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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Sexy Tropical Paradise I Shared With Tosh

Daniel Tosh suggested that we take a vacation together. It  was before Tosh became popular and we both were on a limited budget. Tosh and I coordinated our schedules and made arrangements to get away for a few days. I was excited about the idea of going away to a tropical destination with Tosh. Who wouldn't be? Unlike his persona Tosh is sensitive, soft hearted and very loving. Of course, he has that great smile that he likes to flash often. We both have an outrageous side to us, that is funny, and playful. We both had a lot of funny ideas that Tosh and I enjoyed acting on together. Daniel Tosh has a way of making life fun without really trying. Daniel Tosh's wild side is big part of his sex appeal. We both have that same wild side sex appeal and we of us knew it.

Daniel Tosh's web redemption came about as a result of one of our ideas. We decided that a tv show making fun of all the weird stuff we both shared and laughed about on youtube be really funny and popular. Daniel Tosh has one of the best quick witted sarcastic minds very similar to my own. I enjoyed going toe to toe with him as we both came up with funny comments to make about each youtube video. Playful video heckling kept us laughing. There was something about the way he could see humor in almost every video I brought up that I found very attractive in him. Tosh has a very sharp mind and he is a very intelligent man. Both of those qualities are sexy to me. My husband is similar to Tosh in several ways. Harvey surprises me often when he does something I did not see coming. For example my husband bought candy eyeballs from the movie Monster University. When we stopped at a traffic light, Harvey looked over at me. Harvey had the eyeball candy in his mouth and he was using his tongue to make it look back and forth. The candy looked just like an eye looking around. It was hilarious. Tosh and my husband, Harvey are both funny, sexy, sensitive and smart. It was Tosh that convinced me to start thinking about settling down. Each of the men I dated had something special in them and it was not their star quality it was their hearts. All of them were very giving in their own way. Tosh is the type of person that makes people fall in love with him by making them laugh more than they ever thought they could. David Spade has that same charisma. Sitting on the beach with Tosh while he made me crack up so hard I was in tears with laughter is still one of my most romantic memories.

I love the ocean. We drank Margaritas and laid on the beach. The smell of the ocean and the warmth of the sand was beautiful. We went for swims in the ocean. Daniel Tosh was not as interested in swimming in the ocean as I was. As a couple enjoyed spreading lotion on each other in a sexy way just like all couples do when they flirt on the beach. Daniel Tosh is very good with his hands. The beach we went to was not exclusive but it was very nice. The company made it even nicer. Tosh and I stayed in a hotel that gave us adjoining rooms. We were spending so much time on the beach. Daniel Tosh loves my belly dancing. After a few drinks, my fun side took over. I treated him to a belly dance routine like a genie out of a bottle he might have found on the beach. Tosh loved the dance and he made the connection. I told him later the story of how one of the DJ's would play the theme song from "I Dream of Jeanie"every time I worked.

Tosh's heart is always on his sleeve. Believe it or not he has a romantic side. There is an element of mystery to him that I like. He is playful, funny and flirty. He used to enjoy flaunting his little white butt at me by doing a little dance. Tosh would turn around stick his butt out, shake it and say" I got a cute little butt." Every time Tosh does that, it still cracks me up and it always gets my attention. Tosh's little booty dance is adorable. Even though we did not stay together very long, he is still one of the sexiest guys I have dated. Tosh's comedic journey was important to him so I did not see him as husband material. I liked him but I knew I was not going to be moving to LA. Daniel Tosh knew that was where he had to be. We both enjoyed it while it lasted. Daniel Tosh keeps in touch and he pops in from time to time leaving me a message or sending a something funny to make me laugh.

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