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Monday, October 31, 2016

What I Enjoy Doing With Jon Bon Jovi

Let me start by saying a little bit about how fond I am of Jon and Dorothea and how much I appreciate them both. To most women, Jon Bon Jovi is one of the sexiest celebrities in the entertainment industry. I can appreciate the fact he is handsome and he has a sexy attitude. I get past Jon Bon Jovi the persona to see Jon as my buddy. My buddy is like a brother. I just happen to be lucky enough to have a legendary gentleman, and talented superstar as my brother. His wife Dorothea, just like Jon, is known by the opposite sex as very desirable and sexy. Dorothea is famous for her beauty. Their love is part of what makes them both so attractive to others. This blog is not about how wonderful Jon and Dorothea are, everyone knows that, but it is about how much fun Jon Bon Jovi and I have doing silly things together as good friends.

One of the things Jon Bon Jovi and I love doing together is writing silly songs. We can compose a song about almost anything that pops into our minds. An fun example of our free spirited comedic song writing is the outrageous song we wrote about potty training. Jon and I believe the song will become a joyful part of a every child's potty training experience and hopefully bring a smile to the face of everyone who hears it. I know it makes me laugh just by thinking about it.

Another good example of our funny compositions is in the lyrical laughter we created to help children with their hygiene. Our hygiene song will hopefully solve a common issue or in some cases bad habit that children sometimes pick up. The words used in both songs kept Jon and I rolling in laughter for a long time. Each phrase in the hygiene song contributed to the hilarious momentum of the line before, because as the song continued the words in it became increasing more outrageous and it became funnier to us. The songs Jon Bon Jovi and I have written together, as part of a children's album, are not just meant for the child's ear but for the amusement of the parents as well. Just like many of Jon's songs, our songs have a message and a purpose. Part of the purpose of the music we collectively composed is to explore growing up in a playful way. Making some of the more challenging moments of parenthood laughable and pleasant for both, is a fun reason to create music. If I told you some of the words to the songs Jon Bon Jovi and I have written, some of you would be surprised at first at their subjects. When you hear it all together the songs make sense. I'll give you a hint about the subject of one of our songs. Here is the hint- the hygiene song might involve a tissue.

Jon Bon Jovi and I like to create different wildly funny scenarios in which anything is possible. This is one of our wild scenarios, Jon and I imagined that our songs could win us the Noble Peace Prize for contributions to humanity. In a joking way tongue and cheek way, one song in particular we felt was very worthy of that high honor. The Noble Prize winning daydream involved the song we wrote about hygiene(that might involve a tissue). In the daydream, our music would so improve the parent child experience on a global level that we would be a shoe in to win the coveted global prize. Yes, it is a wild idea to think that eliminating that undesirable bad habit some children develop could earn someone the Noble. Two creative minds working together can come up with anything in an anything is possible fantasy. You would be surprised at how much fun creative daydreaming is especially when two funny people share their thoughts. Jon and I discussed possibly inviting Jennifer Lopez to join in our collaborations. Hearing Jon and JLo singing a duet of one of the songs we composed for the children of the world would be an amazing accomplishment in humor and child rearing for all humanity and us of course.

Enjoying Dorothea's fantastic cooking is another common interest Jon and I have. We both love Italian cooking. Dorothea is an amazing chef and she has some of the most amazingly delicious recipes you could ever imagine. That is one of the reasons Jon has to workout so much, just like me, he has not met a cannoli or pasta he did not like especially if that pasta or cannoli came from out of Dorothea's kitchen. If Dorothea does not do the cooking, it doesn't matter because you're always guaranteed a fabulous Italian meal whenever you see Jon. Sharing a meal together and enjoying good conversation is always a fun experience.

Sharing all the things Jon Bon Jovi and I enjoy doing together as friends is more than just one blog. I will have to share more enjoyable activities at another time and in another blog.

Please support Jon and Dorothea's Soul Kitchen and other charities.

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