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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hanging out with Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman and I both have a funny fun photoshoot we often discuss and laugh about doing. It is a photoshoot wearing a funny costume and posing in a famous pose. If I gave the costume and the pose away, it ruin the surprise and the images would not be as funny when we actually do the session. I could not help mentioning it because the idea of the shoot is one of my favorite photoshoot ideas to do and we both laugh at it. Nicole has a great sense of humor. Nicole Kidman likes wearing costumes and makeup. She has a disguise that she wears when she does not want to be recognized. Her disguise is really good. It is very hard to tell it is Nicole. She looks so different. I remember the first time I saw her wear it, I did not know it was Nicole. She started laughing and pealed back parts of the disguise.

One thing not many people know about Nicole Kidman is that she is an excellent Belly dancer. I suppose there are a few clues to her belly dancing background in some of the dancing in her movies and in some of the outfits she has worn. I also have a belly dancing background. We both have given each other tips from time to time. We share a ballet background as well. Barre workouts are fun.

Nicole Kidman has a similar workout to mine. We both run, do Pilates and Yoga. We have a lot of things to discuss every time we see each other. Nicole and I enjoy working out together since we both love exercise and the benefits workout provides to our bodies, minds and spirits. I keep hula hoops , two mini trampolines and Zumba not to mention workout dance videos for us to enjoy. Competing against each other in hula hooping contests is fun and makes Nicole Kidman and I giggle.

We both love horses. Nicole Kidman and I both ride dressage. It is a formal way of riding that requires skill. You use your legs to communicate to the horse what to do. The reigns are meant to simply rest in your hands but not to be used to control a horse. Nicole Kidman is always elegant. We both ride in an elegant way.

Nicole is very romantic, just as I am. We both love talking about our husbands and our wonderful children. Neither of us can say enough about how much we adore our families. Adoration of others is gift you give yourself. Nicole Kidman and I both love saying nice things to others as often as we can. Looking for the best in each person and telling that person what we love in them, is a wonderful habit we both enjoy. Praising as a way of life brings a lot of joy to us. Our kids and husbands love it when we spoil them with affection.

Since we both love organic foods and our junk food. Whipping up a cupcake recipe that is no the ordinary cupcake is a pleasure. I have lots of good ingredients to make gourmet cupcakes at any time.

Nicole Kidman and I have the same curly hair and fair skin. We enjoy giving each other makeovers and sharing tips. She has given me some of her makeup tips such as using matte white eye shadow to highlight. Nicole Kidman gave me tips of companies she uses and what to buy that now lives in my cosmetic bag. Since she has some of the best make artists in the world who work with her, I always listen whenever she gives me any insight. Yves St Laurent makeup has some products she tipped me off about like their concealer that also highlights. On another note, I have found that Alterna Caviar hair products works well with curly hair like Nicole Kidman and I have.

Nicole and I both like English comedies and of course the famous beauty Dame Edna. Watching reruns of Dame Edna's shows are fun for both of us especially if we have Harvey make us some of popcorn. Even people who don't like popcorn love Harvey's popcorn. It is truly amazing. We have joked about him selling it.

Nicole is proud of her Australian heritage as I am proud of my English heritage and it is another bond we share. We know the same shows, have eaten the same foods and grew up hearing similar expressions. Nicole Kidman and I share our strong faith and enjoy expressing gratitude to God. With so much in common ,we both fit together perfectly.

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