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Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Art and the Celebrities Who Collect It

When I am not spending time with my celebrity friends, or working out, I am creating art. Art is a passion of mine. My artwork is given to charities under the name Fairy Neuf. I have donated my works to appear on the labels for the Aids Healthcare Foundation at their Hot In Hollywood Event. The labels were placed on the cosmetics I manufacture. I have given pieces to be used at international festivals, religious ceremonies, and even one local school event. I was asked by a priest who represents the Museum in front of a dozen or so parishioners to contribute my art to the Jubilee Museum. The Museum houses the largest collection of diversified Catholic art in the US.I do not accept any money for my works. They are gifts given to causes close to my heart.

Each piece is based upon things I see on line or in person combined with my visions of angels or other things. Let me first explain the difference between a vision and a daydream. When you have a daydream, you think of something and then it appears. In a vision, something appears in your mind as it appears in front of you with your eyes closed. Next, people who have visions will recognize whatever has appeared. In other words there is no thought behind what you see. It simply manifests on its own. Often with visions you will hear the word that identifies what you are seeing appear in front of your closed eyes after the object or person appears. Sometimes hearing a word, helps to clarify who or what you are seeing. A vision will light up the darkness that fills a closed eye. Sometimes it is in black and white and other times it is in color. It is hard to explain in words but I have done my best.

I combine the images I physically see with the visions to give the art I create a deeper meaning. I love to design art that is based upon Angels, the Saints, fairies, mermaids or animals. No matter what I create, there is always a deeper meaning to it.

The celebrities I am friends with often carry my artwork with them. Michael Buble likes the one of the angel called Agasssou .Bill and Hillary Clinton both have copies of Agassou along with other pieces of my artwork. The celebrities' Hougan and Ati Max Beauvoir used some of my artwork in his ceremonies. Since they were used by Max, the Catholic Church considers the art to be sacred art.

Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman both have copies of this piece called Gabriel's Dove. Brad Pitt bought some of the copies of my artwork for himself and Angelina. The money was paid directly to charity. When I donate art, the charities I work with own all the rights to the art. I give the art as gifts to help them earn an income through the use of it in many ways.

My original collection of over 60 pieces will part of an exhibit it to help promote understanding and aid in solving some of the problems created by extreme poverty. It is the largest collection of sacred art created by one artist in many years. There is nothing like it. It cannot be replicated without following certain processes to ensure the integrity of the art.

Nicole Kidman has one of the largest collections of my artwork. Keith Urban gives them to her and some she buys copies of herself.

If you want to learn more about me, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, David Spade, Peyton Manning ,Ricky Gervais, Michael Buble or other celebrities check out my sites.