasting in their impact as my family hoped.

When we went out for dinner, Peyton always picked a variety of places. I saw him order duck several times. We share an appreciation for a duck that is properly cooked and dressed. Seafood is another of my favorites. Peyton Manning would always suggest a seafood place to start and then see where it went. He would mention a style of seafood he liked and see if I was interested. I dont know what it was about football players but I dated another football player. This guy was a nice guy whom I dated in high school. He played for Texas A&M and he reminds me a lot of Peyton. The guy's name was James. I dont recall how we met. I just recall how handsome James was, how much fun and of course the southern accent.

Sometimes, during dinner if I left the table, Peyton Manning would play little tricks on me. I recall on different occasions, he hid my fork, changed seats with me and switched our wine glasses. He used his acting skills as he kept a straight face every time he played a joke on me and I would think I had forgotten something. He would let me off the hook, when I started to laugh at myself and the moment was right for him to join in the laughter. Peyton did not do it every time we went out to eat just when the mood hit him. I know he has certain tickle spots that I would play with to get him to jump. He doesn't loose his composure often, but when he is having fun the wild cowboy comes out. Right behind his ear is where he is really ticklish.

Sexy Brad Pitt
On a side note, I am happy to say that Brad Pitt has found someone he has an interest in. We will see where it goes as he says.

Another side note, I am told that the Duchess of Cambridge is the funniest Royal. It seems I posted a joke to someone who was in her circle and she got wind of my idea. The idea was to train the Royal dog Lupo to greet new visitors of diplomatic missions with a customary greeting. That special greeting involved Lupo, upon secret command, would leg hump the guests. I explained that leg
Duchess of Cambridge
humping was a true sign of mutual favorability and friendship. Not all guests would get the dog leg hump treatment but it would be reserved for special guests. It was the highest compliment that could be given to a visitor. If a guest can reach the level of a loving embrace by Lupo then it meant that the Duke and Duchess truly enjoyed the friendship of the people in their presence. In fact, you could say the dog saw them as family or so it could be explained.  Dogs often reflect the emotions of their owners when dealing with others. It turns out that the Duchess of Cambridge played a joke on Prince William and got Lupo to grab ahold of his legs. The embrace did not last long for the Lupo hopped off and the Duchess laughingly explained that it was my idea.

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