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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Amazing Former President Obama and His Excellent People

I am very grateful for all God has given me. My life is not perfect at all times, but it is and has been filled with so many blessings that I give thanks for throughout my day. God has shown me how to love his only son and so many people that I am filled with joy very often. Just saying thank you for every blessing that crosses my mind fills my heart with such joy. Whenever I get down or upset, certain celebrities seem to sense it and they come running. It is their generosity and love that brings a  smile back to my face. They have shown so much compassion and kindness to me. One of them is President Obama himself. Both he and Michelle are two of the most sensitive, loving and considerate people I have ever been blessed enough to meet.

The first time I met Barrack Obama was in 2008. He amazed me from the very beginning. I was able to meet some of his close friends and through them I got to know him even more.The reason I got to meet Barrack was because of my friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton.  I can't say enough good things about Kevin,Stephen or Greg. Those guys do so much to make me smile without trying. The way God made them,  has brought so many smile to the faces of more people than you can imagine. They are both able to smile with their hearts. Sometimes President Obama surprises me because I don't see him coming but I know afterwards he was there. What he does isn't much but simply speaking the truth and listening to the voice to reason. Being able to hear the voice of reason and comprehending all sides of a situation is part of what makes him such an asset to this country and the entire world. Barrack Obama is such a wise man that I often call him the peacemaker. He is able to resolve difficult situations in a peaceful way. He always looks out for his friends, who happen to be some of the finest people. The ones I have met have shown themselves to be so full of love for this planet and its people that they smile almost all the time. God blessed Barrack with an amazing talent of finding great people. It's like they say "Birds of a feather flock together." The President's staff have gotten tips from me that I know has brought many smiles to his face. The White House are always looking for ways to bring joy to the President.

President Obama has sent me Christmas Cards almost every year since we met in 2008. I get excited every time I receive one. The cards are symbolic of a mutual respect that we share.
Even though I have not officially been invited to the White House. Members of my family have been. The White House is not a place I would enjoy as much as some people think I would. To me the White House Events seem like a lot of effort. Socially for appearances is not my thing. I'd rather get takeout. Some of the people who attend those White House Events are friends of mine and I enjoy sharing their memories of their White House Events and of President Obama and Michelle. I am happy living without the distractions others seem drawn to almost entranced by.

Barrack is a someone I enjoy seeing as a person one on one or with a few of the friends we share in common. I love the fact President Obama and Michelle have not put me on the spot with an invitation. The both seem to understand me. I suppose it is because of how much time I have spent with our mutual friends that we all seem to comprehend each other so well. Max Beauvoir was one of the people who was invited directly by President Obama to his Inauguration  ceremonies and festivities at the White House. Max was unable to go and he explained to both Michelle and Barrack that he even though he was very happy to be asked and he would be with them in spirit as they say, but Max was unable to go because the needs he had to help in Haiti were too great. Max was always putting others needs above his own.

The reason I am discussing this in my blog is people enjoy knowing the leader of their country cares about everyone and he watches over people with concern. Barrack always follows everything by the book and that means he shows constant respect for his office and the people who live here. President Obama has one of the highest levels of honor of any person I have ever met. It is one of the things that makes him so special to me. I always say he is even better looking in person than he is on camera and everyone knows Barrack has a magical smile. Jeremiah Byrd is another friend Barrack and I have in common. Jeremiah has a magnetic personality and charisma that makes an entire room light up. He and his wife are such a beautiful couple. Their son is blessed to have such great parents and who knows what he will accomplish with all the love they show him.

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