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Thursday, July 18, 2019

My Adventure with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and I were hiking along a stream when we came upon a nice picnic area. It was a spot where the stream was flowing perfectly. The water was waste high, at just the right temperature, and deep enough for us to swim. We both love to swim. This picnic area was well known for its scenic beauty and clear waters. Even though it was a weekday,Tom and I were lucky to find an empty spot. I have no idea how long we stayed. Jon Bon Jovi and I,with his family, had visited the same vacation area a few years back. It is one of the those celebrity hangouts that nobody speaks of and the locals keep the secret.
Adventures with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is such an excellent swimmer. He could go under the water for long periods of time. I felt like I was swimming with Aquaman and his physique is similar to the famous Superhero. We came upon a couple of otters. They were in the distance, but Tom stopped them quickly. I noticed the subtle movement and the curiosity in me grew. I had experiences with otters at different times in my life. On one occasion, I was able to play with a couple of otters at a zoo exhibit. The zoo otters loved my sunglasses. I noticed their reaction to the glasses so I took them off and began to move the glasses up and down and round and round. The otters swam along with the movements of my hands. There was a crowd behind me who all seemed to be enchanted with the interaction as much as I was. The otters were playing a game with me. I was very willing to play.

The experience with Tom Cruise and the wild otters was equally as engrossing as the zoo play because I really love otters. They are adorable. In any setting, being one on one with the animals is fun. Tom and I felt like we danced along the water as we swam. It was really swimming but the excitement, as well as the flow, made the swimming seem more like dancing. We were eager to get closer but cautious since they were wild animals who more than likely would easily be scared. The area is none for its otter population despite the fact that in many areas otters are a threatened species. The otters watched us as we approached them. They reacted in curiosity and it was so cute. I decided to call this blog an adventure since it is not often that you come upon wildlife. Observing wildlife in its natural habitat is very soothing to the spirit, but it is also equally exciting.
adventures with Tom Cruise

blonde model in a bikiniThe time fell past as we were both enjoying spending time together. Although our otter friends did not stay in our company long, it was a unique experience. We hung out in some of the deeper waters while we enjoyed talking. Tom put his arms around me as we simply watched the water current go past. If Mindfulness can be described as tranquility then this was a good example of both terms. He does not require a lot of activity or words to enjoy his time. Tom is a peaceful, gentle, kind spirit. On the flip side, when he wants, he is quite adventurous and comically funny. It depends greatly on the mood of the moment and whose company he is keeping. Playing shark is one example of the fun we shared but I am not going to tell you where that shark pops up. Tom Cruise and I went on several beach adventures. I will write about those at another time.

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